Saturday, December 31, 2011

Inside Basketball Spotlight: Top Players Speak

During the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic we got a chance to talk to some of the top players in the region about their Spotlight experience. We would like to thank the Hoop Group for helping us out with this project. Stay Tune because we have more to come.

Friday, December 30, 2011

One On One Feat: Judah McIntyre (New Rens)

Judah McIntyre (New Rens)

Judah McIntyre is one of the smartest point guards I’ve seen. He starred in several Basketball Spotlight events including the Baby Baller Super Showcase. He recently helped New Rens reach the finals of the Tip Off Classic and we had a chance to holler at him.

BS: How was your experience at the Basketball Spotlight Baby Baller Showcase?
JM: My experience at the Baby Baller Showcase was phenomenal! It gave me a chance to play against the toughest players on the east coast and I was able to do some of the moves that I am not able to do in real AAU tournaments and games. Also I had fun throughout the Showcase even though my team didn't win once. I felt that I played to the best of my ability in all the games.

BS: Your team just made it to the finals of the Tip Off Classic, what could you guys have different to bring home the championship?
JM: It is plain and simple, stop Markquis Nowell. He had 37 points out of the teams 68 points. Markquis got hot and he couldnt miss a shot so I'll give to him he did play well but if we held him to about 15 points we would end up winning. Also my team has really two great big men, Nayshawn Hamlet and Tyrek Chambers, I think if we got them the ball in the post more they would want to play defense and do other things because they are getting the ball on offense. Last but not least execution I think if we executed more of my coaches’ plays we would win. If we play Team Izod again and do these things, I'm pretty sure we will win.

BS: You play for a new organization (New Renaissance Basketball Association), how is that experience?
JM: It is a great experience because it felt like nothing changed but our team name. My team is still together and the coaches are all the same. Also it is a great organization to me because it will help kids throughout the team to get help in all areas were they need it whether it is to get into a better middle school, high school, or just needing a pair of sneakers. It also has many great coaches and directors that help run New Rennaissance Basketball Association.

BS: You have some unique point guard skills so how did you develop this talent?
JM: Firstly, my talent is God-Given and I believe that God has a destiny for me. However, when I was five my dad took me to a place called Basketball City Camp and I went there with no skills or anything. My dad spoke with Craig Alfaro who was the director at the time and asked him to assess my abilities. Mr. Alfaro saw that I loved the game and mentioned that I had what he considered to be raw natural talent. He also felt I was very intense at that age because I would never give up on anything, so he put me to play with 7 and 8 years olds. Even though I couldn’t shoot or reach the rim I just wanted the ball. So, my dad kept sending me and they taught me the fundamentals of the game and as I got older I expanded these fundamentals by working out with Jerry Powell - a tough trainer that has trained with many College and N.B.A. phenoms. Also my dad always says to be a great point guard you most be a leader on and off the court and think I get those skills from him because he is a leader in everything he does.

BS: What was your biggest Basketball Spotlight moment?
JM: I really dont have a big Basketball Spotlight moment because I always feel honored every time I play a game in a Basketball Spotlight tournament. I am competitive and there is always competition in these tournaments. So, the biggest moment in my time of playing in Basketball Spotlight tournaments is every moment.

BS: Do you believe you guys have a chance to win the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Championship? Why?
JM: I do believe The New Rens have a chance to win the Grand Finale because we play as a team and everyone on my team has a role and if everyone plays their role and do their part we have a great chance of winning.

BS: Give me one word that best describes Basketball Spotlight.
JM: A word to describe Basketball Spotlight is COMPETITIVE.

Nike Pre Draft Camp Almost Here

You think you have what it takes to make it in big time basketball? Put your skills to the test at the Nike Pre Draft Camp. The premise of the camp is that it presents an opportunity for kids to experience workouts and skills training that before now, were only eligible to athletes at the higher levels of basketball. The Nike Pre Draft Camp will be returning to New Jersey on Saturday January 21st, 2012. Basketball Spotlight will be in the building for this event. Last year’s camp brought out some of the top players in the region.

Event: Nike Pre Draft Camp
Date: January 21st, 2012 (9:00 AM -5:00 PM)
Place: Life Center Academy
2045 Columbus Rd, Burlington, NJ

Click Here To Register

Special Guest Include:
John Stovall (Nike Talent Field Rep, ESPNU Recruiting Coordinator)
Mike Morrison (Former NBA Player and Nike Skills Academy Trainer)
Mike Melton (Basketball Spotlight)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tip Off Classic Highlights: Alani "Showtime" Moore

Alani Moore (DC Assault)

Alani “Showtime” Moore gave us a little glimpse of his skills while helping DC Assault make the finals of the Tip Off Classic. The guard with big time potential can score or get teammates involved. Stay tune as we bring you more footage and highlights from the Tip Off Classic.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Baller MLK Classic Deadline Coming Soon

Basketball Spotlight is proud to present the Baby Baller MLK Classic in Atlantic City, NJ. This event will bring together the top baby baller squads in the region for a showdown in America’s Playground. We created this event to give these young ballers a chance to shine under the bright lights. Register Online below.

Event: Baby Baller MLK Classic
Date: Jan. 14th and 15th
Place: Atlantic City, NJ
Ages: 10U, 11U and 12U
Deadline: January 5th 2012

Click Here To Register

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tip Off Classic Highlights: Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)

Nate Pierre Louis

His team came up short in the final four but Nate “The Great” Pierre Louis went down firing. The scoring guard put up huge numbers during the Tip Off Classic. Stay tune as we bring you more highlights from the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic.

Basketball Spotlight Feature: New York State Of Mind

Paul Person (Milbank)

Milbank’s Athletic Director/ Coach Roosevelt Byers has seen many point guards come through the New York basketball scene but feels Paul Person could be among the best.”Right now I think he’s NY best kept secret. I love his demeanor on the floor and how he understands how to play both guard spots. He has a winning attitude and the will to go with it” said Byers. Person displayed this winning attitude during the Tip Off Classic while leading his team to a 13U championship appearance.

Byers also feels joining the Milbank organization was a great move for Person. “Paul has improved in the classroom and on the floor. He now has an 89 average and takes full advantage of our study hall program. On the basketball court he’s learning when to use his midrange game and becoming more vocal. I think these improvements will make him one of the hottest prospects entering 9th Grade in two years” he finished.

Milbank finished runner up at the Tip Off Classic but will be looking for Person and company to win the Clash For The Cup. Basketball Spotlight will keep you updated on their progress.

Clash For The Cup Flashback: Tyler Dorsey Dominates Clash

Before Tyler Dorsey went off the high school he did damage at the Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup while leading Cali Styles to the championship. This year’s Clash For The Cup is loaded with talent and we will be looking to see who will emerge this time around.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #17

Tyus Battle (6 Years Old)

Merry Christmas basketball world, it has been a long and tiring week but I am still here telling you all that went on this week.

Monday- I went to the gym with my dad and little brother Khalif at around 5. We really focused on our shooting technique and we also got up a lot of shots. My little brother started out working really hard but began to give up towards the end. That is something he really needs to work on if he want to become good. Towards the end I started practicing dunking the basketball, which I usually never do. I am beginning to get the hang of it. I noticed the reason I was missing it before is because of my timing. Its crazy that only 3 years ago I was just touching net… now I’m dunking a basketball and getting ready for high school.

Wednesday- I had school practice at 7:30pm. It was a very short practice because we had a pizza party afterwards. During the practice we just reviewed some of our plays and worked on skill work. After the pizza we got a little scrimmage in for about 10 minutes.

Thursday- I received an 82 on my science test, which I was not very happy about. When my teacher went over the answers I noticed I made a lot of careless mistakes and I could have done much better on my essays. After school my dad and I went to the gym at 11:00pm because he got home late. We were only able to get an hour workout in before we had to go, but we still made the most of it. We really worked hard on making moves to the basket and finishing around the rim. After I ran a few suicides and sprints to end the workout.

Friday- I didn’t go to school because I had a half a day and there was very little going on at school. Instead my dad dropped me off at the gym for and hour and thirty minutes. Then I went back home to relax for the rest of the day. My friends sent me a text telling me that a bunch of people brought in gum for me for Christmas, since I am addicted to it.

I went to my mom’s house on Saturday and opened up my presents early. I got two bottles of cologne, and 2 pairs of jeans, 2 Nike basketball shirts and Batman Arkam City from my little brother. My brother and I both really liked our gifts especially the money. Sunday we got home at 9:30am to open our presents. I got winter clothes, two pairs of shoes (hyper fuses, and adidas), binoculars, and my own laptop. I would like to say thank you to all my family members for a great Christmas.

Once again I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays and I will see you all next year.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ballin365 Presents:Tip Off Classic Mixtape (Straight Fire)

Happy Holidays to everyone. Ballin 365 has done it again. Check out their mixtape from the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic featuring some of the top players in the country. Stay tune because we have still have more footage to come.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Team Scan Adds More Hardware

Team Scan Captures Funsport Crown

Team Scan continued their winning ways by defeating King Street Kings 59-47 to win the Funsport Jr. Pro Championship. Unique Mclean won game MVP by leading the way with 14 points. Bryce Aiken and Temple Gibbs combined for 27 point while Kyle Elliot added 12 markers.

1st year coach Jamal Womack chimed in on their victory; "The streak continues!! Once again we proved why Team SCAN has a recipe for success. Hard work, dedication and team work won us another championship. Although, Bryce, Temple and Unique have been heavily publicized our glue man continues to be Kyle Elliott. He is a true X-Factor" he finished.

Head Coach Jamaal Womack, Asst. Coach Dave Gates, Devonte Green, Bryce Aiken, Unique Mclean, Sterlin Hewitt, Temple Gibbs, Brandon Randolph, Dana King Jr., Kyle Elliot, Emmanuel Chukwu, Anthony Johnson

Friday, December 23, 2011

Prospect Video: Turner Continues To Turn Heads

Khalea Turner has been regarded as a Top 5 player in the Class of 2016 the last few years. He continues to develop his post game while also improving his touch and range. Last season he played with the 13U National Champs Louisiana Primetime. Now check out his clips from John Lucas Camp.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Introducing The New Lethal Weapon 3

(Lethal Weapon 3) Markquis Nowell, Jalen Brooks and Mikey Watkins)

In 1990 three guards (Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott and Brian Oliver) led Georgia Tech to the NCAA Final Four. Their play was so spectacular they earned the nickname Lethal Weapon 3. During the Tip Off Classic I saw three guards that reminded me of this awesome threesome. Jalen Brooks, Markquis Nowell and Mikey Watkins shined on the offensive end of the floor and terrorized ball handlers on the defensive side of the rock.

Team IZOD’s Coach Reggie Carter seems thrilled to have these three and understands what each guard brings to the group. “I really don’t define the roles of my backcourt instead their skill sets and mental makeup takes care of that for them. Mikey is a general and ultimate teammate because he only wants to win while loving to watch his comrades shine. Markquis and Jalen are like having Kobe Bryant on one wing and Michael Jordan on the other side. Not from a talent standpoint but from a competitive nature. Both guards have a serious killer instinct” he finished.

While most teams will design defenses to slow down Lethal Weapon 3, Coach Carter feels good about them contributing to his team’s success. “I don’t think this backcourt has shown half of what it could be. I have no problem matching them up against anyone in the country because they go hard on both ends of the floor” Carter said.

Make sure you are in the area for the Clash For The Cup so you can catch the new Lethal Weapon 3 in action. They are definitely worth the price of admission. Special shout out to the original Lethal Weapon 3.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One On One Feat: Atiba "Big Guard" Taylor

Atiba B.G. Taylor (KSK)

Atiba Taylor Jr. has been off the Basketball Spotlight scene for more than a year. He returned to the Tip Off Classic and displayed some serious guard skills. Basketball Spotlight got a chance to holler at the “Big Guard” and here’s what he had to say.

BS: How was your experience of playing in the Tip Off Classic?
AT: I was happy to be a part of The Tip Off Classic Tournament because I haven't played in a Basketball Spotlight event in a 1 yr 1/2. I was excited to be there, liked seeing some of my friends, and most importantly I always love to compete.

BS: What do you think you team could have done differently to actually win the tournament?
AT: Well I feel if we played better defense, finished our layups, and had a deeper bench we would of had a better shot at winning the tournament because we only had 6 players.

BS: What’s the best aspect of your game?
AT: I would say being able to score from the pg position whether it's getting to the basket or shooting the ball. I also get double and triple teamed often which allows me to find other open players to get off easier.

BS: You have some unique court vision. What makes you pass the ball on point like that?
AT: Thank you but I always dribble with my head up as I'm pushing the ball. My main focus as a point guard is to see the floor, score, and to get our other scorers the ball.

BS: The Super Showcase is coming in August; will you be in the building?
AT: I will be excited to play in the Super Showcase this August 2012 because I missed it last August that passed. I always look forward to play against other top players because I'm very competitive and I love the game.

BS: Do you think you guys could win the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Championship?
AT: Yes i think so because we'll be a better defensive team, we'll finish plays, and hopefully we'll have a way stronger bench by time the Grand Finale rolls around.

BS: Where do you feel you rank among the other top players in your class?
AT: Since I'm already nationally ranked in the country I'm sure if I continue to work hard every day I shouldn't have a problem still being one of the top players in my class 2018.

BS: Give me one word to describe Basketball Spotlight.
AT: Competitive.

Clash For The Cup Flashback 09: Team Battle and Gauchos Fight To The Finish

In Feb. 2009 the Clash For The Cup 11U Championship was one the best games in Basketball Spotlight history. Team Battle feat. (Tyus Battle, Jamir Harris, Darius Gillon and Leondre Washington) faced off against the Gauchos feat. (Brandon Randolph, Shamori Ponds, Georgie Pena and Jared Rivers. The game went down to the buzzer with Team Battle pulling it out. Stay tune as we bring you more great moments from this event.

Word On The Street: Can Team Scan Handle The Heat?

A lot of things are going on around the AAU world right now. So we decided to hit a couple of our sources and bring you another “Word On The Street”. Remember most of this information is from reliable sources including those directly involved.

Team Rebels Breakup?
After a disappointing performance at the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Team Rebels 13U and 14U squads decided to leave the program. Sources close to the situation have both teams being entertained by Team ZOD and East Coast Elite. We will keep you updated on this situation. Well I guess this puts an end to the Team Final/Team Rebel rivalry. I’m going to miss it.

Team IZOD Expanding?
After bringing in a top 12U squad it seems Team IZOD’s next piece will be a new 14U Team. Word has Team Rebels being their first target while also adding some other pieces including power guard Jamir Harris. Team Rebels coming over would also booster their 13U squad. A backcourt with Nate Pierre Louis and Trevon Duval would be a joy to watch.

Can Team Scan Really Be Like The 1972 Dolphins?
No team on the 14U level in Basketball Spotlight history has ever gone undefeated through our circuit. This Scan team might be different because of their experience and guard play. They are accustomed to winning and seem to respond to every challenge. Teams will be chasing TS heavy and we will see if they can handle the heat.

Tip Off Classic Video Highlights: "Capo" Aiken Breaking Ankles

Since Team Scan won the Tip Off Classic they have been flooding our airways with coverage. Next up we have Bryce “Capo” Aiken breaking down defenders while helping TS win the championship. Check out his work and remember we still have more coverage to come.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Alum Scores 57 In Varsity Game

Marcus Lovett (Cali Styles)

Basketball Spotlight Alum Marcus Lovett wasted no time making his name known on the high school scene. The talented frosh scored 57 points Saturday night to help Burbank Providence defeat Santa Maria St. Joseph, 85-74, in overtime in the National Prep Classic. Marcus was a member of the Cali Styles team that won the Clash For The Cup crown last year. What top prospect will emerge after this year’s Clash For The Cup? Check out his video from last year’s event.

Baby Baller MLK Classic Is Coming!

Basketball Spotlight is proud to present the Baby Baller MLK Classic in Atlantic City, NJ. This event will bring together the top baby baller squads in the region for a showdown in America’s Playground. We created this event to give these young ballers a chance to shine under the bright lights. Register Online below.

Event: Baby Baller MLK Classic
Date: Jan. 14th and 15th
Place: Atlantic City, NJ
Ages: 10U, 11U and 12U
Deadline: January 2nd 2012

Click Here To Register

Monday, December 19, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Video Profile: Covington Gearing Up Clash For the Cup

Vaughn "The Brain" Covington (Team Final)

Vaughn “The Brain” Covington controls the remote for Team Final 14U squad. In this video he’s picking apart some middle school counterparts. Covington should be regarded as the top floor general in the Mid Atlantic region. Vaughn will be present at the Clash For The Cup with his Team Final teammates. Basketball Spotlight will watching “The Brain” and keep you guys updated.

Tip Off Classic Video Highlights: Mclean Is Rather Unique!

Unique McLean has worked on his game during the off season. At the Tip Off Classic he had things rolling full throttle. No one is safe from getting dunked on once he takes off. Stay Tune as we bring you more coverage and footage from the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic.

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #16

Tyus As Joseph In The Holiday Pageant

Hello basketball world, I cannot believe this will be my 16th diary entry. It feels like yesterday that my dad told me Mr. Melton wanted me to write the diary this year. I must say, it has not been easy writing the diary, while also keeping up with my school-work, basketball workouts and whatever else comes up for me and my family. However, I really enjoy doing the diary every week and thank everyone who has taken the time to read it. I would also like to thank my family for all their love and support during the past few months because without them everything is impossible.

Monday was a beautiful sunny day, but unfortunately I had a bad sinus headache that kept me home from school. I started to feel a little better by lunch time, so by the late afternoon I was all better. I did manage to do some push-ups and ball-handling in the evening but that is all I could manage to do with the added homework.

Tuesday I had a few grades come back as all A’s and one high B. My dad I went to the gym late and had a great workout. We worked a lot on technical skills and focused a lot on my shot and footwork. He also talked to me a lot about staying focused and working hard every day. My dad is always talking about working hard. He is rarely happy with my efforts it seems these days. I think most of the time he is right so I need to pick it up. I almost forgot to mention that we had the Christmas Pageant and it went really well. I was Joseph in the Pageant and my friends made fun of me in my costume. I did look a little foolish in my costume, I must admit. Lol!

Wednesday after school we went straight to the gym and shot 600 jump shots on the move and off the dribble. I also did 45 minutes of ball-handling super hard. After my workout my dad rushed home from work and we went to the Saint Anthony vs Gill Saint Bernard Scrimmage. Both teams are really good and play super hard. I think I can contribute to either team and fit in to both styles of play. My dad loves the freedom that both teams played with, especially Gill. I love how Saint Anthony plays defense. It was a fun game to watch. Gill Saint Bernard has some crazy fans.

Thursday, I went to the gym with my dad and worked hard for 2 hours +. My dad was super happy with my workout. I know because he told me that I had a great workout. You see the night before he jumped all over me for what he described as a crappy effort. He said I got to work harder and manage my time better on a consistent basis. I was not happy with him jumping on me but I know for sure he is right about how dirty my room is at times and how I just need to focus more on one thing before jumping to the next. I came out the next day and went hard and that will be the norm going forward no matter what.

Friday, we had practice and it well. We focused on the game plan for our Saturday school game.

Saturday, school game finished well but we struggled early for some reason. We finished the game with a 22 to 4 run that sent the Saint Mathis home with a loss. I was happy to see that my brother Khalif had a really great game and my dad and I were thrilled! Peace until next time basketball world. This is Tyus Battle going to bed. Lol!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tip Off Classic Highlights: Atiba Taylor (KSK)

Atiba "Big Guard" Taylor

Atiba “Big Guard” Taylor appeared at the Tip Off Classic with King Street Kings and gave us a lot to write about. As you will see in his video this youngster has a load of potential. Stay tune as Basketball Spotlight brings you more coverage and footage from the Tip Off Classic.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Video Feature: Jordan Riley Has Arrived

Jordan Riley (NC Rising Prospects)

The #1 7th Grade prospect in North Carolina Jordan Riley made a stop at the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase where his dominated the competition. Riley stands 6’5 with a strong frame and is developing some perimeter skills. Basketball Spotlight will get a chance to watch Riley with the NC Rising Prospects in the spring.

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Green Means Business

Quade Green (Team Final)

Quade Green made a name for himself last season running on the circuit with Philly Freedom Stars. The dynamic guard posted numbers at the Spotlight events but really exploded at the AAU Nationals. After turning out the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Green decided to move over to Nike Powerhouse Team Final.

Team Final Coach Orlando Hidalgo is excited to have Quade Green on his squad. “He has that Philly ball playing attitude in terms of determination and skills. He has slick moves, can create for himself and plays good defense” said Hildago. Green recently did damage at the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic while helping his team make the 13U final four and making the All Tournament Team.

Green is grooving right now but Hildago does see area of improvement.”Right now we are working on Quade’s speed. I think if he gets quicker north to south he can reach his full potential. I believe the sky is the limit with his potential if he continues to work” he finished.

Basketball Spotlight will be watching Green and his Team Final teammates as they try to bring home the Grand Finale Championship in June. They are going to get off to a great to start.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tip Off Classic Video Highlights: Rhique Wreaking Havoc!

The stage was set at the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic and NyRhique “LA Smoove” Smith stepped up for the challenge. He led his team to a final four finish in front of a capacity crowd. Check out his work on one of the biggest stages in the country. Stay tune because we have a load of coverage still to come from the Tip Off Classic.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Aiken Always On Point!

Bryce "The Captain" Aiken

Bryce Aiken has been a winner since I first laid eyes on him. During his tenure with F.A.C.E.S., King Street Kings, KYDA and now Team Scan, few players have appeared in or won more championships than Bryce. Recently, the point guard helped Team Scan win the Tip Off Classic title while making the All Tournament Team.

Team Scan’s director Terrence “Munch” Williams loves having Aiken as a part of his program. “Bryce has been a proven winner on every level. I like the fact that he understands how to set the tempo and he’s a leader at all times….in practice and games.” Williams’s praise didn’t come without some advice for his floor general; “Bryce does need to work on how to motivate each individual teammates differently to get them to the highest level. That’s the job of a true point guard” finished Munch.

Basketball Spotlight will be watching Aikens as he tries to help Team Scan bring home the Grand Finale Championship in June. Stay tune as we bring you more features from top players.

Thon Maker: Is He The Best 8th Grader In The World?

Some might have disputes about the best players in some classes but it’s difficult to argue about the Class Of 2016. This kid Thon Maker stands 7’0 tall with a wing game similar to Kevin Durant. We introduced to him you guys last year but now he’s taller and more skilled. There’s nothing else to say!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Message Board Hot Topic: Who's The MVP Of Funsport Jr. Pros?

One of the hottest topics right now is who should be the MVP of Funsport Jr. Pro League. The playoffs are aproaching and many players have put their bid in. According to league officials the leading candidates are NyRhique Smith, Temple Gibbs, Gilberto Cue, Mustapha Herron and Dyaire Holt. Who would you select for MVP of the Funsport League? Speak your mind!

Click Here To Comment

Tip Off Classic Video Highlights: Unique Mclean Playing Above The Rim

As we continue our coverage of the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic, check out Unique Mclean as he takes off for a breakaway dunk. Mclean is without a doubt the most athletic 8th Grader in our region and probably the country. Stay tune because we have loads of coverage still coming.

Baby Baller Super Showcase Profile: Anthony Byrd Jr. (Cleveland, OH)

Name: Anthony Byrd Jr.

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2019

Showcase Report: Byrd has some quickness and seems to be a little more confident on the defensive end of the floor. The East Coast style of play was something new for this Midwest but I’m sure it was a good learning experience. In due time we are sure he will blossom into a good ball player.

Tip Off Classic Video Highlights: Devonte Green Getting Money

Devonte Green showed up on Sunday at the Tip Off Classic and helped Team Scan bring home the title. The Big Apple’s #1 8th Grader gave us a taste of his entire skill set. He’s definitely one of the top players in the country. Stay tune as we bring you more highlights from the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is Damon Harge Ready For The Spotlight?

Damon Harge has made a national name even appearing on Some have him regarded as the top 6th Grader in America. His skills look very good on video but we are waiting to see him under the Spotlight. That shouldn’t be a problem as he rocks with NC Rising Prospects and they will be stopping through in the spring.

ESPN Article

Giles Is Blowing Up As Predicted!

Two years ago we predicted that then 6th Grader Harry Giles would be something special. Now the 8th Grader stands close to 6’7 and has been dominating whenever he steps on the court. He had good a showing at John Lucas Camp in Kentucky and simply destroyed the NC Adidas Camp. He definitely should be receiving “The Stamp” very soon. This kid is scary.

Nations #1 7th Grader Returning To The Spotlight

The #1 7th Grader in the America Cody Riley will be returning to Basketball Spotlight for the Clash For The Cup. Last year Riley and his Cali Style teammates took home two championships while rolling through the competition. We expect Riley to play on the 7th and 8th grade level in this event. Stay tune as we bring you more previews for the Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup slated for January 28th and 29th at Hoop Group Headquarters.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 is presented by AGame Team Apparel. These are the Top 10 14U teams according to Basketball Spotlight.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team Scan: They came, saw and conquered the Tip Off Classic. If any team can run the table and win the Grand Championship its TS. They have found a way to be in the championship talk for the last 3 years. Can’t wait to see them at the Clash.

2. DC Assault: “The MOBB” fell short to TS in the finals. Can they rebound after getting a chink in their armor? We will see if they come to the Clash for the Cup.

3. Playaz: PBC had a final four run at the Tip Off Classic before losing to Team Scan in overtime. No Playaz team has been ranked this high since Kavon Stewart and Reggie Cameron dominated the grammar school scene. Let’s see if they can hold on after the Clash.

4. Team Final: The roster looks great but they haven’t been Spotlight tested in some time. Now the big stage will be set at the Clash and we will see if this group can hold the banner.

5. F.A.C.E.S.: The Killer Bees fell to DC Assault in the final four. They were playing without post player Idris Joyner all weekend.

6. New Rens: The talent is definitely there with this group. They had a tough draw by facing TS in the quarterfinals. Now they will be looking to get back on track at the Clash For The Cup.

7. Gauchos: The Choz fell in the quarterfinals to their nemesis F.A.C.E.S.. Maybe the acquisition of scoring guard Dyaire Holt will help them during the Clash For The Cup.

8. King Street Kings: KSK had some impressive showings at the Tip Off Classic until they ran into a charged up Playaz Basketball Club. I think they were still hung over after letting DC Assault off the hook in their pool contest.

9. Philly Triple Threat: PTT got things going early by taking home the Blue Division crown. This scrappy bunch has won their share of Spotlight banners on the low.

10. ETU Warriors: After falling to F.A.C.E.S. the Warriors rebounded to knock off New Rens. They ended up losing the pool by points. Hopefully they can get over the hump at the Clash.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 is presented by AGame Team Apparel. These are the Top 10 13U teams according to Basketball Spotlight.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. CBC: The “Money Team” won the Tip Off Classic and are anxious to get another shot at Cali Styles during the Clash For The Cup. Right now they are in the driver’s seat of the 13U Division.

2. Milbank: They came close to winning the Tip Off Classic crown. Now the cat is out the bag and teams will be gunning for them.

3. Team Final: TF was very impressive and might have won it all if one of their keys players didn’t have to pull out early. This is a very dangerous group and should be fun to watch.

4. Team IZOD: After taking a huge loss from Team Final, TI still managed to make it to the final four. Once there they fell to eventual champion CBC. It will be interesting to see how they respond during the Clash.

5. Team Takeover: On paper they are loaded and we will get our first look at this group during the Clash For The Cup. Don’t be surprised if they move up during our January Top 10.

6. Juice All Stars: Juice lost to Team IZOD which virtually eliminated them from the tournament now they will look to make a splash at the Clash For The Cup. You can’t count them out they are #7 in the country.

7. Team Rebels: TR also will need to regroup after their Tip Off Classic performance. The pieces are there but they need to mesh everything together.

8. New Rens: NR won the Blue Division crown and now they want to travel into the Orange bracket for the Clash. I hope they are ready because that field is very thick.

9. DC Assault: I hear that this group has retooled so I can wait to see them rock. We will try to get them up for the Clash For The Cup.

10. Team Nelson: I’m anxious to see this group because I think they will give a better showing than last year. They have added one of the best players in the region.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 is presented by AGame Team Apparel. These are Top 10 12U Teams according to Basketball Spotlight.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team IZOD: This group put the smash down on the Tip Off Classic. They have the talent to win the Grand Championship and place at the Nationals in Virginia.

2. New Rens: This group made it to the finals of the Tip Off Classic but have some unfinished business. They will try to cash in during the Clash For The Cup.

3. Riverside Hawks: The Hawks lost in the final four but I think they will rebound. This disciplined squad will have to be on their game come the end of January at the Clash.

4. Playtime: The green and black made a final appearance while knocking off several squads. Now they won’t be able to snick up anyone.

5. King Street Kings: Talent is not a problem for this group but soon it has to equate to wins. I’m sure they will represent in January.

6. DC Assault: This group has a real talented bunch. Coach Perry expects nothing but the best so they should rebound. They will be at the MLK in Atlantic City which has been their lucky spot in the past.

7. NC Runnin” Rebels: The down south boys got a rude awakening at the Spotlight but now I’m sure they will return ready to go.

8. PWC: The Paterson boys won the Blue Division crown. Now they will have to travel into the Orange Bracket. But we have to give them a puncher’s chance.

9. East Coast Elite: This Delaware crew finds a way to make their presence felt. They will have a shot in January to earn some Grand Finale points.

10. NWK: The Brick City boys made it to the finals of the Blue Division. They go hard so we will be looking for them to make some noise in the future.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 is presented by AGame Team Apparel. These are Top 10 11U Teams according to Basketball Spotlight.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team NJ ABC: The new kids on the block came to the Tip Off Classic and took home the banner. They have the pieces to run the table as the #1 team. The field is chasing.

2. Playtime: The Garden State Kings a year ago won’t back down that easy. The green and black will return to battle strong and get their spot back.

3. Team Nelson: TN sat out of the Tip Off Classic but have the championship experience. They will return to action at the MLK Classic in Atlantic City, NJ. Let’s get it on at America’s Playground.

4. New Rens: New Rens is on the scene to cause problems and they have Coach Steve that has been on the scene for years. So his troops will be ready for the MLK Classic.

5. New Heights: Formerly of the Gauchos this group has some talented players from NJ/NY and they made it to the final four of Tip Off Classic.

6. Team Takeover (Brown): This talented group was the Fairfax Stars now they moved over to the NIKE Swoosh so they should be ready to go. They are coming to bring the noise to AC.

7. CJ Hawks: This squad finished strong in the nationals two years and they have added some pieces so expect them to be in the race.

8. DC Assault: This team has two of the top players that performed at the Baby Baller Showcase. So now it’s time to see them in the mix. We all check them out soon.

9. Severn Elite: This hustling bunch from Potomac did their best. We will be watching their next Baby Baller appearance.

10. T One Ballers: The NJ capital city always puts in their best effort. Don’t sleep cause you can get knocked off.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tip Off Classic Video Highlights: MVP Temple Gibbs Putting In Work

Temple Gibbs won MVP of the Tip Off Classic by putting in serious work. He led the team in scoring and looked unstoppable at times. Check out his video and stay tune because we have more footage to come from the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic.

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #15

What’s up basketball world, this week started off slow but began to pick up towards the end.

I stayed home while my grandmother and brother went out to eat after school. I needed a nap because I was tired from my long weekend. I finally woke up an hour later so I decided to just eat and do my homework. When I was done with my homework my brother and I cleaned up the house a little because my dad and step-mom were out of town for a few days, and my dad was coming home the next day.

At school on Tuesday the whole school had to practice for our Christmas pageant this week. In the Christmas pageant every grade is supposed to sing a Christmas song and the eighth grade puts on a reenactment of the birth of Jesus. Eighth grade is supposed to sing Silent Night and I play Joseph in the play.

My dad came home later that night at around 10pm and as soon as he walked in he talked to me about my school game on Saturday because my brother told my dad that he scored almost as much as me, which was not exactly how I remember it. My brother Khalif can exaggerate a little at times.

Wednesday I had practice after school, our coach was frustrated at us because we barely ran any of the plays and we didn’t really play good defense. After practice we took some jump shots and worked on moves to the basket and we went full court for the remainder of the practice.

We didn’t have school Thursday, therefore all I really did was play mw3 and than go to the gym later in the day. I was surprised that day because my brother actually went to the gym with my dad and I. It is amazing how good my brother is and he rarely goes to the gym to workout. If he just decided to workout hard he can be really good because he is a natural basketball player. The beginning of our workout did not go smoothly. About 10 minutes in my dad kicks me out of the gym because I wasn’t following through on my jump shot and not going as hard as he would like. I can’t stand getting kicked out of the gym by my dad, especially at the Club at Woodbridge. There are always a few people in the gym shooting on the other side or just lifting near by, and it’s very embarrassing. No doubt I was wrong I apologized and he let me come back.

Friday I had freshman for a day at St. Anthony’s in Jersey City. I have to say that St. Anthony’s is one of my favorite High Schools so far. Even though the high school is small and not really modern, I really liked the school because of the teachers and the students. The basketball speaks for itself and if I decide to go there, I will have to see where I fit in as a basketball player. I think I can fit in with the kids in the school. Saint Anthony’s was about the 5th school I visited since the summer but the only one where I participated in freshman for a day. I took the test at Saint Joe’s Metuchen, which is also a school I am really considering and was accepted. I also spent an hour with the principal and coach at Roselle Catholic. Both experiences were really positive for me. The other Schools I visited are Blair Academy and Gill Saint Bernard both were basketball only visits, meaning we spent a few hours watching a workout with the high school team. After freshman for a day I went home played a few video games and than took a nap. When I woke up it was already time for school practice. At the practice we reviewed the plays and added in a new defensive schemes and a new play or two.

Saturday I had a School game at 9 in the morning. We played St. James and won by about 30 points. I was not happy the way I played, not just scoring wise but I also could have played much better defense and could have got more loose balls and rebounds. Soon after the game my dad, step-mom, Jason and I drove up to Burlington for practice. I got there about an hour late but it still was a long practice. The practice started at 10:30 and ended at 2:00. We spent most of the practice working on our offensive and defensive sets and plays.

It is getting late and my dad is looking agitated because the Cowboys just lost on a last second field goal and I am not in bed. This is Tyus Battle signing off.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Point System

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale point system is listed below. Teams gather points by their results in Basketball Spotlight events. 4 teams from each age group will advance to the Grand Finale which will be tentatively slated for Saturday June 16th. There will be a $50 registration fee for each team playing in this event. Good luck to all teams.

14U Grand Finale Points

Gauchos (10 Points)
Team Scan (9 Points)
DC Assault (9 Points)

Playaz (9 Points)

St. Michaels (9 Points)
East Coast Elite (7 Points)
CT Elite (6 Points)

Long Island Bombers (3 Points)
Team Takeover (3 Points)
ETU Warriors (3 Points)
Philly Triple Threat (3 Points)

New Rens (2 Points)
KSK (2 Points)

13U Grand Finale Points
CBC (14 Points)

Team Final (14 Points)
Milbank (13 Points)

Team IZOD (10 Points)
Team Takeover (5 Points)
Team Dejavu (3 Points)
DC Assault (3 Points)
New Rens (3 Points)

New Heights (2 Points)

12U Grand Finale Points
Team IZOD (18 Points)
KSK (16 Points)
Playtime (13 Points)
East Coast Elite (10 Points)
New Rens (10 Points)
Riverside Hawks (9 Points)
DC Assault (8 Points)
Wall 2 Wall (7 Points)
NWK (7 Points)

DeMarcus Cousins Blue Devils (6 Points)

Mass Shooting Stars (5 Points)
PWC (3 Points)

NJ Shore Shots (3 Points)
NC Running Rebels (2 Points)

11U Grand Finale Points
ECE-NJABC (18 Points)

Playtime (15 Points)
Team Nelson (14 Points)
New Heights (7 Points)
New Rens (7 Points)
CJ Hawks (5 Points)
Mass Shooting Stars (5 Points)
DC Assault (3 Points)
Team Takeover (3 Points)
Team Rebels (3 Points)
Maryland Mavericks (3 Point)
Severn Elite (2 Points)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Inside The Tip Off Classic 14U: Team Scan Walks The Walk

Team Scan Gets Off To A Great Start

The 14U Division of the Tip Off Classic brought in the top teams on the East Coast. Spectators packed Hoop Group headquarters for many of their games. Here’s a look at some of the developments from the weekend.

Team Scan Backs Up Talk
Team Scan’s director Terrence “Munch” Williams put the pressure on his young bunch by calling them the 1972 Dolphins. But I have to say that they answered the bell by going through the Tip Off Classic field undefeated. In 3 short years he has turned this program into a household name and their 2012 edition doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Team Scan now has the juice on the 14U level.

Here Comes The Clash
The Tip Off Classic 14U field was great but the Clash For The Cup coming the end of January might be the best in history. Team Final will be making their 2012 Spotlight debut and Cali Styles confirmed their appearance this morning. I can’t wait to see Derryck “Houdini” Thornton hit the East Coast. Then you throw in Team Scan and Team Takeover from Maryland the roof might come off of Hoop Group Headquarters.

14U All Tournament Team
Temple Gibbs (Team Scan)
Bryce Aiken (Team Scan)
Devonte Green (Team Scan)
Unique Mclean (Team Scan)
Anthony Cowan (DC Assault)
Alani Moore (DC Assault)
Sam Green (DC Assault)
Joe Hampton (DC Assault)
NyRhique Smith (Playaz)
Pat Andree (Playaz)
RJ Cole (F.A.C.E.S.)
Jagan Mosley (F.A.C.E.S.)
Ray Montilus (F.A.C.E.S.)
Tony Carr (Philly Triple Threat)

Jason Clarke (Philly Triple Threat)
Patrick Strazala (St. Michaels)
Giberto Cue (New Rens)
Terrell Turner (New Rens)
Mustapha Herron (Gauchos)
Devin Clyburn (Milbank)
Isaiah Washington (Milbank)
Jordan Brown (Milbank)

Inside The Tip Off Classic 13U: Everyone Chasing The Money

CBC AKA "Money Team"

The 13U bracket was tremendous. In this division we also had a first time champion and a lot of surprises. Here’s a look inside this age group.

“Money Team” Makes Statement
It was a long road but CBC finally crossed the threshold to that Spotlight championship. They have assembled the best talent from the New England area even though many felt they couldn’t mesh. There next goal will be keeping things together long enough to bring home the Grand Championship.

Who Next?
With CBC winning the title they have become the hunted. There are several teams that will be coming to dethrone them. First you have the new look Team Final which features some serious talent and was within a few points of making the finals. Then you have Milbank, who made it to the championship and will be hungry for another shot. Next on the list is Juice All Stars and finally Team IZOD that still found away to make the final four.

13U All Tournament Team
Jaecee Martin (CBC)
Ismail Charles (CBC)
Chaylyn Martin (CBC)
Azar Swain (CBC)
Shyheim Hicks (CBC)
Paul Person (Milbank)
Tyrese Whitaker (Milbank)
Keshaun Ellis (Milbank)
Kaellen Henderson (Milbank)
Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)
Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)
Quade Green (Team Final)
JP Sanders (Team Final)
Ahrod Carter (Team Final)
Lance Ford (Team Final)
Tyler Bournes (Juice All Stars)
Mike Johnson (Juice All Stars)
Trevon Duval (Team Rebels)
Tristan Patterson (Team Rebels)
Boubacar Kamissoko (New Rens)
Dylan Jorge (Albany Dream Team)

Inside The Tip Off Classic 12U: Is Team IZOD The Next Team Battle?

Team IZOD Ran Through The Tip Off Classic

The 12U Division was overloaded with talent. Now we will look at the inner stories of this age group. We had a first time champion and they are heavy fire power.

Team IZOD Strikes First
Team IZOD snatched up most of the players from highly successful We Run and got the job done on the first stop on the Basketball Spotlight circuit. They seem to have all the weapons with a three headed monster backcourt, developing post players and a bench. They won each game by double digits. There hasn’t been a dominant squad like this since Team Battle. That’s lofty comparisons but we will see if they can hold up.

Can Riverside Rebound?
The #4 team in the country went out in the semifinals but we can’t count the heart of a champion so we now they will battle back. The Clash For The Cup is coming at the end of January and I’m sure they will ready to go. Hopefully point guard Zedrek Farell will back off of a wrist injury.

12U All Tournament Team
Markquis Nowell (Team IZOD)
Jalen Brooks (Team IZOD)
Shelton Applewhite (Team IZOD)
Mike Watkins (Team IZOD)
Justin Winston (Team IZOD)
Daniel Klosk (New Rens)
Judah McIntyre (New Rens)
Tyrek Chambers (New Rens)
Cole Anthony (New Rens)
Nayshon Kane-Hamlet (New Rens)
Zegary Scott (Playtime)
Rob Higgins (Natural Ballers)
Kobe Price (Natural Ballers)
Twan Grier (PWC)
Duke Cameron (PWC)
Jahmir Lattimore (PWC)
Jahid Jaenkins (NWK)

Atiba Taylor (KSK)
Luther Muhammad (KSK)
Will Yarborough (KSK)
Nas Amos (Riverside Hawks)
Jake Runyon (Riverside Hawks)
Matt Mitrkos (Riverside Hawks)
Kenyon Burt (NC Runnin' Rebels)
Jaylin Parker (NC Runnin' Rebels)

Inside The Tip Off Classic 11U: Is Team NJABC The New Kings?

Team NJABC Wears The Crown

The 11U Division only had 8 teams but there were some thrilling games. We also had a first time champion and maybe a new dynasty squad on the horizon.

Is NJABC Ready?

Team NJABC took home the Tip Off Classic championship by knocking off rival Playtime in the finals. NJABC possesses one of best backcourts in the United States with Jalen Gaffney and AJ Hoggard. If this group stays together they might take home all the banners for this age group. We will see at the next stop on the Baby Baller circuit which is the MLK Classic.

11U All Tournament Team
Jalen Gaffney (NJ ABC)
AJ Hoggard (NJ ABC)
Jagger Zrada (NJ ABC)
David Coit (NJ ABC)
Jordan MCoy (Playtime)
Rashon Figures (Playtime)
Jaheim Tanksley (Playtime)
Mikkai Moore (Playtime)
Amadou Kamissoko (New Heights)
Xavier Wilson (New Heights)
Zander Alvarado (New Heights)
Jalen Smith (New Rens)
Markell Lane (New Rens)
Kurone Wilson (New Rens)
Bryan Antione (CJ Hawks)
Stephen Lubisher (CJ Hawks)
Alex Klatsky (CJ Hawks)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clash For The Cup Is Around The Corner

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup returns January 28th and 29th in Neptune, NJ. Last year this event was off the charts and brought in teams as far as California. This time around the field will be thicker. Registration will be tight so please make sure you secure your spot for this event.

Event: Clash For The Cup
Date: January 28th and 29th
Place: Neptune, NJ
Ages: 12U Thru 14U
Cost: $375 (Per Team), $325 (Multi-Team Discount)

Click Here To Register One Team

Click Here To Register Multi Teams

Tip Off Classic Recap: 13U Top Performers Part 2

Keshaun Ellis (Milbank)

The 13U Division was loaded top to bottom. There was no where run or hide. Here are the top performers that impressed us in this division.

Tip Off Classic 13U Top Performers Part 2

Keshaun Ellis Guard (Milbank)- Ellis has the look of a running back but on the basketball court he knows how to fill up the bucket. Ellis can hurt you from the outside or by muscling his way to the hole. On defense he’s capable on strong arming ball handlers and taking the rock. He had a very impressive outing this weekend.

Tyrese Whitaker Guard (Milbank)- At first glance Whitaker seems to be too small to play on this level but defenders have a hard time staying in front of him. Tyrese understands how to stay out of harm’s way in terms traps and isn’t afraid to drive down the teeth of the defense. He has the heart of a lion with the skill to match.

Kaellen Henderson Forward (Milbank)- Henderson anchors the backline on defense and cleans the glass on the offensive end. Milbank’s effective guard’s penetration gave Henderson plenty of room to roam and get into position to score or rebound.

Chaylyn Martin Guard (CBC)- Martin has come a long way in the past two years. He now has arrived as a serious threat on both ends of the floor. His offensive confidence has come from his improved jump shot and play making ability. We expect a breakout year from Martin.

Ahrod Carter Guard (Team Final)- The former Mr. Memorial Day caught his stride during the final four. He turned up the fire on the offensive end by knocking down shots from everywhere. When he’s hot it turns Team Final into more dangerous team.

Lance Ford Guard (Team Final)- Ford is a fresh face on the scene but got acclimated quickly. He ran the floor like a deer and scored on slashing lay ups. His quickness in the open floor fits well with TF’s up and down attacking style.

Kareem Harvin Forward (CBC)- CBC needed some toughness to get past Milbank in the finals and Harvin provided the punch. He gets after it heavy on defense and pounds the glass when he’s near the cup. He posted some big points in their championship win.

Tristan Patterson Forward (Team Rebels)- Patterson spent the weekend playing above the rim. The athletic forward had several dunks which sent the crowd into frenzy. We hope to see more of his high wire act coming soon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tip Off Classic Recap: 13U Top Performers Part 1

Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)

The 13U Division was loaded top to bottom. There was no where run or hide. Here are the top performers that impressed us in this division.

Tip Off Classic 13U Top Performers Part 1

Nate Pierre Louis Guard (Team IZOD)- Can any 7th Grader in America score the ball better than Pierre Louis? If so let him appear please. Nate “The Great” averaged close to 30 points a game yes 30. He dropped 28 on Juice All Stars during their pool play win, 30 on Team Final in their loss and 32 on CBC in the final four. What’s incredible is that defenses are designed to slow him down and he still manages to get numbers. Some say he should pass more but in his effort to win, he does what comes natural which is put the ball in the basket.

Azar Swain Guard (CBC)- With Martin running the point Swain was left to roam the perimeter and it paid dividends. In the final four he banged home 3 second half treys to help his team finally get that Team IZOD monkey off their back. His last trey ball came at a crucial time and put the “Money Team” up for good.

Shyheim Hicks Guard (CBC)- Hicks is still getting comfortable in his new home. But he still managed to bring his wing game to the Tip Off Classic. He finished off plays and used his length to rebound and play defense. I can’t wait to see him after he settles in.

Quade Green Guard (Team Final)- Green was a showman this weekend. Not only did he produce effectively as Team Final did damage but he entertained the crowd with his slick ball handling. He’s one of the main clogs in this offense. We are just seeing the beginning of his rise to stardom.

Paul Person Guard (Milbank)- Milbank reached the finals and Paul orchestrated their quest. He’s added some inches to his frame so scoring has come so much easier for this lad. He posted 18 points in their championship loss to CBC. “P Double” is one of the finest guards in the region. He’s so silky smooth.

Ismail Charles Forward (CBC)- Charles battled hard the entire tournament. He’s a warrior inside and doesn’t get enough for his dirty work. He faced double teams and sagging defenses all weekend and still managed to post numbers. This kid fights to the end.

John Paul Sanders Guard (Team Final)- Sanders now has some help and he seems to appreciate his new teammates. He brought his scoring touch without being selfish by picking his spots and dishing the rock when the defense over played. He has an understanding of the game. Expect big things from JP Sanders in 2012.

Trevon Duval Guard (Team Rebels)- TR didn’t fair to well but Duval still managed to get off playing in two age groups. He can play either guard spot effectively while possessing take over the game potential.