Friday, December 9, 2011

Inside The Tip Off Classic 12U: Is Team IZOD The Next Team Battle?

Team IZOD Ran Through The Tip Off Classic

The 12U Division was overloaded with talent. Now we will look at the inner stories of this age group. We had a first time champion and they are heavy fire power.

Team IZOD Strikes First
Team IZOD snatched up most of the players from highly successful We Run and got the job done on the first stop on the Basketball Spotlight circuit. They seem to have all the weapons with a three headed monster backcourt, developing post players and a bench. They won each game by double digits. There hasn’t been a dominant squad like this since Team Battle. That’s lofty comparisons but we will see if they can hold up.

Can Riverside Rebound?
The #4 team in the country went out in the semifinals but we can’t count the heart of a champion so we now they will battle back. The Clash For The Cup is coming at the end of January and I’m sure they will ready to go. Hopefully point guard Zedrek Farell will back off of a wrist injury.

12U All Tournament Team
Markquis Nowell (Team IZOD)
Jalen Brooks (Team IZOD)
Shelton Applewhite (Team IZOD)
Mike Watkins (Team IZOD)
Justin Winston (Team IZOD)
Daniel Klosk (New Rens)
Judah McIntyre (New Rens)
Tyrek Chambers (New Rens)
Cole Anthony (New Rens)
Nayshon Kane-Hamlet (New Rens)
Zegary Scott (Playtime)
Rob Higgins (Natural Ballers)
Kobe Price (Natural Ballers)
Twan Grier (PWC)
Duke Cameron (PWC)
Jahmir Lattimore (PWC)
Jahid Jaenkins (NWK)

Atiba Taylor (KSK)
Luther Muhammad (KSK)
Will Yarborough (KSK)
Nas Amos (Riverside Hawks)
Jake Runyon (Riverside Hawks)
Matt Mitrkos (Riverside Hawks)
Kenyon Burt (NC Runnin' Rebels)
Jaylin Parker (NC Runnin' Rebels)