Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tip Off Classic Recap: 14U Top Guards

NyRhique "La Smoove" Smith (Playaz)

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 14U Division was loaded with talent. Here’s a look at some of the top performers from this weekend. First let take a look at the guards.

Tip Off Classic 14U Top Guards

NyRhique Smith Guard (Playaz)- Many would have to agree that Smith used the Tip Off Classic as his personal playground. He averaged 27 points a contest including an eye popping 37 point game during the quarterfinals against King Street Kings. The stage was at its brightest and “La Smoove “ had his swagger jacket on. It seemed the bigger the moment the more he would deliver. He led this newly formed Playaz group to a final four and was within two points of knocking off eventual champ Team Scan. He had one of the best overall tournament outings in Spotlight history.

Devonte Green Guard (Team Scan)- Green only played on Sunday but it was good enough to help them win the crown. He has a very mature game and isn’t afraid to face the top notch competition. He looks his best when he keeps his moves simple and plays under control. He also surprised me with his sneaky athleticism. He averaged close to 18 points a contest.

Bryce Aiken Guard (Team Scan)- Aiken should be the captain of this bunch. His big game experience and defensive prowess helped them overcome a big deficit to knock off the Playaz in the semifinals. While some hit the panic button Aiken stays under control and delivers wisely. He lit the Gauchos up for 18 big points during their pool play game.

Unique McLean Guard (Team Scan)- Everyone knows he can leap but McLean has shown vast improvements in his game. He practices more patience when attacking by picking his spots. He’s added arc to his outside shot and knocks it down on a more consistent basis. He really is rounding out his game.

Anthony Cowan Guard (DC Assault)- Playing off the ball some has Cowan more comfortable with his outside shot. He’s a constant matchup problem for many two-guards trying to check him. He came up big with 15 second half points to put a stubborn KSK for good.

Alani Moore Guard (DC Assault)- Moore also stepped up big against KSK in the closing moments. He locked down on defense and grabbed several steals while converting big baskets. In the finals he seemed to run out of steam against Team Scan. But The field was grueling.

Tremont Waters Guard (CT Elite)- His squad had a tough weekend but Waters didn’t disappoint in front of the capacity crowd. He wiggled in and out of the defense while scoring and creating plays. Former NBA player and NY Legend Lloyd Daniels called him a miniature Chris Paul. He hit Team Scan for 20 markers in their loss.

Gilberto Cue Guard (New Renaissance)- Cue’s build and game is similar to former UConn great Khalid El Amin. Like El Amin Cue plays bigger than his height and loves taking the big shot. In the quarterfinal loss to Team Scan he kept things close by making some clutch buckets including treys from NBA range.

Dyaire Holt Guard (Gauchos)- Holt moon-lighted with the Gauchos and didn’t hesitate to get involved. His build and attacking style reminds me of a young Dion Waiters. When Holt’s outside shot is falling it makes very difficult to defend. His big game was a 20 point outing in their quarterfinal loss to F.A.C.E.S. .

RJ Cole Guard (F.A.C.E.S.)- Cole exploded against the Gauchos stretching the defense while draining 4 treys and finishing with 20 points. The lefty found his range from behind the arc and capitalized on the defense not rotating. Shorty got busy!

Jagan Mosley (F.A.C.E.S.)- The defensive specialist got busy on the other end of the court against DC Assault during the final four. He nailed 3 treys and helped the Killer Bees keep things close.

Wolfgang Novogratz Guard (KSK)- Wolfie has added some height to his frame which is a good for his future and I love his aggressiveness when attacking. He seems to be channeling his game to become a true point guard if so he needs to work on shot selection especially in crucial times of the game. Down the stretch running the show, protecting the rock and making great decisions should be the main priority. He had a game high of 15 points against DC Assault.

Adam Perry (KSK)- Perry got hot in their blowout win over St. Michaels. He banged home 5 treys on his way to dropping 20 points. He shows craftiness at times and loves shooting the pill.

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