Saturday, September 25, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 2010-11 Season Preview 14U: Our Time To Shine!

Devin Liggeons Should Be Ready To Become A National Name.

Every year there’s a group of players that are ready for a breakout season. Basketball Spotlight has compiled a list of players that should come out of the shadows into the forefront.

Coming Out Party

Devin Liggeons (Philly Aztecs)- Devin showed strides last season and should be able to build upon that this time around. During the Showcase he showed big time ability and now plays the game with tremendous swagger. He has a chance to become a household name in the region.

Bryce Aiken (Team Scan)- Aiken showed me another side of his game at the showcase and I saw this confidence carry over at the Hoop Fall Jam Fest. Bryce now has shown the ability of being more of a true point guard especially making moves north/south. This will help him as he prepares himself for high school.

Isiah Stills (NJ Got Game)- I thought last year was Stills’s chance and he showed flashes at times. This time around he should have got accustomed to being “The Man” and will be ready to take over. The physical attributes are in place it’s just a matter of him going hard mentally.

Jaquan Hickman (Abyssinian Church)- We probably will see more of Hickman this year. He has all the tools to be a heavy hitter in this region. He has take over the game ability and some point guard instincts. We will be keeping our eye on him.

Tim Delaney (Team Final)- Playing alongside Trevaughn Wilkerson has allowed Delaney to take his time and get better. But expect an explosion from this kid during this campaign. He already has shown good fundamentals and footwork but once his confidence grows his game will skyrocket.

Bryant Crawford (Team Takeover)- A minor injury slowed down Crawford last season but I expect him to return to form this time around. He has the complete package and should be ready to unleash his arsenal. We will get our first look during the Grand Finale.

Tavon White (Team Rebels)- White was very dominant at times and was consistent when he controlled his emotions. He has some AAU National experience under his belt therefore he should be ready to go. He has the natural talent to go far therefore it’s all up to him.

Sam Foreman (Team Final)- This season Foreman will be seen on the circuit a lot more running with Team Final. This kid has some special talent especially when he is in attack mode. Don’t be surprised if he makes a run at Player Of The Year honors. He already made the All Tournament Team at the Hoop Fall Jam Fest Playing 15U Division.

Bobby Martin Jr. (Team Scan)- Martin impressed me last season and he wasn’t the go to man. This season expect him to demand the rock a little more and dominate in the paint. He has potential oozing from his veins. This kid will be a household name one day.