Thursday, July 11, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin (Hartford, CT) Entry #5

Hey Spotlight! 

This week was pretty exciting because we are getting ready for Live Period. Best time of the year for me. I'm playing 15u and 16u during July. Gotta lot to prove this summer. 

I wanna give a shout out to Nate Pierre-Louis for getting his first D1 offer. He's a great scorer and a great competitor. I know he will get a lot more. It makes me happy when I see the guys who I play against do well. It kinda makes me feel like I know I'm on the right track! 

I also wanna say good luck to all the 8th grade teams heading down to Florida for Nationals. IZOD, Expressions, Milbank, Final, DC Assault and New Heights are all the teams that we've played that I know will do good down there. I miss playing with that group of players. Nationals is always a great experience. I always live the experience of playing a game, then walking over to the next court and watching the team you might play later! You get to learn a lot by watching other great players. 

I earned a lot of respect in the class of 2017. But now it's like I'm starting all over by playing with 2016. Those guys don't care what I've accomplished. So I have to earn their respect the same way I did in my own class. 

I've been watching all the NBA Summer League games and watching the point guards. I've been most impressed with Reggie Jackson, Michael Carter-Williams & Trey Burke. I always watch PG's to see how to run a team. 

These last few weeks have been very boring because we just been practicing for live period. My next diary will finally be about us playing again. I can't wait to have something more to talk to y'all about!