Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Did We Learn In Hampton?

The 2013 version of the 6th Grade AAU National Championship is in the books and Basketball Spotlight was happy we made the trip down. Here are a few things we learned during our trip to Hampton, VA. 

What Did We Learn In Hampton? 

There’s no I in team! 
I usually travel to the 6th Grade Nationals in search on the next crop of eye popping prospects but this year things were a little different. Instead I saw some good talent but more importantly great teams. There were a few players that I thought had a chance to be studs later on but not as many as in the past. This is not canceling out this classes potential but maybe they are more late bloomers than usual or maybe I’m still making unfair comparisons to that super Class of 2016. We shall see! 

More and More Controversy! 
Each year there are always teams being protested at the AAU Nationals. In Hampton this year a couple of teams came into question but Tennessee’s squad Each One Teach One were asked to forfeit all their pool games because of allegedly having a player out of district. The alleged player in question has carried a national name for years so I’m surprised they thought it would go unnoticed. 

Carolina Preps Has A Chance For Dynasty! 
After watching Carolina Preps I think this team has a chance to win two more National titles. First of all I think they built their personnel for the future. They have a great trio of guards including an elite shooter. They also have talented forward with a high motor. Now they must add a few more pieces to get things done next year in Memphis. I think they need two more big forwards and another point guard. One being a scorer and option on offense while the other just being a solid role player off the bench to give them rebounds and blocked shots. The back up point guard will give Keyshawn Langley a breather without moving his brother Kobe away from the wing guard spot. 

Brelsford The Real Deal! 
When I combed through the Class of 2019 rankings on various websites I always see Tyler Brelsford name in the Top 20. I’ve watched the guard play at several of my events and tournaments but this was my first look at him on the National stage. Brelsford had an impressive week in Hampton while quarterbacking his team to the Elite 8. His feel for the game, executing style and will to win make him worth those rankings he receives. I saw it firsthand. 

Cole Anthony Makes A Name! 
When the tournament started Cole Anthony was known as Greg Anthony’s son but when the week was over Greg Anthony was known as Cole Anthony’s dad. Yes Cole had the crowd singing his praise while leading New Rens over several tough squads. His biggest game was a 38 point outburst against Team Nelson. He gave the country a chance to see him have his coming out party.