Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hot Seat Featuring Rob Cole (F.A.C.E.S.)

Being a former AAU coach and director, I understand some frustrations that might enter the mind of a head man. Therefore we have developed a forum for coaches to get out how they feel respectfully. This column is called the “Hot Seat”. Next on the Hot Seat will be none other than Rob Cole (Director and Head Coach) of F.A.C.E.S. Basketball Program.

Welcome To The Hot Seat

BS: What are your thoughts about last season?

RC: We had a great season! 16 tournaments (8 championships, 2 runner-ups, 4 Final Four, and 3rd place AAU National “Classic Bracket” Champions). WOW! Who could ask for more?

BS: What did you think about our final top 10?

RC: Nothing, just one perspective on an entire season of basketball.

BS: How do you feel about the new grade exception rule?

RC: Legalized cheating at the AAU level; AAU will get more teams competing at D2 and D3 level; disadvantage to those D1 teams and athletes that have competed against 3 grade exceptions at any given time, because they are now forced to play against unlimited 14-15 year olds that are bigger and stronger. I also think it will promote parents to hold their child back for the sake of dominating a particular age group just because the rules say they can.

BS: How will this rule affect your team?

RC: As a coach it’s a non-factor for me because I will continue to prepare my team to play the game of basketball. My players have always been undersized and under aged compared to many of our opponents, like David and Goliath. This year we may not win or have many runner-ups during high-profiled tournaments, but they will know we are in the building. As you know Mike we never back down, therefore with this new rule in effect we will get on the hardwood and do what we do best, PLAY BALL….BTA!

BS: What’s the first thing come to mind when you hear these words?

BS: King Street Kings?
RC:2010 12U NJ AAU District Champs

BS: Team Battle?
RC:2010 AAU National 5th place champions.

BS: AAU Basketball?
RC:Experience and exposure.

BS: Basketball Spotlight?
RC: Michael Melton.

BS:What your response to critics of your coaching style and forms of discipline?

RC: Mike and critics, “I’m not a politician! I develop the student athlete and prepare them for the game of basketball which I love. Those that appreciate and desire what I have to offer are in my corner and those that don’t are not. I judge the outcomes of my teaching/coaching by the many parents and athletes (old and new) that come to me and say “thank you for everything that you have done”. In life you agree to disagree. My coaching style and discipline will prepare them for life and future basketball endeavors. Pride, discipline, respect, and hard work are our motto and it works, evidenced by what you see on/off the court from my players and parents.

BS: If you left basketball today how do you think Rob Cole should be remembered?
RC: My accolades as a player and coach speak for itself. I got the job done on/off the court (player/coach). I don’t think but I know that I will be remembered as one of the best athletes and coach to ever have a hand in the game of basketball.

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