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Moody Park Middle School Championship Recap: Team Delta Holds On For The Title!

Najohn Dickerson (Team Delta)

Tonight Basketball Spotlight traveled to Ewing, NJ for the Moody Park Middle School Championship. I was able to see some upcoming talent that should make an impact on the high school scene in Mercer County. In the action Team Delta defeated K & D Express 45-39 to win the championship. 

Moody Park Top Performers 

Najohn Dickerson Forward (Team Delta)- Dickerson impressed us with his rebounding and finishing touch around the basket. He also ran the floor well and nailed some big time free throws at the end of the game to secure the victory. I like the way he’s developing and the fact he’s reclassifying into the Class of 2018 will only make him a better prospect. 

Ryan Conde Forward (Team Delta)- I remember Conde from his Team NJABC and I must say he has improved his guard skills. I was really impressed with his passing skills. He was able to deliver no look passes and hit teammates cutting to the cup. Believe it or not he might have a future at the pg position. 

Kenny Jackson Forward (Team Delta)- Jackson is an energy player that doesn’t mind playing defense. I like his size and the way he can defend multiple positions. He will be a good plug for a high school in the future. 

Mark Bethea Guard (K & D Express)- Bethea provided the scoring punch for K & D. This guard got to the tin at will and was able to finish in traffic. He has good size and the strength to make the transition to the next level. He led his team in scoring with 14 points. 

Jonathan Azaroh Guard (K & D Express)- I like this kids athleticism. He has that extra gear to make things happen. He sliced through the lane and finished while also running the lane in transitions. Don’t sleep on this kid’s potential. 

Corey Ward Guard (K & D Express)- Ward is a sharp shooter that should be a good addition to TCHS in the future. He was able to create and launch some decent shots. He has good release point and touch from the perimeter.

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: Langley Twins Equal Double Trouble

Kobe and Kayshaun Langley (Carolina Preps)

When opposing coaches talk about playing against the Carolina Preps the first they mention is the twins (Kobe and Keyshaun Langley). This backcourt has led the Carolina group to this year’s National Championship and numerous final fours in the past. 

The twin’s father and coach Keyford Langley knew very early on that this duo was special.” I knew at the age 2 that they were special. They could play all sports and excelled. Later on they hooked with the late Mike Harris, a trainer that ran camps. They attended his camps and were able to perform well against older competition. They were able to shoot on 10 ft. baskets while others their age shot on 8 ft. buckets. The look in their eyes told me they wanted to be special” said Keyford. 

The Super Skillcase Returns: The Event Of The Year!

Basketball Spotlight and I’m Possible Training have joined forces to bring you the Middle School Hoops Event of the year! 

The East & West Coast Super Skillcases 

The 2013 East & West Coast Super Skillcases, directed by world renowned skills coach, Micah Lancaster, will feature the same advanced teaching and instruction that is offered at Nike skill academies and NBA workouts. Micah Lancaster has directed a Nike related training academy with Kobe Bryant and has worked with NBA players such as Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Mario Chalmers, Evan Turner, Avery Bradley, Ben McLemore and Nolan Smith along with many others. Now players, grades five through eight, will have the same opportunity as NBA, college, and high school stars to experience Micah's innovative skill training and teaching techniques. The Skillcase is designed to make every player feel like they are alone in the gym with Micah. 

Players will be brought through elite skills training in the morning and a competitive five on five game sessions in the afternoon all under the watchful eye of Mike Melton's Basketball Spotlight. Camp video highlights and player analysis will be posted on at the conclusion of the event. Through innovative NBA skills training, organized competition, and the presence of Basketball Spotlight, each player will be given the unique opportunity to "skillcase" themselves by flashing their talents, improving their skills, and showcasing their game like never before! 

I'm Possible is elevating youth players’ skills across the nation with the right training tools and innovative training methodology to help them develop a vision to reach their goals. In 2013, the 3rd Grade Central Jersey Hawks and the 6th Grade AGAME Team USA both won the West Coast AAU National Championships (Level 1) in Las Vegas. All players from both teams were trained by I'm Possible's national trainers and several also trained at the 2012 Skillcase. At all of the 2013 AAU nationals from 2nd grade through 8th grade, many of the top performers were I’m Possible trained and Skillcase alumni. 

West Coast – October 26-27, 2013, Orange County, California
East Coast – November 9-10, 2013, Atlantic City, New Jersey 

Click here for more info and to register online now! Click Here To Register

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: Top 25 Player Rankings From 6th Grade AAU Nationals

Wendell Moore (Carolina Preps)

Basketball Spotlight has compiled the Top 25 performers at the 2013 6th Grade AAU Nationals. This ranking is not our typical ranking because it’s solely based on their performance at this event. Please understand this is just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top 25 Performers 

1. Wendell Moore (Carolina Preps)- Moore production goes without saying. He’s a stat stuffer and has a motor out of this world. 

2. Balsa Kopriva (CATS)- The Russian giant was tough to deal with on this level. He can put the ball on the floor and launch treys from very deep. He was the talk early at this event. 

3. De’Vion Harmon (D Will Elite)- This kids big play ability got his team to the title game. His has that Nick Van Exel type game and swag. Keep an eye on him. 

4. Cole Anthony (New Rens)- Anthony made a huge splash on this event. His scoring ability was noticeable but how easy he made it look at times was the scary part. To Be Continued! 

5. DJ Jeffries (Memphis War Eagles)- Jeffries has enormous potential and at times showed his dominance. A better final four outing would have had him higher on this list. But you can’t complain about Top 5. 

What Did We Learn In Hampton?

The 2013 version of the 6th Grade AAU National Championship is in the books and Basketball Spotlight was happy we made the trip down. Here are a few things we learned during our trip to Hampton, VA. 

What Did We Learn In Hampton? 

There’s no I in team! 
I usually travel to the 6th Grade Nationals in search on the next crop of eye popping prospects but this year things were a little different. Instead I saw some good talent but more importantly great teams. There were a few players that I thought had a chance to be studs later on but not as many as in the past. This is not canceling out this classes potential but maybe they are more late bloomers than usual or maybe I’m still making unfair comparisons to that super Class of 2016. We shall see! 

More and More Controversy! 
Each year there are always teams being protested at the AAU Nationals. In Hampton this year a couple of teams came into question but Tennessee’s squad Each One Teach One were asked to forfeit all their pool games because of allegedly having a player out of district. The alleged player in question has carried a national name for years so I’m surprised they thought it would go unnoticed. 

Carolina Preps Has A Chance For Dynasty! 
After watching Carolina Preps I think this team has a chance to win two more National titles. First of all I think they built their personnel for the future. They have a great trio of guards including an elite shooter. They also have talented forward with a high motor. Now they must add a few more pieces to get things done next year in Memphis. I think they need two more big forwards and another point guard. One being a scorer and option on offense while the other just being a solid role player off the bench to give them rebounds and blocked shots. The back up point guard will give Keyshawn Langley a breather without moving his brother Kobe away from the wing guard spot. 

Brelsford The Real Deal! 
When I combed through the Class of 2019 rankings on various websites I always see Tyler Brelsford name in the Top 20. I’ve watched the guard play at several of my events and tournaments but this was my first look at him on the National stage. Brelsford had an impressive week in Hampton while quarterbacking his team to the Elite 8. His feel for the game, executing style and will to win make him worth those rankings he receives. I saw it firsthand. 

Cole Anthony Makes A Name! 
When the tournament started Cole Anthony was known as Greg Anthony’s son but when the week was over Greg Anthony was known as Cole Anthony’s dad. Yes Cole had the crowd singing his praise while leading New Rens over several tough squads. His biggest game was a 38 point outburst against Team Nelson. He gave the country a chance to see him have his coming out party.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

6th Grade AAU Nationals Day 5 Recap: Final Four Flow

De'Vion Harmon (D Will Elite)

The 6th Grade AAU final four took place yesterday and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. Here are the players that impressed us the most in Hampton. 

Day 5 Top Performers 

De’Vion Harmon Guard (D Will Elite)- Harmon swag was on 1000 versus Memphis War Eagles. The lefty gunned them down from deep and the mid range area. His hot shooting from the beginning of the game helped Deron Williams All Stars deliver the knockout blow. I like his bouncy game and the way he attacks defenders. 

Chris Harris Guard (D Will Elite)- Speaking of shooting this kid definitely has a ratchet. He made a living off of catching and shooting the pill from three point land. I did see that he could put the ball on the floor but why take the chance when his jumper is so wet. 

Tyrese Maxey Guard (D Will Elite)- Once Maxey started hitting long bombs it was curtains for Memphis. He has serious range and a demon in transition. He plays a lot bigger than his size. 

Wendell Moore Forward (Carolina Preps)- This kid does it all. He rebounds, passes, handles the rock, scores and will lock down guards on defense. Moore impacts the game like very few in this class. He never stops working on the post and he skies over everyone to snatch boards. His future is very bright. 

Mike Green Guard (Carolina Preps)- Green has to be the best pure shooter in this class. Once the lefty sets his feet you can put that money in the bank. He drilled All Ohio Red for four treys and a few other nifty buckets. He’s always a threat on the floor. 

 Kobe Langley Guard (Carolina Preps)- Langley is definitely one of the most exciting players to watch. He has an array of moves off the dribble that can leave defenders dizzy. He’s a pre scorer with a splash of play making ability. I can also see that his athleticism will be through the roof soon. 

Jerome Francis Guard (All Ohio Red)- Francis was a rock solid point guard all night. He used his strong frame to get where he wants on the floor and used a decent pull up to score points. 

Jordan Mitchell Guard (All Ohio Red)- I heard a lot about Mitchell and he did show me a good skill set. I would like to see him more involved at times but I guess that will come later on.

Friday, July 26, 2013

6th Grade AAU Nationals Day 4 Recap Part 2: Bracket Play Continues!

DJ Jeffries (Memphis War Eagles)

The Championship bracket play opened today and by the end of the night we will know who will be playing in the Elite 8. Here’s Part 2 of the top performers we saw today. 

Day 4 Top Performers Part 2 

DJ Jeffries Guard (Memphis War Eagles)- You this scout loves a true prospect and this kid equates to one. Jeffries stands near 6’3 but is a legit guard. He patrolled the perimeter for most of the day and was able to use his size to score over smaller defenders. He can create off the dribble and convert in the lane. He also appears to be still on the shy side so he really doesn’t understand how nice he could be which is good these days. 

Joseph Cooper Guard (Memphis War Eagles)- This point guard lives to deliver the rock. He through several half court diagonal passes that landed under the basket. He plays on a team with many hungry horses and he makes sure that they stay fed. He has the best court vision I saw down here by far. He was definitely worth the price of admissions. 

Sky Forest Guard (Memphis War Eagles)- What a name and what a game. Sky used his poise as a big guard to give Team Nelson fits. He’s big enough to take the defender anywhere he wants on the floor and can pull the pull up from anywhere on the floor. He’s definitely a solid two guard on this level. 

Balsa Koprovica Forward (Cats)- The 6’8 Russian kid was the talk of the tournament before we got our first look. He battled foul trouble but I was still able to see his unique skill level at such a young age. He has good awareness and touch stretching out to the three point line. He will be a big name in this class for years to come. 

Max Demeus Guard (Cats)- Demeus held it down for the Cats while the big guy was out during their loss to ETU. The lefty is a crafty scorer with enough strength and skill to get into the lane. He also launched several three trey balls that kept the game close. 

Tyrese Jenkins Forward (ETU Select)- Big time players make big time shots and Jenkins hit a jumper in the closing seconds from the corner that sent ETU to the Elite 8. He also spent much of the day trying to keep the big guy Koprovica in check which is a very tall order. 

Cole Anthony Guard (New Rens)- Anthony had one more trick up his sleeve against Tennessee Legends before losing to Carolina Preps. He battled foul trouble but was still able to score the pill when it mattered to help his team advance to the Sweet 16. In this event he really showed he was ready for the big stage. 

Jalen Smith Guard (New Rens)- This pint size guard was a major reason their squad played in the Sweet 16. He was inserted when Anthony sat down with foul trouble and used his speed to pressure the rock. His defense changed the entire pace of the game and brought some time before Anthony returned. 

Coming Tomorrow: Coverage Of The Elite 8 and recaps from teams such as Carolina Preps, All Ohio Red and Deron Williams All Stars.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Day 4 Recap Part 1: Bracket Play Begins

Tyler Brelsford (ETU Select)

The Championship bracket play opened today and by the end of the night we will know who will be playing in the Elite 8. Here’s Part 1 of the top performers we saw today. 

Day 4 Top Performers Part 1 

Tyler Brelsford Guard (ETU Select)- They say point guards are judged by wins and Brelsford has guided his boys into the Sweet 16. The savvy floor general picked up his play in the second half against regional rival DC Assault. He used his penetration style to drive, draw and dish the rock to waiting finishers. He finished the game with 13 points and 7 dimes. He has been impressive in each outing I watched. 

Terrance Williams Forward (ETU Select)- Williams played his best game today from my eyes. He established position inside and rolled to the basket as Brelsford penetrated. He showed good hands and touch after receiving the rock. He needs to play with this same energy if they expect to advance. 

Tyrese Jenkins Forward (ETU Select)- ETU’s other forward played good on the weak side. He crashed the glass while collecting 11 rebounds while also getting involved with the scoring (10 points). His size and play will also be a factor later in the tournament. 

Dajuan Piper Guard (Metro Flyers)- The Flyers struggled to score until Piper picked things up in the second half. He used his good body control to draw contact and still finish. He rallied off some quick buckets that helped the Metro boys take home the victory. In the future I would love for him to add a pull up jumper to his arsenal. 

Daniel Rodriquez Forward (Metro Flyers)- After struggling to finish early the big fella came up big in the end. He kept the rock alive on the offensive boards and had a key put back to help them preserve the victory. 

Mikeal Jones Forward (Team Nelson)- Jones saved his best play for the 4th quarter in their dog fight versus Team IZOD. He commanded the rock on the baseline and contributed once he touched the pill. His agility separates him from most of his peers. He delivered when they needed him most. 

Mark Bradshaw Guard (Team Nelson)- After having a tough day from the perimeter Bradshaw hit one of the biggest shots in his young career. With time expiring in regulation he nailed a trey ball at the buzzer to give them the 3 point victory over rival Team IZOD. It’s the shot of the tourney thus far. 

John McGriff Guard (DC Assault)- DCA gave ETU all they could handle most of the game and McGriff was one of the main reasons. The flashy southpaw point guard was impossible to keep out of the lane. Once he got in he used his floater and court vision to make a difference. It seems like DCA has another top pg on the way. 

Mike Sumner Guard (DC Assault)- Sumner looked good playing alongside McGriff. He’s a combo now but probably will move over to the point in the future. He already has the toughness DCA guards are known for. 

Marc Bruce Forward (Team IZOD)- Bruce steady play helped IZOD keep things close. He hit a few outside shots and converted in the paint. He needs to get a little quicker off the bounce but I love his basketball IQ. 

Cameron Jackson Forward (Upstate Warriors)- Jackson showed the ability to finish in transition and rebound like a grown man. He has a noise for the ball and tracked down several caroms out of position. He’s a good energy player that can guard multiple positions. Jay 

Jay Lagroon Forward (Upstate Warriors)- At first glance I thought Lagroon was a post player but once he handled the rock his versatility stood out. He made things very difficult for the Metro Flyers forwards to keep up with him. He’s a name to know from South Carolina. 

Quinton Johnson Guard (Upstate Warriors)- The gutsy guard is the heart and soul of this squad. He handles the point but will also take a deep three if left open. He plays with the heart of a lion and his energy rubs off on his teammates.

Harge Breaking Down Defenders


Rising 8th Grader Damon Harge Jr. plays on the 9th Grade circuit with the Juice All Stars (North Carolina). That still didn’t stop him from giving us some impressive highlights. Some call him a Youtube sensation but when looking at the film you can’t deny his instincts. Young boy has game!

AGAME Team USA Select Wins West Coast National Championship

AGAME Team USA Select

Some of Basketball Spotlight's 6th grade stars joined forces as the AGAME Team USA Select and headed to Las Vegas to take on the west coast's finest. The AGAME Team USA Select defeated the I-10 Celtics from Arizona/California in the championship game to bring home the AAU West Coast National Championship. 

The team is coached by Brian Klatsky and Kevin Hynes. 

Roster: AJ Hoggard - PA, Jalen Gaffney - NJ, Bryan Antoine - NJ, Alex Klatsky - NJ, Tariq Ingraham - DE, Darrien Dalcourt - MD, Chris Autino - NJ, Stephen Lubischer - NJ, Jordan Montgomery - California Terrence Williams - DC, Mj Wright - NJ.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

6th Grade AAU Nationals Day 3 Top Performers: Anthony Does It Again!

Cole Anthony (New Rens)

The 3rd day of 6th Grade AAU Nationals took place in Hampton, VA. Today we saw some great games and here’s our Day 3 top performers report. 

Day 3 Top Performers 

Cole Anthony Guard (New Rens)- Yes, Cole Anthony did it again. The combo guard hit up a pesky Expressions squad for 28 points in their victory. Once again he torched the competition from all three levels (three point range, mid range and at the rim). I noticed today that he really understands how to move without the ball. This takes his ability to score to another level. 

Brandon Sance Guard (New Rens)- This tough guard got after it on the defensive end. He plucked a few steals and played the passing lanes well on the press. On offense he scored in traffic and surprisingly was a big rebounder. 

Brian Hall Forward (New Rens)- Hall is definitely more prospect than player right now. He’s very energetic but does get out of control at times. His potential size and aggressiveness shows that he has some good days on the horizon. 

Judah McIntyre Guard (New Rens)- McIntyre had a better day handling the pill. He made sure Anthony got the rock when needed and even nailed a big trey himself to give the Rens some breathing room. 

Dyondre Dominquez Forward (Expressions)- Speaking of prospects this kid might be the best rising 7th Grader in the New England region. The lefty does need skill development but he can make a layup and registered many of them today. I also see that he doesn’t mind shooting from long range. Now he must work on footwork and ball handling. But remember this name. 

Amir Spears Guard (Expressions)- Spears is an exciting guard off the bounce and loves using the crossover dribble to get into the lane. His style does cause him to take many chances with the rock which gets him in trouble at times. As he matures he will be able to pick his spots to attack. I also like that he isn’t afraid of the stage or big moment. 

Deveon Ford Guard (Expressions)- Many players don’t get praise for defense and hustling but this kid deserves some ink. He guarded multiple positions on the floor and even hit the boards with the big boys. 

Gerald Mungo Guard (Chick Webb)- It looks like the Baltimore area has another nice guard with this kid. He has nice size and a mean pull up. I like his poise and posture on the floor. The game seems to come very easy for this kid. Keep an eye on him. 

Juwan Gary Forward (SC Hornets)- Gary had an up and down today emotionally but you can see his talent. He rebounds well, runs the floor and can finish. When motivated he plays the game with a lot of energy and effectiveness. 

Trevon Alderman Guard (Team IZOD)- Alderman was an excellent addition to this squad. He plays his best in the open floor because he has quickness and can change direction on a dime. His scoring prowess will be needed to tomorrow as the take on familiar foe Team Nelson. 

Jalen Gaffney Guard (Team IZOD)- After getting banged up a little Gaffney came up big down the stretch. He broke away from the defense for a few buckets that helped IZOD secure the victory. He showed he could finish after contact. 

Tariq Ingraham Forward (Team IZOD)- The big fella came in off the bench and was productive. He got a couple of putbacks and scored off of feeds from the high post. He knows his role and played it well. 

Tracy Bowers Forward (Team IZOD)- Bowers cashed on the press break early. He leaked behind the defense and scored buckets after the rock was advanced up the floor. He also did his usual job of rebounding and playing defense.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6th Grade AAU Nationals: Day 2 Top Performers

Cole Anthony (Rens)

Basketball Spotlight spent the first part of today watching some great games at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals. Here’s a breakdown of the players that impressed us with their play early on. 

Day 2 Top Performers 

Cole Anthony Guard (New Rens)- It will be very difficult for anyone to top Cole Anthony performance today. The combo guard simply put Rens on his back and carried them past Team Nelson. Anthony pumped in 38 points including 3 treys and made things look very easy while he was breaking down TN’s defense. He displayed a first step that many 8th Graders would be jealous of. He showed tremendous body and court awareness while doing damage. I really enjoyed his one hand floater while driving the baseline. His performance reminded me of the  what Rakym “The Bed Stuy Bully” did to DC Assault two years ago. 

Judah McIntyre Guard (New Rens)- Early on Judah had a tough time breaking down the Team Nelson's defense. But the experienced point guard kept his head and really stepped up big from the charity stripe to help his team secure the victory. He drained four free throws in the closing seconds as Anthony had fouled out. 

Mikeal Jones Forward (Team Nelson)- Jones let the national stage see what we saw regionally all year. The rebounding machine ate the glass and scored from various spots in the paint. He battled hard and tried to carry his team to the victory. His showed some good footwork and the fact that once he gets stronger he might be virtually unstoppable. 

Dontae Scott Forward (Team Nelson)- Scott continues to show some development while handling the ball. I like his soft touch in the lane and his willingness to hit the glass. He does get out of control with handling sometimes and is very emotional on the floor. But this just shows that he’s only a 6th Grader and has time to grow. 

Kasim Tolliver Guard (Team Nelson)- Tolliver has an old soul and plays with that poise on the floor. His on the ball defense gave Rens problems early and Team Nelson’s offense flows a lot better when he is on the floor. He’s definitely a throwback point guard. 

Tyler Brelsford Guard (ETU Select)- Tyler has to be one of the smartest point guards in the country. Today he made some big passes and shots as ETU squeaked out a tough victory over College Park Xpress. He surveys the floor like a surgeon and will stick the dagger in you with a deep trey. Once his body develops he will be a major problem on the next level. He tallied 18 points and 9 dimes today. 

Tyrese Jenkins Forward (ETU Select)- At times Jenkins will wander to the perimeter but when things got tight today he scored some buckets near the rim. Brelsford was able to drop off a few dimes to him when the defense collapsed. He also was able to get a few follow up buckets. He finished with 18 points and 8 boards.

Jaqwon Lloyd Guard (College Park Xpress)- ETU had a tough game and Lloyd was one of the major reasons. He had the trey ball falling and squeezed through the defense for buckets. He still doesn’t have full control of his body which is a good for his upside. I think he will be a player to watch from the Atlanta area. 

Jalil Melvin Guard (College Park Xpress)- Melvin is a hardnosed point guard that helped his team make a push in the second half. He has the knack to penetrate and make things happen. He has the toughness to be a good guard down the road. 

Ahsan Hulland EL Forward (Metro Flyers)- Hulland El was too much on the glass for their opponents. He just keeps moving and battling at all times. He also has the baseline jumper to help him keep the defense honest.

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive Coverage Of The 6th Grade AAU Nationals Begins Today

Vacation is over and today Basketball Spotlight will be attending the 6th Grade AAU Nationals in Hampton, VA. We will be reporting on regional games today. So be prepared to read about some of the players that you have seen on the Spotlight circuit as well as some possible new faces. Below is a schedule of games we will be watching: 

12:40 PM- Metro Flyers vs. Georgia Red Storm & ETU Select vs. College Park Xpress 2:00 PM- Team Nelson vs. New Rens & Team IZOD vs. SC Raptors Elite 
4:40 PM- New Heights vs. Reach Higher Kings 
6:00 PM- Team Takeover vs. 6th Man Warriors

Baucum Brings His Game To JEM ALL STAR CLASSIC (7TH GRADE)


D’Marco Baucum of DC Assault will be making an appearance at the J.E.M. All Star Classic 7th Grade Game. Baucum starred with DC Assault during the season and displayed top play ability at moments. On August 17th he will have his game on full display at Trenton Catholic High School. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight bring you more top players that are playing in this exclusive event.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Taylor Taking His Game To J.E.M. ALL STAR CLASSIC (7TH GRADE)

Atiba Taylor (Team IZOD)

This year Atiba Taylor proved he was one of the best point guards in America. He quarterbacked the “Supreme Team” to the Grand Finale championship and a #2 finish at the AAU 7th Grade Nationals. His play earned him a spot in the 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic 7th Grade game. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight bring you more top players that will be attending this event.


Spotlight Flashback: J.E.M. ALL STAR CLASSIC (CLASS OF 2015)


The 2nd Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic brought fire to Life Center Academy in Burlington, NJ. This event featured the Class of 2015 stars including Isaiah Briscoe, Karl Towns and others. The 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 17th at Trenton Catholic High School. Come out and support this exclusive event.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Prince" Reddish Ready For J.E.M. ALL STAR CLASSIC (7th Grade)

Cameron Reddish (Team Final)

Cameron Reddish of Team Final has been selected to play in the 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic 7th Grade Game. Reddish made his name known on the Spotlight circuit especially during the MDC while helping Team Final reach the championship game. The 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 17th at Trenton Catholic High School. Stay tuned as we bring you more top players headed to this exclusive event. 


Prentiss Hubb Prime For J.E.M. All Star Classic (7th Grade)

Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)

Prentiss Hubb is a national name to know on DC Assault 7th Grade team. Hubb starred this year at the AC Showcase and helped DC Assault finish #5 in the country. His play earned his a spot in the 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic 7th Grade Game. The J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 17th at Trenton Catholic High School. Stay tuned as we bring you more top players that will be invited to this exclusive event. 


Spotlight Flashback: Inaugural J.E.M. ALL STAR CLASSIC (2010)


The Inaugural J.E.M. All Star Classic took place in 2010 at St. Benedicts Prep in Newark, NJ. This event featured the region’s top players from the Class of 2014 including current national top 10 talent Isaiah Whitehead. The 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic will take place August 17th at Trenton Catholic High School. Don’t miss the action.

Diary Of A Baller: Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin (Hartford, CT) Entry #5

Hey Spotlight! 

This week was pretty exciting because we are getting ready for Live Period. Best time of the year for me. I'm playing 15u and 16u during July. Gotta lot to prove this summer. 

I wanna give a shout out to Nate Pierre-Louis for getting his first D1 offer. He's a great scorer and a great competitor. I know he will get a lot more. It makes me happy when I see the guys who I play against do well. It kinda makes me feel like I know I'm on the right track! 

I also wanna say good luck to all the 8th grade teams heading down to Florida for Nationals. IZOD, Expressions, Milbank, Final, DC Assault and New Heights are all the teams that we've played that I know will do good down there. I miss playing with that group of players. Nationals is always a great experience. I always live the experience of playing a game, then walking over to the next court and watching the team you might play later! You get to learn a lot by watching other great players. 

I earned a lot of respect in the class of 2017. But now it's like I'm starting all over by playing with 2016. Those guys don't care what I've accomplished. So I have to earn their respect the same way I did in my own class. 

I've been watching all the NBA Summer League games and watching the point guards. I've been most impressed with Reggie Jackson, Michael Carter-Williams & Trey Burke. I always watch PG's to see how to run a team. 

These last few weeks have been very boring because we just been practicing for live period. My next diary will finally be about us playing again. I can't wait to have something more to talk to y'all about! 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Skillcase Returns This Fall!

The best exposure event ever returns for the 2013 season. The Super Skillcase featuring Micah Lancaster and Basketball Spotlight has released the new dates. These events are sure to sell out so make sure you reserve a spot early. The Super Skillcase is the only event that brings you supreme training and exposure at a maximum level. 

• West Coast Super Skillcase October 26-27, 2013 (Los Angeles, CA) 
• East Coast Super Skillcase November 9-10, 2013 (Atlantic City, NJ)  

Click Here To Register

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Star Ledger Explores Reclassification!

Isaiah Briscoe Class of 2015

The reclassifying topic has been big in the world of youth basketball for years. Yesterday the Star Ledger released a story featuring some of the top high players in the region and how reclassifying affected their stock. Check out the story below. Great insight! 
Reclassifying Story

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sexton Selected For J.E.M. All Star Classic (7th Grade)

Armoni Sexton (Playaz)

Armoni "Live Wire" Sexton showed his special talent during the MDC by winning the Mr. Memorial Day Award while leading the Playaz to the title. His played earned him an invite to the 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic. Sexton will play in the 7th Grade game in this event and showed give us a show. Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight bring you more players that are invited to this exclusive event.


Movie Trailer For "At All Cost"


Basketball Spotlight loves bringing you new exciting news. I just received this movie trailer for “At All Cost”. The movie gives you an inside look into the big business of amateur basketball including recruitment, AAU scene, sneaker companies, camps etc. while following the lives of several youngsters. I definitely will be taking a look at this film. It reminds of the book Sole Influence.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Donovan Toatley Coming To J.E.M. All Star Classic (7th Grade)

 Donovan Toatley (Team Takeover)

Donovan Toatley one of the most exciting guards in the region will be participating in the 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic in the 7th Grade game. Toatley has dazzled crowds his entire career throughout the country. He rocked with Team Takeover during the Spotlight events and gave us plenty to write about. Stay tuned as we bring you more top youngsters participating in this event on August 17th.


Thursday, July 4, 2013



The J.E.M. All Star Classic is going into its fourth year and has become the biggest middle school all star event on the East Coast. This year we are asking for your support to continued this success of this event and keep her memory alive. We have set up page to collect donations to support this event. All donations will be used towards this event and a scholarship award in her name. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you at the 4th Annual J.E.M. All Star Classic in August.  



Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: Nate Pierre Louis Receives Scholarship Offer

 Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis

Rising 9th Nate Pierre Louis of Plainfield, NJ has been offered a basketball scholarship to Rutgers University. Pierre Louis has been starring on the Spotlight circuit for several years and has twice won Player Of The Year. He is currently rated as one of the top guards in the Class of 2017 and will be attending St. Peters Prep next fall. 

Pierre Louis is happy but also remains humble about the offer. “I would like to thank Rutgers University and Coach Jordan for offering me an official scholarship this week. I also would like to thank Coach Deck of St. Peters Prep for believing in me as an incoming freshman. This is such a humbling experience and it’s pushing me even more to stay “Humble and Hungry”. I have to become the man and player everyone believes that I can become. Thank God I have four years to do so. I’m just a freshman” said Nate. 

Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate Nate and his family on this awesome news. Just stay focused and remember this is just the beginning. 


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin (Hartford, CT) Entry # 4

What's up y'all! This was a long boring week because we are still just practicing and waiting for Live Period to start. Me and a few of my boys have season passes to Six Flags so we been up there a few times. I was riding one of those crazy rides and my phone fell out my pocket! So I feel lost without my iPhone. We looked for it for a long time, but we couldn't find it. That was the biggest thing that happened this week. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

What Did We Learn In Memphis?

The AAU 7th Grade Nationals are in the books and Basketball Spotlight took in the experience. Here are some of the interesting things went learned from our trip to Memphis. 

What Did We Learn In Memphis? 

Guards Do Win Games! 
The old saying that guards win games on the amateur basketball level was in full effect this weekend. Team IZOD guards played the most dominant until they reached the finals against Georgia United trio (Williams, Anderson and Lewis). The guards from Atlanta scored 54 of their teams 64 points to carry them to the championship. 

Single Court Facilities Thumbs Down! 
I believe having a single court for every game site took away from the atmosphere of this event. When you think of a national tournament you think of walking into a facility with games going on everywhere. It doesn’t make things easy for coaches, parents or scouts. I wish every event was in Boo Williams Center. 

Good Help Hard To Find! 
I watched three high level games in which the scores table made major errors that had impacts on the game. One of those games was DC Assault versus We All Can Go All Stars. The scorer not only gave WACG an extra two points but they also took away two points from DCA. Therefore it was really a 4 point turnaround. This error impacted the game the rest of the way. 

Class 2018 Still Developing! 
On a national scale the Class of 2018 is still developing. Looking at the last few years I can say they don’t come close to the Class of 2016 (many don’t) and their comparison to Class of 2017 is still up in the air. I will have to wait and see how their prospects look at the spring of next year.

AAU 7th Grade Nationals Championship Game Top Performers

Jamie Lewis (Georgia United)

Georgia United took home the title and we saw some impressive players during the finals. Here are the top performers we saw in the championship game. 

AAU Nationals 7th Grade Championship Top Performers 

Jamie Lewis Guard (Georgia United)- Lewis was added to the roster for the trip and the hired gun was just too much. He used a crafty handle and unique scoring ability to break through the IZOD defense. During the final moments he drained a big trey from the corner and a three point play the old fashioned that put the game away. He finished with a game high 23 points. 

Corderius Hastings Guard (Georgia United)- Hastings was a total bully on both ends of the floor. He forced the IZOD guards into several turnovers by turning them and ripping away the rock. On offense he broke down defenders while using the high screen. He also knocked down some big shots and finished with 17 points. He was tough to contain. 

Travis Anderson Guard (Georgia United)- The combo guard started the game off with two big treys. He played well off the penetration skills of Hastings and Lewis. Even during transition he was smart enough to go to the corner and get ready to receive the pill. On defense he joined the trapping Georgia United hounds as they forced numerous turnovers. 

Nazi Reid Forward (Team IZOD)- I left Memphis knowing that Reid has to be at least a Top 5 player in his class. This week he took his game to an entirely new level. He was very aggressive on the offensive end and was a dunking machine. He also extended his range out to the 3 point line. On defense he was just as dominate in terms of shot blocking and averaging close to 20 rebounds a game. He also has the ability to stay out of foul trouble which is impressive for a big forward so young.