Monday, December 5, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #14

What’s up basketball world, this week went by very fast but I still got a lot done.

I got my science test back on Monday. I received an 85 which is better than my last test which was an 83. I am still aiming to get an A on one of my science test, so I will need to study harder and really think about my answers. When I got home after school I had a lot of homework so I didn’t go to the gym.

Wednesday I had school practice. We did not scrimmage against each other; instead we worked on some skill work and reviewed our defense and plays. We did this because we were preparing for our first school league game on Saturday at 2 o clock. I don’t think we should lose a game or have a team come within 20 points of us.

Thursday I went over to the Club of Woodbridge to workout with Brice from ImPossible training. I was ready to get back in the gym because I haven’t worked out in the past 2 days. I was at the gym about 30 minutes before the workout with Brice to get my own workout in. When Brice got there we didn’t do a lot of drills with the medicine balls. Instead, we worked on getting my shot quicker and my handle sharper. Then we worked on dribble moves into a pull up. I think their workouts are really helping me with my pull up and handle.

On Friday I had a half a day and my dad left town to go to Puerto Rico for a business trip. I was able to wear my school basketball uniform to school because I had a pep rally. This was my first pep rally and it was a lot of fun. My teammates were begging me all day to dunk the ball during the lay up lines, so I did it. I still miss my dunks sometimes because my timing I still a little off, so it was good that I put it down on my first try. After school I had a lot of free time, so I played some Modern Warfare 3 before I went to the gym, while my brother went to school practice.

Saturday…finally our game against St. Helenas of Edison, NJ. Our game was at home so there was a big crowd. We won the game by over 60 points, so it’s good for our first game. I was just angry that I missed both of my dunk attempts. So I’m going to keep on trying until I get it. ‘Till next time, this is Tyus Battle signing off.