Sunday, September 26, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: Karl Towns Jr. Returns

A few years ago Karl Towns Jr. was ranked as one of the top 5th Graders in the country according to Hoop Scoop Online. A short time later he seemed to vanish from the grammar school scene. The 8th Grader recently sparked interest at the Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest in the 15U Division. He starred throughout the event and finished with All Tournament Honors. I had a chance to talk to his father and coach Karl Towns Sr. Here’s what he had to say.

BS: Where has Karl been the last few years?
KT: Well we decided it was best for him to play on the high school during the AAU season.

BS: After being ranked so high as a 5th Grader by Hoop Scoop why would you walk away from that type of attention?
KT: Well Mike the rankings don’t really matter until you reach high school. We thought it would be more important for him to get ready for high school and that type of competition.

BS: So what are the whispers I’m hearing about him playing 14U this season?
KT: Mostly he will play 16’s and 17’s but for a few big time events he will play 14U. We feel now is the time for him to show how dominant he is on his age level. We got a couple nice opportunities that we are looking into on this age level. A few top teams have been in contact with us.

BS: He has been away from this level for a while so where do you think he rates among the best.
KT: I think he has to be at least Top 5 in the country. He’s 6’6 and 190 pounds. He has proven himself on the high school level. I can’t see many 8th Graders being able to handle him right now.

BS: What are some of the things he needs to work on?
KT: He needs to work on his defense and get a little quicker on the perimeter.

BS: What high school programs are showing interest?
KT: Well since Karl plays baseball also we are looking at Pennington Prep, Rutgers Prep, Hun School and Seton Hall Prep to name a few.

BS: Okay Karl when you decide on the 14U team you are running with let me know?
KT: No doubt Mike.