Thursday, December 22, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Introducing The New Lethal Weapon 3

(Lethal Weapon 3) Markquis Nowell, Jalen Brooks and Mikey Watkins)

In 1990 three guards (Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott and Brian Oliver) led Georgia Tech to the NCAA Final Four. Their play was so spectacular they earned the nickname Lethal Weapon 3. During the Tip Off Classic I saw three guards that reminded me of this awesome threesome. Jalen Brooks, Markquis Nowell and Mikey Watkins shined on the offensive end of the floor and terrorized ball handlers on the defensive side of the rock.

Team IZOD’s Coach Reggie Carter seems thrilled to have these three and understands what each guard brings to the group. “I really don’t define the roles of my backcourt instead their skill sets and mental makeup takes care of that for them. Mikey is a general and ultimate teammate because he only wants to win while loving to watch his comrades shine. Markquis and Jalen are like having Kobe Bryant on one wing and Michael Jordan on the other side. Not from a talent standpoint but from a competitive nature. Both guards have a serious killer instinct” he finished.

While most teams will design defenses to slow down Lethal Weapon 3, Coach Carter feels good about them contributing to his team’s success. “I don’t think this backcourt has shown half of what it could be. I have no problem matching them up against anyone in the country because they go hard on both ends of the floor” Carter said.

Make sure you are in the area for the Clash For The Cup so you can catch the new Lethal Weapon 3 in action. They are definitely worth the price of admission. Special shout out to the original Lethal Weapon 3.