Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gym Rat Midnight Madness Recap: Real Deal Game

MVP's Manny Taylor (Red Team) and Rob DE Persia (White Team)

Emanuel Taylor scored a game high 27 as the Red Team defeated the White Team 53-52 in a close contest. Rob De Persia had a great game for the White Team.


Red Team

Emmanuel Taylor (Forward)- Taylor was a man child against the opposition. He simply got low post position and cashed in on many opportunities. Even when he missed his size allowed him to rebound and go back up. He took full advantage the White Team’s lack of size.

White Team
Rob DE Persia (Guard)- Rob has grown a few inches since this event last year. Once again he was able to dance a little with the rock and penetrate the lane. I was really impressed with his ability to create space off the bounce and get his shot off.

Other Top Performers

Isiah Jennings (Guard)- I thought of Khalid El Amin when watching Jennings rock. The stocky guard got where ever he wanted on the floor by using a slick handle. Once he got into the lane he manuevered around shot blockers to get his shot off. I was truly impressed with him.

Nick DE Persia (Guard)- Nick also showed improvement in size and skills. He also loves handling the rock and making plays. I hope I get to see him on the AAU circuit.

Mikey Dixon (Guard)- Dixon shots had a tough time falling early on, but he got it going after creating havoc on defense. Mikey teamed with Lowe to trap the ball handlers while causing several turnovers.

Mike Jolaoso (Guard)- Joloaso brought that hard nosed Philly style to this event. Mike played excellent defense by getting up under ball handlers and forcing turnovers. On offense he did his usual damage while penetrating the lane.

Trey Lowe (Guard)- Lowe also got it going on defense by playing passing lanes and getting steals. On offense Lowe was very active in transition by pushing the rock and converting easy lay up’s.