Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2013 Top 100

Austin Colbert Is Class Of 2013 #1 Player!

The Class Of 2013 players are on their way to high school. This has been a great year for this bunch and we will miss them dearly. Here are our Top 100 Rankings for this class. Basketball Spotlight tried our best to be fair but please understand we are not perfect and this is just our opinion. Some players that are not on this list or believe they should be ranked higher need to use this as motivation on the high school level. Our rankings are based on performance and potential. We only rank players we actually see in person. Once again good luck in the future Class Of 2013.

The following players were among the Top 100 but are not listed because they have chosen to reclassify and join the Class of 2014; Conrad Chambers (Chester, PA), Jaquan Johnson (Chester, PA) and Floyd Preito (Philadelphia, PA).

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2013 Top 100 Rankings

1. Austin Colbert Forward (Floral Park, NJ)
2. Shafeek Taylor Forward (Philadelphia, PA)
3. Jordan Washington Forward (Queens, NY)
4. John Severe Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
5. Howard Sellers Guard (Coatesville, PA)
6. Ramone Gibbons Guard (Boston, MA)
7. Jaren Sina Guard (Lake Hopatcong, NJ)
8. Rondee Jefferson Forward (Chester, PA)
9. John Davis Forward (Philadelphia, PA)
10. Reggie Cameron Forward (Hackensack, NJ)
11. Jason Boswell Forward (Bronx, NY)
12. Daquan Drenon Forward (South Jersey, NJ)
13. Semaj Reed Forward (Philadelphia, PA)
14. Jhami Jefferson Forward (Brooklyn, NY)
15. Will Joyce Forward (Newark, NJ)
16. Darius Robinson Guard (Chester, PA)
17. Kavon Stewart Guard (Paterson, NJ)
18. Britton Lee Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
19. Terrence Samuels Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
20. Jordan Forehand Guard (Bridgewater, NJ)
21. Mike Young Forward (Pittsburgh, PA)
22. Dwayne Foreman Forward (Spring Valley, NY)
23. Geno Thorpe Guard (Pittsburgh, PA)
24. Jabril Chandler Forward (Atlantic City, NJ)
25. Amar Stukes Guard (Germantown, PA)
26. Rasheed Jordan Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
27. Isiah Louis Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
28. Shaquille Davis Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
29. Aaron McGlawn Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
30. Ethan Telfair Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
31. Amir Maddred Forward (Camden, NJ)
32. Kody Jenkins Guard (Hackensack, NJ)
33. Miles Overton Guard (Chester, PA)
34. Shamiek Sheppard Forward (Brooklyn, NY)
35. Joshua Marquez Guard (Woodland, NJ)
36. Rakwan Kelly Guard (Newark, NJ)
37. Steven Griffin Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
38. Andrew Sawyer Guard (Westchester, NY)
39. Jerry Price Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
40. Mike Riddick Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
41. Andre Patton Guard (Wilmington, DE)
42. Louis Hayes Guard (Voorhees, NJ)
43. Chris Regis Guard (West Jersey, NJ)
44. Malik Starks Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
45. Darrell Nicholson Guard (Chester, PA)
46. Joel Hernandez Guard (Teaneck, NJ)
47. Davonne Regan Forward (Westchester, NY)
48. Dimitri Lewis Guard (Boston, MA)
49. Maynard Grant Forward (Queens, NY)
50. Jared Nickens Forward (North Brunswick, NJ)
51. Sterlin Johnson Forward (Wilmington, DE)
52. Iverson Fleming Guard (North Brunswick, NJ)
53. Jakari Rowe Guard (Wilmington, DE)
54. Joshua Doughty Guard (Mt. Vernon, NY)
55. Trevis Wyche Guard (Neptune, NJ)
56. Davon Reed Guard (Ewing, NJ)
57. Devon Haines Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
58. Keione Osbourne Guard (Teaneck, NJ)
59. Stephen McNair Guard (Newark, NJ)
60. Tyrice Beverrette Guard (Lakewood, NJ)
61. Josh Blasgrove Forward (Brooklyn, NY)
62. Devon Bell Forward (Voorhees, NJ)
63. Kyle Quiero Forward (Verona, NJ)
64. Master Coleman Guard (Queens, NY)
65. Daquan Chew Forward (Ewing, NJ)
66. Jahad Harris Forward (Linden, NJ)
67. Donovan Johnson Guard (Bronx, NY)
68. Carlton Carter Guard (Stafford, MD)
69. Ryan Bland Forward (Voorhees, NJ)
70. Austin Ford Forward (Blue Bell, PA)
71. Chris Jenkins Guard (Hillside, NJ)
72. Jared Hall Guard (West Orange, NJ)
73. Jahyde Gardiner Forward (Philadelphia, PA)
74. Trevonn Morton Forward (Brooklyn, NY)
75. Bernard Brantley Guard (Bridgeport, CT)
76. Ian Rohde Forward (Ringwood, NJ)
77. Dylan Daniluk Forward (Runnemede, NJ)
78. Isiah Tripp Guard (Baltimore, MD)
79. Jimbo Long Guard (Matawan, NJ)
80. Basil Malik Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
81. George Lambert Forward (S.I., NY)
82. Cane Broome Guard (East Hartford, CT)
83. Lamel Faison Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
84. Keith Kirkwood Guard (Neptune, NJ)
85. Christian Morton Guard (South Jersey, NJ)
86. Hakeem Saintil (West Orange, NJ)
87. Karon Crawford Forward (Chester, PA)
88. Drew Corsi Guard (Rumson, NJ)
89. Jonathan Azzinaro Guard (Voorhees, NJ)
90. Denzel Welcher Forward (Newark, NJ)
91. Nelson Zevas Guard (Trenton, NJ)
92. Keyshwan Rice Guard (Asbury Park, NJ)
93. Bryan Rivers Guard (West Windsor, NJ)
94. Deandre Santos Forward (Ewing, NJ)
95. Julian Moore Forward (Fort Washington, PA)
96. Travis Rocida Guard (Paramus, NJ)
97. Darrian Collins Guard (South River, NJ)
98. Elijah Torres Guard (Carteret, NJ)
99. Corey Edwards Guard (Union, NJ)
100. Hanibal Mathis Guard (Philadelphia, PA)