Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin (Hartford, CT) Entry # 4

What's up y'all! This was a long boring week because we are still just practicing and waiting for Live Period to start. Me and a few of my boys have season passes to Six Flags so we been up there a few times. I was riding one of those crazy rides and my phone fell out my pocket! So I feel lost without my iPhone. We looked for it for a long time, but we couldn't find it. That was the biggest thing that happened this week. 

I wanna say congrats to Team IZOD aka The Supreme Team for making it to the national championship game. Even though they didnt win it all, that's still a big thing for them to make it that far. They have some really good players that I know will be on a national level for the next few years. So shout out to Atiba, Luther, Javon & Naz. I respect what they did as a team. They coulda stayed on separate teams, but they decided to come together and be bigger...just like we did. I hope they are able to get thru 8th grade year without losing players because of selfishness. They remind me of how The Money Team used to be before we let other people tear us apart. Coach Reg always says the adults are more childish than the kids when it comes to AAU basketball. 

On another note, this was the first year I really sat and paid close attention to the NBA draft. I could see myself and my brother and a few of my other CBC bros getting drafted someday. Right now that's far away, but I know with hard work, we can make it happen. We gotta stay around the right people and listen to the right people. This week we saw a bad example of what can happen when you don't separate yourself from the wrong crowd. Aaron Hernandez from the New England Patriots used to play for CBC. He was a great basketball player. He had his future all set but still hung with the wrong kinda people. In life you gotta learn from good examples and also from bad ones. What Aaron Hernandez is going thru is a lesson for all of my CBC brothers, and also for you guys reading this. Be grateful for what you have because you can lose it. Also never think that once you get to the NBA or NFL that you can just stop doing what got you there. Because someone is always out to see you fail. See y'all next week with 4th of July details! Peace.