Monday, September 13, 2010

One On One Feat. Marcus Adkinson (Fairfax Stars)

Marcus Adkinson made his Basketball Spotlight debut at the Super Showcase. The lead guard captivated the crowd and torched the defense with silky moves. He finished as one of the top combo guards in attendance. We got a chance to holler at Marcus and here’s our One on One.

One On One

BS: What player in the NBA do you compare your game to?
MA: Dwayne Wade because of my cockiness and ability to go to the hole.

BS: What’s the strongest part of your game?
MA: Definitely driving to the hole.

BS: What part of your game needs the most work?
MA: Probably my outside shot.

BS: What are your team goals for the new season?
MA: For us to win a lot and make everyone better.

BS: What are your personal goals?
MA: For me to play good and to succeed in school.

BS: What is your dream college?
MA: North Carolina, I always wanted to go to school there.

BS: How was your Super Showcase experience?
MA: It was great we played against the best competition and I learned a lot.

BS: What do you enjoy about Basketball Spotlight?
MA: It gives the best exposure. It allows players to see that their hard work pays off.

BS: What are your career goals?
MA: I want to be an entrepreneur and a basketball player.