Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 is presented by AGame Team Apparel. These are Top 10 12U Teams according to Basketball Spotlight.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. Team IZOD: This group put the smash down on the Tip Off Classic. They have the talent to win the Grand Championship and place at the Nationals in Virginia.

2. New Rens: This group made it to the finals of the Tip Off Classic but have some unfinished business. They will try to cash in during the Clash For The Cup.

3. Riverside Hawks: The Hawks lost in the final four but I think they will rebound. This disciplined squad will have to be on their game come the end of January at the Clash.

4. Playtime: The green and black made a final appearance while knocking off several squads. Now they won’t be able to snick up anyone.

5. King Street Kings: Talent is not a problem for this group but soon it has to equate to wins. I’m sure they will represent in January.

6. DC Assault: This group has a real talented bunch. Coach Perry expects nothing but the best so they should rebound. They will be at the MLK in Atlantic City which has been their lucky spot in the past.

7. NC Runnin” Rebels: The down south boys got a rude awakening at the Spotlight but now I’m sure they will return ready to go.

8. PWC: The Paterson boys won the Blue Division crown. Now they will have to travel into the Orange Bracket. But we have to give them a puncher’s chance.

9. East Coast Elite: This Delaware crew finds a way to make their presence felt. They will have a shot in January to earn some Grand Finale points.

10. NWK: The Brick City boys made it to the finals of the Blue Division. They go hard so we will be looking for them to make some noise in the future.