Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6th Grade AAU Nationals: Day 2 Top Performers

Cole Anthony (Rens)

Basketball Spotlight spent the first part of today watching some great games at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals. Here’s a breakdown of the players that impressed us with their play early on. 

Day 2 Top Performers 

Cole Anthony Guard (New Rens)- It will be very difficult for anyone to top Cole Anthony performance today. The combo guard simply put Rens on his back and carried them past Team Nelson. Anthony pumped in 38 points including 3 treys and made things look very easy while he was breaking down TN’s defense. He displayed a first step that many 8th Graders would be jealous of. He showed tremendous body and court awareness while doing damage. I really enjoyed his one hand floater while driving the baseline. His performance reminded me of the  what Rakym “The Bed Stuy Bully” did to DC Assault two years ago. 

Judah McIntyre Guard (New Rens)- Early on Judah had a tough time breaking down the Team Nelson's defense. But the experienced point guard kept his head and really stepped up big from the charity stripe to help his team secure the victory. He drained four free throws in the closing seconds as Anthony had fouled out. 

Mikeal Jones Forward (Team Nelson)- Jones let the national stage see what we saw regionally all year. The rebounding machine ate the glass and scored from various spots in the paint. He battled hard and tried to carry his team to the victory. His showed some good footwork and the fact that once he gets stronger he might be virtually unstoppable. 

Dontae Scott Forward (Team Nelson)- Scott continues to show some development while handling the ball. I like his soft touch in the lane and his willingness to hit the glass. He does get out of control with handling sometimes and is very emotional on the floor. But this just shows that he’s only a 6th Grader and has time to grow. 

Kasim Tolliver Guard (Team Nelson)- Tolliver has an old soul and plays with that poise on the floor. His on the ball defense gave Rens problems early and Team Nelson’s offense flows a lot better when he is on the floor. He’s definitely a throwback point guard. 

Tyler Brelsford Guard (ETU Select)- Tyler has to be one of the smartest point guards in the country. Today he made some big passes and shots as ETU squeaked out a tough victory over College Park Xpress. He surveys the floor like a surgeon and will stick the dagger in you with a deep trey. Once his body develops he will be a major problem on the next level. He tallied 18 points and 9 dimes today. 

Tyrese Jenkins Forward (ETU Select)- At times Jenkins will wander to the perimeter but when things got tight today he scored some buckets near the rim. Brelsford was able to drop off a few dimes to him when the defense collapsed. He also was able to get a few follow up buckets. He finished with 18 points and 8 boards.

Jaqwon Lloyd Guard (College Park Xpress)- ETU had a tough game and Lloyd was one of the major reasons. He had the trey ball falling and squeezed through the defense for buckets. He still doesn’t have full control of his body which is a good for his upside. I think he will be a player to watch from the Atlanta area. 

Jalil Melvin Guard (College Park Xpress)- Melvin is a hardnosed point guard that helped his team make a push in the second half. He has the knack to penetrate and make things happen. He has the toughness to be a good guard down the road. 

Ahsan Hulland EL Forward (Metro Flyers)- Hulland El was too much on the glass for their opponents. He just keeps moving and battling at all times. He also has the baseline jumper to help him keep the defense honest.