Sunday, September 12, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 2010-11 Season Preview 14U: The Race For The Big Trophy (POY)

Can Lamar Kimble Win Back To Back POY Crowns?

Now that the 2009-10 season is in the bag we will begin previewing the upcoming campaign. First, we will take a look at the 8th Graders that we feel have a shot to win the Player Of The Year Award. There’s always a chance for someone to come out of the shadows to snag the award.

Preseason Player Of The Year Candidates

Lamar Kimble Guard (Team Final)- I'ts only right that we begin with the reigning Player Of The Year. Defenses will be more focused on this scoring machine but he probably has enough game to still get his numbers. The pressure is on and he should be able to handle it.

Trevaughn Wilkerson Forward (Team Final)- Wilkerson had an argument for the award this past season. Kimble had a breakout year and sometimes players are victims of their own success. He’s a guaranteed double-double which is saying a lot.

Nasir Barrino Guard (Playaz)- Yes, Barrino is in 2015 which means defenses better tighten up. Nasir went for 20 plus on a regular basis last season and we don’t expect anything to change this year. Rumor is Team Scan is forming an 8th Grade bunch if so watch score boards light up.

Marcus Floyd Guard (Philly Aztecs)- Floyd has one of the hottest names on the circuit right now. He had Delaware on the map and has a chance to take the POY trophy back to the First State. His aggressive style and first step is something to watch.

Malachi Richardson Guard (Youth Interlock)- The sharp shooter has entered the Class of 2015 and will challenge Justin Salem for the best outside stroke. Richardson has shot up a couple of inches and is improving his ability to put the rock on the floor. He has a chance to shoot his way to the big trophy next summer.

Tyvez Monroe Forward (Fairfax Stars)- Monroe proved he could dominate at the Showcase. He hasn’t played in a Spotlight tournament as of yet so we have to see if he can handle the intensity. A few good showings and dominant performances in his region might put him over the top.

Blair Howard Guard (CBC)- Howard showed he could control a game at the Super Showcase. His herky jerky style and ability to finish makes him an instant impact player. CBC’s willingness to travel will give him a chance to showcase his game.

Horace Spencer Forward (Philly Aztecs)- Potentially, Spencer might stand alone of this list. If he wants to take home the big trophy he will need to get the intangibles together quickly. He will have numerous opportunities because the Aztecs will be hitting the road.

Donovan Mitchell Guard (The City)- I think Mitchell can become a very dominant player in this region. This season is his chance to prove me right. He needs to be a little more aggressive on the offensive end but I think he can handle that. His team will be playing in some high profile events.