Saturday, December 10, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Point System

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale point system is listed below. Teams gather points by their results in Basketball Spotlight events. 4 teams from each age group will advance to the Grand Finale which will be tentatively slated for Saturday June 16th. There will be a $50 registration fee for each team playing in this event. Good luck to all teams.

14U Grand Finale Points

Gauchos (10 Points)
Team Scan (9 Points)
DC Assault (9 Points)

Playaz (9 Points)

St. Michaels (9 Points)
East Coast Elite (7 Points)
CT Elite (6 Points)

Long Island Bombers (3 Points)
Team Takeover (3 Points)
ETU Warriors (3 Points)
Philly Triple Threat (3 Points)

New Rens (2 Points)
KSK (2 Points)

13U Grand Finale Points
CBC (14 Points)

Team Final (14 Points)
Milbank (13 Points)

Team IZOD (10 Points)
Team Takeover (5 Points)
Team Dejavu (3 Points)
DC Assault (3 Points)
New Rens (3 Points)

New Heights (2 Points)

12U Grand Finale Points
Team IZOD (18 Points)
KSK (16 Points)
Playtime (13 Points)
East Coast Elite (10 Points)
New Rens (10 Points)
Riverside Hawks (9 Points)
DC Assault (8 Points)
Wall 2 Wall (7 Points)
NWK (7 Points)

DeMarcus Cousins Blue Devils (6 Points)

Mass Shooting Stars (5 Points)
PWC (3 Points)

NJ Shore Shots (3 Points)
NC Running Rebels (2 Points)

11U Grand Finale Points
ECE-NJABC (18 Points)

Playtime (15 Points)
Team Nelson (14 Points)
New Heights (7 Points)
New Rens (7 Points)
CJ Hawks (5 Points)
Mass Shooting Stars (5 Points)
DC Assault (3 Points)
Team Takeover (3 Points)
Team Rebels (3 Points)
Maryland Mavericks (3 Point)
Severn Elite (2 Points)