Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp Day 1

Jaylen Beckham Brought His Game From Kentucky

The Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp kicked off today and Basketball Spotlight was in the building for the action. Today the campers played in organized scrimmages before in order the pick the squads. This gave us a chance to check out some of the top players we came across.

Day 1 Top Performers

Class 2012

Jaylen Beckham 6’0 Guard (Lexington, KY)- Beckham represented the Blue Grass State to the fullest. His has good size, swift moves and some big time swagger. He knows how to get rid of defenders with a strong crossover and other impressive dribble drives. Once he gets past he finishes at the cup very easy.

Nate McGinley 6’0 Guard (Louisville, CO)- McGinley can stick the jumper but also has some sneaky quickness which helps him explode to the bucket for scores. He plays with a lot of passion on both ends of the floor and he is one to watch the rest of camp.

Richard Hoskins 5’10 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Hoskins plays extremely hard as many Philly players do. He has a guard size but will stick his head in the lane for a couple of rebounds. I also like his nose for the ball and his knack for scoring.

Tyler Huffman 5’9 Guard (Hartford, CT)- Huffman is a hard nose guard with some slick moves with the rock. He thrives in the transition game where he usually sets up teammates or scores himself. I like his feel for the game and willingness to push the rock.

Class 2013

Kavon Stewart 5’11 Guard (Paterson, NJ)- The lefty didn’t have any competition in his scrimmage setting. He zipped past defenders for easy scores and hit unexpected teammates for passes. I like the fact that he played hard even though the competition appeared to be beneath his level.

Sterling Johnson 6’0 Forward (Wilmington, DE)- Johnson is a southpaw with a lot of strength and scoring ability especially in transition. In the half court set he drives to the cup hard but doesn’t have enough range on his jumper yet. I like his game though.

Britton Lee 5’10 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Philly keeps producing guards and Lee fits into the mold. He has the stocky Kyle Lowry type frame and the explosion to go along with it. He has decent moves off the bounce and prefers the pull up jumper for scoring. But don’t be mistaken he will also finish at the cup.

Trevis Wyche 5’2 Guard (Neptune, NJ)- I was glad to watch Wyche play because I didn’t really see him that much this year. I must say that he has packed some bulk on his frame but still has the quickness and court savvy to make plays. I looked very impressive in his showing also.

Class 2014

Brandon Austin 6’2 Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- Yes it’s him again and Austin showed why he is one of the top players in the country. I played primarily the wing against older competition and stood out. His ball handling skills continue to improve every time I see him and he makes every thing else seem very easy. Austin is by far the top player in this class in attendance and he might make a run at those honors in some of the older divisions.

Deante Cole 5’0 Guard (Ewing, NJ)- Cole seems to give me a good showing every time I check for him. The small lefty drives to the cup like the wind and either scores on scooping layups or drops off dazzling passes. The Mercer County product doesn’t back down from any opponents.

Nazier Chew 5’5 Guard (Trenton, NJ)- When Chew decides to turn it on no one can stop him from getting to the cup. He got through the defense with dribbles moves with either hand and made some tough finishes at the rim. He just has to continue to play inspired on the floor.

Wade Baldwin 5’3 Guard (Montgomery, NJ)- Baldwin had his wet jumper flowing but also showed a lot of work on defense and when attacking the goal. I like his energy on the floor and he seems to have enormous work ethic.

Class 2015

Mikey Dixon 4’10 Guard (Wilmington, DE)- Dixon is a blur with the rock and can over dribble at times but you disregard that when you watching his work. He hits the gaps so quickly and usually makes go decisions with the pill. He’s very competitive and wants the rock in his hands each time down the floor.