Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Melton's Mailbag 8/27/08

As you know through our polls we at Basketball Spotlight like to have the fan input. We decided to take it to another level. We have developed the Melton’s Mailbag. The Melton Mailbag will contain 4 questions from you the fans that we will post and answer on our page. We will pick the four questions we feel are the best for that week.

Chris From Massachusetts:
Mike I’m a coach for a new 12U team and I’m looking for some good tournaments to go to can you help me out and give me some suggestions?

MM: Chris we will making a list of hot tournaments that we recommend on our website in September. These are the tournaments that we feel will be worth your money in terms of competition and organization.

Sarah From Yardley Wrote:
Mike how good was the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp? I’m looking to send my son to a few camps next year and mostly all of them promote the same things. Can you give me some insight on their camp?

MM: Sarah the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp was a joy to cover because they made it convenient for the campers, coaches and media. They had good facilities and instructional coaches for their camp. It was very organized and seemed to keep the players busy throughout the day.

Shawn From Ohio:
Mike is the MDC the only tournament you guys will be hosting this year? Because we are really trying to get out there but Memorial Weekend might be tough. Are you hosting any other’s

MM: Shawn Basketball Spotlight will be hosting 3 tournaments this year. We will be having a Christmas Tournament December 26th -28th , Atlantic City Super Showcase March 21st and 22nd and of course the MDC on May 22nd-24th.

Sabree From Newark:
Mike in your 10U rankings if F.A.C.E.S finished ranked in the country at #15 how did Team Battle finish ranked ahead of them in your rankings?

MM: Sabree good question, Team Battle finished ranked ahead because our rankings are a compilation of your entire year. Team Battle won all the big tri-state tournaments and defeated F.A.C.E.S twice head to head in big games. Therefore I had to give them the nod.