Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gym Rat Midnight Madness Recap: Baby Ballers Game

MVP's Tyler Jones (Red Team) and Hugh Merkle (White Team)

Tyler Jones scored a game high 15 points as the Red Team defeated the White Team 46-24 in the Baby Ballers Game of the Gym Rat Midnight Madness. Hugh Merkle led the White with 12 points in the loss.


Red Team

Tyler Jones (Guard)- Jones's game play and ability was just above the rest of the field. His size, ball handling and play making ability stood out brightly. Tyler even led the game in rebounds while dominating on both ends of the floor. This kid has a chance to be very good.

White Team

Hugh Merkle (Guard)- Merkle was the best outside shooter in this game. He banged home a couple of treys which helped stretch the defense. I like his form and release point on his shot.

Other Top Performers

Deondre Bourne (Guard)- This kid has some nice size and ability to get to the cup. He has an array of dribble moves that keep defenders off balance. When you watch him handle the pill the Big Apple influence is evident. He also has swagger.

Lucas Hudson (Guard)- This kid has was a joy to watch. The floor general has good ball handling and excellent court vision. I love how intense he plays and the way his leads the squad vocally. His dribble moves allow him to get into the paint and create opportunities.

Dante Enos (Forward)- Enos is a hard nose forward that plays with a lot of passion. He hits the boards hard but will end of playing a guard spot once he gets older.

Desmond Gorski (Guard)- I saw some nice talent in this kid especially when he drove the lane and used his floater. I just need him to become a little more aggressive because he has the skills to produce.

Frederick Ryle (Guard)- I like the way this little guy got into the lane at will. He put pressure on the defense with his speed and ability to drop off a few passes to teammates.