Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tip Off Classic Recap: 14U Top Forwards

Mustapa Herron (NYC Gauchos)

Now that we have the guards out the way we can look at some of the top forwards that put in work at the Tip Off Classic.

Tip Off Classic 14U Top Forwards

Mustapha Herron (Gauchos)- Herron proved to be worth all his praise. He’s grown a few inches since last year and might top out around 6’8 which is scary. He now has made the full transition to the wing as a legit 3 and possible two-guard. But don’t get me wrong his wing success hasn’t turned him into a prima donna; Herron still hits the boards hard and plays defense. He had a dunk and 24 points in their quarterfinal loss to F.A.C.E.S..

Sam Green (DC Assault)- Green had a monster weekend on the blocks including a 20 point performance in their finals loss to Team Scan. This kid is definitely polished as a face up power forward but will eventually convert to the wing. Green is as skilled as they come on the post.

Joe Hampton (DC Assault)- Green’s twin tower partner can be very effective when he’s getting his touches. He performed the high/low game well with Green and showed good touch. I think their guards should have been pumping him the pill a little more. We haven't seen the last of Joe and we waiting for a showout performance like last year at the AC Showcase.

Patrick Andre (Playaz)- Andre was very impressive in his Spotlight debut. The 6’6 wing stroked the trey ball like Detlef Schrempf. During the semifinals against Team Scan Patrick played big and nailed a big three to keep the Playaz within striking distance. He should be another good one in NJ’s loaded Class of 2016.

Terrell Turner (New Rens)- Turner has trimmed down and spurted up since his New Heights days. This new physique has improved his quickness and confidence. He maneuvered well along the baseline and even pats the rock on the wood a little better. He seems to have a good upside if he continues to work hard.

Patrick Strazala (St. Michaels)- Patrick was the lone bright spot for St. Michaels. He led the team in scoring including 20 points against DC Assault. He has a versatile game similar to Christian Laettner. He didn’t back down from the heavy competition. The MVP of the grammar school tourney showed he could perform on the AAU Circuit.

Rodney Miller (St. Rens)- In a few years Miller stock will start paying in. He stands 6’9 and has some scoring and rebounding ability. Right now he’s still a prospect but his size alone impacts the game on both ends. In the meantime he should work on his skills and confidence but the tools are there with this kid.

Kyle Elliot (Team Scan)- Elliot gave TS big energy minutes off the pine. He can guard multiple positions and help out on the glass. Kyle’s wingspan allows him to play the passing lanes on the press and finish off plays in transition. He’s a glue player that could help this team in the long run.

Daveyon Barnes (ETU)- Despite playing against longer defenders Barnes still finds a way to establish his position on the post and score buckets. His strong lower body allows him to box opponents under the basket. He’s a tough competitor and will contribute to the game on any level.