Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One On One Feat: Atiba "Big Guard" Taylor

Atiba B.G. Taylor (KSK)

Atiba Taylor Jr. has been off the Basketball Spotlight scene for more than a year. He returned to the Tip Off Classic and displayed some serious guard skills. Basketball Spotlight got a chance to holler at the “Big Guard” and here’s what he had to say.

BS: How was your experience of playing in the Tip Off Classic?
AT: I was happy to be a part of The Tip Off Classic Tournament because I haven't played in a Basketball Spotlight event in a 1 yr 1/2. I was excited to be there, liked seeing some of my friends, and most importantly I always love to compete.

BS: What do you think you team could have done differently to actually win the tournament?
AT: Well I feel if we played better defense, finished our layups, and had a deeper bench we would of had a better shot at winning the tournament because we only had 6 players.

BS: What’s the best aspect of your game?
AT: I would say being able to score from the pg position whether it's getting to the basket or shooting the ball. I also get double and triple teamed often which allows me to find other open players to get off easier.

BS: You have some unique court vision. What makes you pass the ball on point like that?
AT: Thank you but I always dribble with my head up as I'm pushing the ball. My main focus as a point guard is to see the floor, score, and to get our other scorers the ball.

BS: The Super Showcase is coming in August; will you be in the building?
AT: I will be excited to play in the Super Showcase this August 2012 because I missed it last August that passed. I always look forward to play against other top players because I'm very competitive and I love the game.

BS: Do you think you guys could win the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Championship?
AT: Yes i think so because we'll be a better defensive team, we'll finish plays, and hopefully we'll have a way stronger bench by time the Grand Finale rolls around.

BS: Where do you feel you rank among the other top players in your class?
AT: Since I'm already nationally ranked in the country I'm sure if I continue to work hard every day I shouldn't have a problem still being one of the top players in my class 2018.

BS: Give me one word to describe Basketball Spotlight.
AT: Competitive.