Monday, September 6, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2014 Super 75 Rankings

Isaiah Whitehead Glided To The #1 Spot

The time has come for us to say goodbye to the Class of 2014. These rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such. Enjoy the list and if your feel like you were overlooked please hit us with an email. This was a tough job because of the parity among players in this class.

Class 2014 Super 75 Rankings
1. Isaiah Whitehead (Juice All Stars)
2. Shepard Garner (Youth Interlock)
3. Jared Wilson Frame (CBC)
4. Jarred Reuter (New England Playaz)
5. Conrad Chambers (Team Scan)
6. Kahari Beaufort (Boston Spartans)
7. Terrell Sturdivant (Team Nelson)
8. Chancellor Ellis (Juice All Stars)
9. Austin Tilghman (Youth Interlock)
10. Shavar Newkirk (Team Scan)
11. Nazier Chew (Team Nelson)
12. Tyshon Rogers (Waterbury Bombers)
13. Kaison Randolph (Team NJ ABC)
14. Mike Silverthorn (Juice All Stars)
15. Chir Maker (CBC)
16. Jaquan Johnson (AGame Elite)
17. Kevin Seymour (Team Scan)
18. Chris Davis (Team Underrated)
19. Rashann London (Youth Interlock)
20. Randall West (Team NJ ABC)
21. Marquis Rowe (Future Players)
22. Khadeem Carrington (New Heights)
23. Kyle Coleman (Team Nelson)
24. Malik Robinson (Youth Interlock)
25. Thomas Holley (Juice All Stars)
26. Jo Jo Cooper (Delaware PAL)
27. Naim Thomas (Team Scan)
28. Alex Wolf (New Heights)
29. Isaiah Washington (Antioch Truth)
30. Deuby Saint Hillare (New Heights)
31. Winston Morgan (CBC)
32. Yhani Bartley (Westchester Hawks)
33. AJ Williams (Juice All Stars)
34. Tyler Kohl (Team NJ ABC)
35. Marvin Prochet (NY Knights)
36. Adeyinka Adams (Team Scan)
37. Cheddi Mosley (Team Scan)
38. Shaquan Worthy (Team NJ ABC)
39. Raheem Liggins (Youth Interlock)
40. Dion Linton (Team Nelson)
41. Quadree Smith (Future Players)
42. Jalen Henriquez (Gym Rats)
43. Isaiah Powell (Team NJ ABC)
44. Dennis White (Team Rebels)
45. Devyn Wilson (New Heights)
46. Gerald Gray (Future Players)
47. Jake Dadika (NJ Pirates)
48. Tim Quashie (Juice All Stars)
49. Jalen Adams (MABC)
50. Tyrone Johnson (New Heights)
51. Mahir Johnson (Team Nelson)
52. Anthony Mosley (DC Assault)
53. Justin McClendon (CT Elite Blazers)
54. Shaquille Davis (MABC)
55. Montez Weathers (Team Rebels)
56. Christian Irons (Team Nelson)
57. Zach Heeman (NJ Panthers)
58. Cameron Walker (ABA Cobras)
59. Jorge Rodriquez (Youth Interlock)
60. Mike Williams (The City)
61. Cedric McFadden (Future Players)
62. Austin White (NJ Pirates)
63. Wade Baldwin (Team NJ ABC)
64. Jamar Brisbon (Philly Aztecs)
65. Dustin Cole (MBN)
66. Mike Judkins (East Coast Elite)
67. Ramon Seawright (Westchester Hawks)
68. Kody Lynn (MBN)
69. Jessie Warech (NJ Panthers)
70. Larentz Thurman (Youth Interlock)
71. Kenny Cox (Anu Generation)
72. Mike Rodriquez (Boston Spartans)
73. Francisco Zeno (Team Scan)
74. Tyler Rowe (CBC)
75. Louis Forman (DNB)