Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gym Rat Midnight Madness All American Game

The Gym Rat Midnight Madness All American Games returns to the New Jersey Saturday September 20 at Cherry Hill East High School. This event will feature some of the top high school and grammar school players in the country. Basketball Spotlight will be on hand to cover the grammar school section of this event. The event coordinators are looking for some top grammar school players for this event. Players thru 5th – 8th grades that feel they should be in this event need to contact Vince Jackson at 856-383-2798 or

Event: Gym Rat Midnight Madness All American Game

Date: September 20th 2008

Place: Cherry Hill East High School

Game Times:

2:00PM- Baby Ballers (5th-6th Graders)
3:00PM- Middle School Ballers (7th-8th Graders)
4:00PM- Future Stars (9th-10th Graders)
5:00PM- Elite Game (11th-12th Graders)
6:00PM- Best of the Best Game
7:00PM- Junior All American Game
8:00PM- All American Game

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Video Profile: Kyle Anderson

Name: Kyle Anderson

AAU Team: Long Island Lightning, Playaz

Height: 6’6

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2012

Breakdown: That’s right you read it right 6’6 point guard. What’s else needs to be said? Mr. Diary went out with a bang winning the 15U Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas and the 14 and Under National title. He gets it done on the floor in various ways and should be a joy to watch the next few years at Paterson Catholic. We decided to let him go out with a bang check out his exclusive highlights from the 14 and Under Nationals. Remember where you saw it first.

Kyle Anderson Video Highlights

Friday, August 29, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Video Profile: Alonzo Trier

Name: Alonzo Trier
AAU Team: Seattle Rotary
Position: Point Guard
Height: 5’5
Hometown: Federal Way, Washington
Class: 2014

Breakdown: Trier is rated as the #1 player in the country by several websites. This guard is extremely talented and puts on a show when he’s on the floor. He has a flashy handle, good court vision and deep range on his jump shot. At the Jr. All American Camp and Adidas Phenom Camp Alonzo demonstrated this talent and proved to be too much to deal with. This kid has a chance to be a special player in the future. You will be seeing his name on here many times in the near future. Check out his highlights.

Trier's Video Highlights

Player Videos can be email to

Basketball Spotlight Video Profile: Romello Chapman

Name: Romello Chapman
AAU Team: Aim High
Height: 5'3
Position: Combo Guard
Class: 2013

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Breakdown: Excellent Student, 3.5 GPA. Made the schools 8th grade team as a 7th grader won league championship undefeated season. Top player award at LMU Summer Basketball camp he was 10 in the 13 yr old division. Won 2 YMCA Jr. Laker championship (4 30 pt games). Excellent ball handler, nice touch and deadly outside shooter . Romello is quick on defense but can use some improvement in the footwork department. He also gets a little emotional on the floor which can be expected when a player is this young.

Chapmans Video Highlights

Player Videos can be email to

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Video Profile: AJ Cabbagestalk

Name: AJ Cabbagestalk
Class: 2014
Hometown: Columbia, SC
AAU Team: South Carolina Elite
Height: 5-4
Position: PG/SG

Evaluation: The smooth combo guard played for several AAU Teams in the Washington, DC Area before moving to Columbia, SC and settling with the South Carolina Elite. While playing with SC Elite AJ piled up many awards including the MVP of the Above the Rim Tourney, All Tournament of the Above the Rim Tourney, Ball Handler Award at the Advantage Basketball Camp and MVP of the University of South Carolina Basketball Camp. Basketball Spotlight will be keeping an eye on AJ to check his progress. Check out his highlight video.

AJ Cabbagestalk Video Highlights

Player Videos can be email to

Basketball Spotlight Joins Hoop Group Jr. Elite Tour

Basketball Spotlight will be joining the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Tour. The tour will make several stops this fall and Basketball Spotlight will be providing coverage for these events. If you are a budding grammar school star and want to get noticed pick one of the sites and make sure you are in the building. We will be watching!

Here’s a breakdown of the tour stops:
Northern Virginia: September 12th at Hoop Magic Complex, Chantilly (VA)
New England Area: September 12th at Boston University, Boston (MA)
Philadelphia: October 3rd at Germantown Academy, Ft. Washington (PA)
New Jersey: October 12th at Rebounds, Neptune (NJ)
New York: TBA

For More Information or to register log on to the Jr. Elite tour website.
Hoop Group Jr. Elite

Danny Hurley and Gene Allen Skills Camp

1st Annual

Danny Hurley & Gene Allen

Skills and Drills
2 Day Basketball Camp

Boys and Girls are welcomed
Ages 8-18

October 18-19, 2008

Atlantic City High School
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Time: 9 am – 1 pm
Cost: $125

For More Information:
Or visit

Space is Limited!!

Send Checks and Money Orders in c/o
Eugene Allen
P.O. Box 7566
Atlantic City, NJ 08404

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Melton's Mailbag 8/27/08

As you know through our polls we at Basketball Spotlight like to have the fan input. We decided to take it to another level. We have developed the Melton’s Mailbag. The Melton Mailbag will contain 4 questions from you the fans that we will post and answer on our page. We will pick the four questions we feel are the best for that week.

Chris From Massachusetts:
Mike I’m a coach for a new 12U team and I’m looking for some good tournaments to go to can you help me out and give me some suggestions?

MM: Chris we will making a list of hot tournaments that we recommend on our website in September. These are the tournaments that we feel will be worth your money in terms of competition and organization.

Sarah From Yardley Wrote:
Mike how good was the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp? I’m looking to send my son to a few camps next year and mostly all of them promote the same things. Can you give me some insight on their camp?

MM: Sarah the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp was a joy to cover because they made it convenient for the campers, coaches and media. They had good facilities and instructional coaches for their camp. It was very organized and seemed to keep the players busy throughout the day.

Shawn From Ohio:
Mike is the MDC the only tournament you guys will be hosting this year? Because we are really trying to get out there but Memorial Weekend might be tough. Are you hosting any other’s

MM: Shawn Basketball Spotlight will be hosting 3 tournaments this year. We will be having a Christmas Tournament December 26th -28th , Atlantic City Super Showcase March 21st and 22nd and of course the MDC on May 22nd-24th.

Sabree From Newark:
Mike in your 10U rankings if F.A.C.E.S finished ranked in the country at #15 how did Team Battle finish ranked ahead of them in your rankings?

MM: Sabree good question, Team Battle finished ranked ahead because our rankings are a compilation of your entire year. Team Battle won all the big tri-state tournaments and defeated F.A.C.E.S twice head to head in big games. Therefore I had to give them the nod.

Basketball Spotlight Summer Camp Report: Class 2013

Jubri Adedkaya (Tinsley Park, IL)

Basketball Spotlight has the privilege of covering some of the top young camps in the country. We decided to end the summer with our top performers we saw at these events by class. Here’s a breakdown of the Top Performers in the Class of 2013.

Class 2013 Top Camp Performers

1. Jubri Adedkaya Forward (Tinsley Park, IL)- This kid was easily our choice at the Top Performer at the Jr. All American Camp. The versatile forward knows how and when to use his size during games. He takes up a lot of space and can either attack off the dribble or on the blocks. I was impressed with his natural feel for the game.

2. Britton Lee Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Lee was the Top 2013 prospect at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp. The youngster used his explosiveness, quickness and relentless defensive pressure to exploit most of his opponents. His competitive nature and shear toughness is something that all coaches will love. Working on his jump shot and his ball distribution will take his game to another level.

3. Bryson Scott Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)- Scott skill level and toughness at the guard spot makes him noticeable immediately. He can knock down the jumper or get to the cup on a regular basis. He really excels in transition where he shows his enact skill of getting to the tin. He had good showings at the Jr. All American Camp and Adidas Jr. Phenom.

4. Brian Bridgewater Forward (Baton Rogue, LA)- Bridgewater has the ability to take over the game any time he wants. He has a Jamal Mashburn in college type game meaning he can dominate on the blocks but also enjoys putting the rock on the floor. In VA he was a beast and did whatever he wanted.

5. Tarique Thompson Forward (Columbia, SC)- The lefty was a quiet storm at the Jr. All American and took the same game across country to Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp. He’s very efficient in scoring especially around the basket and works hard on the glass on both ends of the floor.

6. Larry Morton Forward (Lexington, KY)- Morton was a load to handle at the Jr. All American and the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp. On this level he has a power forward type build but attacks the basket like a wing player. The Kentucky stud was a Top 20 All Star participant at the Hoop Group event

7. Tyree Robinson Forward (San Diego, CA)- Robinson caught my eye in Virginia with his athleticism and pure smoothness at the wing spot. He’s very versatile and can play good defense especially defending the passing lanes. Robinson’s game earned an invite the Top 20 All American Game.

8. Davante Anderson Guard (Columbia, SC)- I liked Anderson’s outside stroke down at the Jr. All American Camp. I made things happen from the perimeter and getting to the hole. He does have the tendency to get involved in the dirty work in the paint which is a plus. He was a also a Top 20 All American Game participant.

9. Torlorf Thomas Forward (Montgomery, AL)- Thomas was one of the top athletes at the Jr. All American Camp. He is good leaping ability and plays the game at a high pace. His skill set does need some fine tuning but he still performed well enough to make the Top 20 All American Game.

10. Kavon Stewart Guard (Paterson, NJ)- The slick lefty did damage at the point spot at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp. Stewart can hurt you in several different ways. He pushes the rock with good speed and is capable of making his teammates better. He also can score the rock with an outside jumper or hitting floaters in the lane. He likes having the ball when it’s money time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #27

Wassup everyone this is Kyle Anderson here to report in with my diary. I'm late so, I'll just catch up from Tuesday. Tuesday I worked out from 4PM to 5PM with Kent Culuko, real good workout. We did a lot of shooting and stationary ball handling. Kent is working a lot with me on 'catch and shoot' so that I am more of a scoring threat. After that, I just went home and stayed in for the night. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were just days of relaxing. I didn't have anything going on those 3 days, so, I just slept all day and then played football with my friends. All 3 of the days the same thing! Saturday came and I had A game on Dean St. in The Conrad McCray Tournament in Brooklyn. I played with Juice and coach Tiny. We won the game and I had A couple baskets. I think about 13 pts. Sunday was my day off and I did nothing all day again, I could get to like these days off thing. I just stayed in the house.

Monday was my first day of football practice, which was really hard because of the weight lifting and everything. I went home that day and I was exhausted, so I went right to sleep. The next two days were football practice and my body was still soar from the first day. Now Thursday comes and its my last day off probably for the rest of the summer and I have no time to myself, SMH ! The day will be over before I know it because we are taking my cousin Ahmad out to dinner for his birthday at 6pm and I just woke up at 1:30pm so my day off will be gone. Wrapping it up, this weekend I have A playoff game in Dean St., it's against the Gauchos with DayDay Suber, who last week had 31 pts., so we'll see how that goes. But for now I'll be signing off, Peace everyone.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hoop Dreams Showcase Recap: Class 2012 Report

Jaylen Beckham (Lexington, KY)

Basketball Spotlight spent several days in Kentucky and was present at the Hoop Dreams Showcase. This event gave a chance to see the best young talent in the Blue Grass State. We have a 3 part report and here’s a report on the Class of 2012 players that were present.

Class 2012 Top Performers

Jaylen Beckham Guard (Lexington, KY)- Beckham was once again the top player in the building. He’s has the Derrick Rose and John Wall type thing going on. He‘s a blur with the rock and changes the tempo of the contest once he has the rock. Like Rose and Hall he does need to work constantly on his outside shot but right now he’s so quick many people may look pass this. If he continues to work and develop, look out.

Tammering Manning Guard (Georgetown, KY)- Manning is a big guard which I saw listed as a point before. He seems like more of a scoring to me as he used his size and solid frame to convert in the lane. He sees over the defenders well and doesn’t to dominate the ball to be effective. He has a chance to make a serious name for himself soon.

Chris Harrison Guard (Louisville, KY)- This point guard has some swagger to his game similar to former Sacramento King guard White Chocolate. Harrison can be very effective with the rock but does tend to over dribble at times. He’s a confident player and isn’t afraid to pull the deep jumper off the bounce. He has personality.

Isiah Ivory Guard (Georgetown, KY)- Ivory can score the ball. The lefty has a good mid range shot and can be defined right now as a slasher. He fills the lane well in transition and finishes after receiving the rock. Ivory also will lend a hand to the big boys down low by hitting the glass himself.

Danny Ross Forward (Louisville, KY)- Ross is serious physical specimen. He looks like a big time linebacker but his athleticism allows him to hammer home dunks. He rebounds the rock and can put it on the floor.

Desmond Dorsey Forward (Louisville, KY)- Dorsey is a very athletic wing and can also be labeled a slasher. He can score in various ways but will need to work on his ball handling to be a serious factor as he gets older. Right now he has good size for his position and could really emerge as a prospect.

Hoop Dreams Showcase Recap: Class 2013 and 2014 Report

Larry Morton (Lexington, KY)

Basketball Spotlight spent several days in Kentucky and was present at the Hoop Dreams Showcase. This event gave a chance to see the best young talent in the Blue Grass State. We have a 3 part report and here’s a report on the Class of 2013 and 2014 players that were present.

Top Class 2013 Performers

Larry Morton Forward (Lexington, KY)- Morton was a monster during the showcase. He powered his way the tin on several occasions using his wide frame to shield defenders and shot blockers. He had a fierce battle with Braxton McFarland which was entertaining. Larry’s strong moves give him easy access to the hole.

Braxton McFarland Forward (Lexington, KY)- McFarland has the size and the game of a future legit prospect. He can get anywhere on the floor off the dribble and can shoot the jumper though his shot is a needs more arc right now it’s kind of a line drive type shot. Defensively his length causes some problems and also helps him make an impact on the glass.

Dylan Avare Guard (Lexington, KY)- I got a chance to Avare pass that rock and I was impressed. He got into the crest of the defense and drop of passes that made scoring very easy for his teammates. I also noticed that he has a nice stroke and form even though his shot wasn’t falling.

Top Class 2014 Performers

Jackson Davis Forward (Lexington, KY)- Davis is very long and is capable of changing a game with his shot blocking ability. His offensive skills are still in the development stages but he looks like he might reach between 6’10 and 7 foot one day. I like how he runs the floor which shows his quickness and versatility. He had some intense battles with Dakari Johnson. His future should be very bright.

Dakari Johnson Forward (Lexington, KY)- Speaking of Johnson he was in the building and seemed to grow a few more inches since I saw him at the nationals. He’s a very intimidating force inside defensively but on the offensive end he still needs to improve his footwork and mobility. But when he gets deep position near the basket he still can score the ball rather easy.

Marcellas Washington Guard (Lexington, KY)- Washington has some Brandon Jennings type flair to his game. The lefty is a true showman and looks very good setting up teammates with no look passes. He also likes to hit the step back high arching jumper but can settle for it a little too much at times. In the open floor he’s exciting to watch.

Donnie Lewis Guard (Lexington, KY)-Lewis pushed the pill with the best of them. The slender guard penetrated the defense and found teammates cutting to the cup. In transition he really made his presence felt by zipping past defenders and making plays.

James Cunningham Guard (Georgetown, KY)- Cunningham started out a little sluggish but picked his play as the event rolled on. I didn’t dominate the ball enough but when he did get his hands on it he made some good things happen. He made some sweet plays including dropping a few dimes.

Charles Johnson Guard (Lexington, KY)- The kid named Snoop is a tough guard with some sneaky moves that allow him to get rid of defenders off the bounce. He’s sort of a scoring point guard as he likes to shoot floaters and tough lay ups in traffic.

Robert Shaw Guard (Louisville, KY)- The little lefty has a nice southpaw stroke and can handle the pill enough to stay out of danger. He likes to create space with a crossover and step back move that allows him to shoot his jumper.

Hoop Dreams Showcase Recap: Baby Ballers Report

Jordan Perry (Morgantown County, KY)

Basketball Spotlight spent several days in Kentucky and attended Hoop Dreams Showcase. This event gave a chance to see the best young talent in the Blue Grass State. We have a 3 part report and here’s a report on the Baby Ballers that were present.

Top Baby Ballers at Hoop Dreams Showcase

Jordan Perry Guard (Morgantown County, KY)- I liked the way this point guard controlled the tempo and made things happen. He is very skilled for this age and handles the ball well with both hands. I would like to see this youngster shoot the jumper when has defenders on their heels. But this will come as he gets older.

Malik Dow Forward (Louisville, KY)- Dow is a little uncoordinated right now which is good because he’s so young and has a lot of growing to do physically. His low post moves are still developing but he will grab and rebound and score near the basket. He also likes to challenge shots on defense and does get his hands on quite a few.

Nicholas Reed Guard (Louisville, KY)-Reed has some speed and size at his position. I like his posture and ability to find teammates. He’s a smart player and doesn’t really take any chances that would put his team in jeopardy. I also saw him knock down a deep outside shot which showed his stroke was solid.

Darius Williams Guard (Lexington, KY)- Williams has a nice stroke and will pull the trigger quickly. He has a nose for the ball and can make plays in the offense. He does need to work on his ball handling a little which will give him more room for his jumper.

Dylan Pittman Guard (Lawrenceburg, KY)- The little combo guard is tough as nails and will knock down the open shot if you forget to defend. He gets into the gaps well and uses the glass when he really needs to score. He plays with a lot of fire.

Kamani Johnson Forward (Lexington, KY)- All indications point to Johnson being a tall one. Right now he’s very active and even tries pushing the rock up the floor. I like his aggressiveness and will love to see him about 2 years from now after he grown a little more.

John Dunning Guard (Mercer County, KY)- Dunning game is very similar to Pittmans’. He’s a hard nose guard that runs the floor well and will finish off the fast break with a bucket even in traffic. His game picked as the showcase carried on.

Jaylen Jenkins Guard (Georgetown, KY)- The youngster has a lot of quickness and strength on this level. He moves his feet well on defense and isn’t afraid to drive into the teeth on defense. I saw he knew how to use his off hand on finishes which is impressive at this young age.

Isiah Allen Guard (Lexington, KY)- Allen is younger than most of the ballers in the building but his composure doesn’t indicate. He knows how to dribble himself out of trouble and still create at the same time. It must be in the genes cause his father is the All Time leading scorer in Lexington.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Summer Camp Report: Class 2012

Savon Goodman (Phiadelphia, PA)
Basketball Spotlight has the privilege of covering some of the top young camps in the country. We decided to end the summer with our top performers we saw at these events by class. Here’s a breakdown of the Top Performers in the Class of 2012.

Class 2012 Top Camp Performers

1. Savon Goodman Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- Goodman showed me a lot in Virginia at the Jr. All American Camp. While some players with his hype usually save their energy for the offensive end Goodman got busy on both ends of the floor and seemed to get a joy out of hitting the glass and playing defense. Don’t get me wrong the Philly wing also knew how to fill it up when called upon. He’s very fluid.

2. Winston Sheppard Forward (Houston, Texas)- The live body and Kevin Garnett type had a ball at the Jr. All American Camp. He bounced around like a rabbit and seemed to enjoy the game as he tortured opponents. His dunk on the baseline in the All American Game summed up his entire weekend. Texas has a budding star in Sheppard.

3. Ricardo Gathers Forward (New Orleans, LA)- Gathers was a true monster inside at the Jr. All American Camp. He bullied defenders down low as he fought for position. He also has a touch which is uncommon for a player his size and build. Ricardo is a dominant force when he has to be.

4. Justin Anderson Forward (Alexandria, VA)- if you are looking for athleticism look no further than Anderson. The wing player jumps out of the gym and showed this prowess at the Jr. All American Camp. The lefty used his athleticism to separate himself from his peers. He also knocked down a few long shots to keep the defense honest.

5. Javon Felix Guard (New Orleans, LA)- He had to be the top point guard at the Jr. All American, because the DJ Augustine clone commanded attention. The extremely strong floor general directed traffic and got anywhere he wanted on the court. He sees the floor well and when he has the pull jumper falling, his game goes to another level.

6. Perry Ellis Forward (Wichita, KS)- Ellis plays with a lot of energy and has a great court presence. He runs the floor like a deer and won’t hesitate to flush one on your head if you are in the way. Ellis not only shined at the Jr. All American Camp but also at the Reebok Headliner which led to getting an invite to the prestigious Reebok U.

7. Richard Hoskins Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Hoskins is another City of Brotherly tough guard. He showed his true strength when he virtually took over the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp when playoff time came around. He got pass smaller guards with ease and finished tough shots among the trees inside. When it was winning time he put the squad on his back and led them to victory. He finished as the camp’s MVP.

8. Jaylen Beckham Guard (Lexington, KY)- I didn’t get a chance to watch Beckham at the Jr. All American Camp but I made up for it at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp. The lead guard from the Blue Grass State made his presence felt early and often. He was in attack mode from the outset and didn’t let up. As previously stated his jump shot does need some fine tuning but not many can get to the basket as quickly or effectively as Beckham.

9. Matt Banas Forward (Hershey, PA)- Banas showed that there are some serious players in the Hershey area. The long forward has a soft touch and is very aggressive on the offensive end. He totally destroyed most of the low post opposition at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp.

10. D’Vaunte Smith-Rivera Guard (Indianapolis, IN)- Smith-Rivera was true warrior and muscled his way past many defenders at the Jr. All American Camp. He is a true athlete and packs the power to dominate on this level and probably into high school. After that will depend on how he grows.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Summer Camp Report: Class 2014

Brandon Austin (Philadelphia, PA)

Basketball Spotlight has the privilege of covering some of the top young camps in the country. We decided to end the summer with our top performers we saw at these events by class. Here’s a breakdown of the Top Performers in the Class of 2014.

Class 2014 Top Camp Performers

1. Brandon Austin Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Austin got our nod at the #1 spot because his play at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp came against players from higher classes. The lanky point guard showed the natural flow that leaves spectators in awe. He made some big plays and stood the challenge of some serious Class of 2012 ballers. He finished the camp as one of the top prospects regardless of class.

2. Parker Cartwright Guard (Van Nuys, CA)- I fell in love with Cartwright’s game at the Jr. All American Camp. The top notch point guard gave defenders the business the entire weekend. He set up teammates, drained the jumper and defended the rock very well. To my surprise he wasn’t invited to the Jr. Phenom Camp and that’s crazy when he has to be the best guard for the class in California.

3. Alonzo Trier Guard (Federal Way, WA)- Trier is worth the price of admission as the explosive guard put on a show at the Jr. All American Camp and at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp. His ball handling skills would make some high school players jealous and his play making ability is outstanding. He has some serious star quality.

4. James Blackmon Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)- Not many can score the ball like Blackmon. He will kill off the bounce or catching and shooting. He’s very physical with the rock and will bully defenders on this level. At the Jr. All American Camp Blackmon heated up from deep on many occasions and also broke down defenders with a sick handle. Finally, Blackmon finished as one of the top ranked players at Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp.

5. Victor Craig Forward (New Orleans, LA)- New Orleans is loaded with young talent and you can add Craig to this list. The long forward used his size to dominate the competition at the Jr. All American Camp. He blocked shots, rebounded and scored at ease on the offensive end. He has a chance to be a special player one day.

7. Dylan Portwood Forward (Georgetown, KY)- Portwood has good size on this level but can handle the rock like a legit wing player. At the Jr. All American Camp Dylan showed good promise while leading his team to the championship. He’s very fundamentally sound and plays with passion.

8. Wade Baldwin Guard (Montgomery, NJ)- Baldwin had his moments at the Jr. All American Camp and really displayed his skills at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp. During this camp he heated up on a regular basis and also showed some point guard skills. His has a mean streak that helps him turn on the switch when needed.

9. Jerron Love Guard (New York, NY)- The next showmen from New York made his mark at the Jr. All American Camp. He got rid of defenders with quick crossover and hesitation dribbles. He does have some flash to his game but his substance is also high. Love is a name you will hear about for years to come.

10. Anton Beard Guard (North Little Rock, AK)- The lefty has a power game when driving to the hole. He scores inside and outside at ease sometimes. He has confidence in his jumper and works very hard on the defensive end of the floor. Check him out if you are ever in Arkansas. He was a joy to watch at the Jr. All American Camp.