Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest Recap: Mass Shooting Stars Cruise To Championship

Mass Shooting Stars Win Title  

Mass Shooting Stars used a balanced attack to run past Wall 2 Wall 69-32 and win the Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 13U Championship. Devandre Edmonds led the scoring for MSS while Tim Gribb led W2W in the loss. 

Top Performers
Devandre Edmonds Forward (MSS)- After a slow start Edmonds totally dominated W2W inside. If he wasn’t knocking down the short jumper at the foul line he was scoring off the screen and roll. He came to life in the second half on the glass by dropping in put backs and controlling the paint defensively. 

Stephon Baxter Guard (MSS)- The pint sized floor general was a total pest on defense by turning ball handlers and forcing several turnovers. On offense he directed the traffic and made sure his teammates got the rock in the correct place. He showed tremendous heart and toughness today.
Paul Durkee Guard (MSS)- A key addition now has Durkee primarily on the wing which has opened his game up. He still shows the knack to score from anywhere on the floor but he also took over the point guard responsibilities when things got physical. I like the way he’s developing. 

 Scott Graziano Forward (MSS)- Graziano is the new addition that allows Durkee to roam the perimeter. He’s a rugged forward that hits the glass on the weak side and nail the open 10 footer. His presence will definitely help MSS move forward this season.
Shivam Sharma Guard (MSS)- Sharma made W2W pay when the collapsed in the paint by nailing 5 treys in their victory. He was very aggressive and wasn’t gun shy in his NJ appearance with this group. His long range accuracy will keep the pressure off of the forwards. 

Jayson Whyte Forward (W2W)- When it’s all said and done don’t be surprised if Chico becomes the best prospect out of everyone listed in this article. His body indicates that he should stretch out deep into the 6 foot category. Right now he lacks the strength and game to impact but that might change down the road. 

Timmy Gribb Guard (W2W)- Gribb was a bright spot for W2W. He scored the ball well off the bounce and didn’t back down even when the game got out of control. I like some of the wiggle he showed and look forward to seeing him again.

In The Spotlight: Lance Ford (MCB Elite)

Name: Lance Ford 
AAU Team: MCB Elite 
Position: Wing Guard 
Class: 2017 
Event: Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 
Analysis: I like some of the talent I see in Ford even though he’s still raw. He shows some athleticism and scoring prowess but must learn to play under more control while also playing on the left side of the floor. On this squad he’s the go to guy which causes him to take too many unauthorized shots. He should be considered a talented work in progress.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

In The Spotlight: Damon Harge (Showtime All Stars)

Name: Damon Harge 
AAU Team: Showtime All Stars 
Position: Point Guard 
Class: 2018 
Event: Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 
Analysis: Harge arrive in New Jersey with a lot of national hype. During his first game the 7th Graders showed dominance against a low level 15U squad. The real test was in their second contest versus an aggressive PYO squad. The Philly boys tried to rattle the youngster but he played like he was accustomed to the environment. He showed some quickness handling the pill and enough strength to fight through the traps. He showed range on his shot even though most of his shots rimmed in and out. Damon’s talent and feel for the game with very apparent and I didn’t see a guard during my time in Hampton (6th Grade AAU Nationals) that could match him right now.

In The Spotlight: Jordan Riley (Showtime All Stars)

Name: Jordan Riley 
AAU Team: Showtime All Stars 
Position: Forward 
Class: 2017 
Event: Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 
Analysis: In their first game blow out on the 15U level, Riley made some strides on offense but didn’t look to show the same effort on the defensive end. In their second contest against better competition Riley showed the effort that made him an early national name on this level. Despite playing up Jordan was still a load to handle in the paint. He cleared space to score and was a problem on the glass. He needs to bring the same intensity each game on the floor. Hopefully, it will come with maturity.

In The Spotlight: Jamir Harris (Playaz)

Name: Jamir Harris 
AAU Team: Playaz 
Position: Combo Guard 
Class: 2017 
Event: Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 
Analysis: Just when you wondered where the Playaz would get there next gun in steps “The Terminator. Today, Harris was very aggressive with the rock in his hands. I like the height and accuracy on his mid-range pull up. He also showed some extended range. He will definitely be a dominate scorer on this level therefore he now needs work on his facilitating skills. I see point guard position in his future so gearing up early will be in his best interest.

In The Spotlight: Marcus McClary (Playaz)

Name: Marcus McClary 
AAU Team: Playaz 
Position: Wing Guard 
Class: 2017 
Event: Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest 
Analysis: McClary was a key pick up for the Paterson based squad after reclassifying into the Class of 2017. He consistently charged the rock down the throat of the defense while finishing strong at the rim. He’s a tough competitor especially from the foul line in. To make the transition onto the high school level he will need work on his ball handling and decision making on the perimeter.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Road To The Grand Finale Announced!


The Basketball Spotlight Road To The Grand Finale is listed below. The Basketball Spotlight circuit has grown into one of the best in the country. Keep in mind to register for these events early because they usually sell out quickly. 
Basketball Spotlight Road To The Grand Finale 
Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 
Dates: December 1st and 2nd 2012 
Ages: 4th Grade Thru 8th Grade 
Place: Neptune, NJ 
Cost: $350
Basketball Spotlight MLK Classic 
Dates: January 19th and 20th 2013 
Ages: 4th Grade Thru 8th Grade 
Place: Charlotte, NC 
Cost: $300
Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 
Dates: February 2nd and 3rd 2013 
Ages: 4th Grade Thru 8th Grade 
Place: Neptune, NJ 
Cost: $375
Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase 
Dates: March 30th and 31st 2013 
Ages: 4th Grade Thru 8th Grade 
Place: Atlantic City, NJ 
Cost: $375
Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic 
Dates: May 25th and 26th 2013 
Ages: 4th Grade Thru 8th Grade 
Place: Neptune, NJ 
Cost: $400 
Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 
Dates: June 15th  
Ages: 5th Grade Thru 8th Grade 
Place: TBA 
Cost: $50.00

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Super Skillcase Hotel Information and Event Itinerary

The 2012 East Coast Super Skillcase is a month away. Basketball Spotlight and I’m Possible Training are very excited with this event and look forward to seeing you guys in the building. Below we have links the hotel information and event itinerary. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this event.  

Hotel Information  

Event Itinerary

Monday, September 24, 2012

One On One Feat: Jamir "The Terminator" Harris

Jamir Harris was noticeably absent from the Spotlight circuit last season but just like Arnold Schwarzenegger “The Terminator” is back. We caught with Harris this weekend at the Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest and got a chance to hear his plans for the season. 

One On One 

BS: What’s up Jamir, where have you been? 
JH: Just been in the gym training and working on my game. I needed to time off to work on the flaws in my game. I need to credit my trainer Eric Myrick with helping me get better. 

BS: Well do you think it paid off? 
JH: Yes I have more to my game now and I’m more confident on the floor. 

BS: What are the strong points of your game? 
JH: I would have to say my midrange game. 

BS: What part of your game needs to most improvement? 
JH: I would have to say my on the ball defense. I have to get better locking down my guy. 

BS: What team are you playing with this season? 
JH: Well right now I’m with the Playaz and I like it so far but we will see how everything goes from here. 

BS: You will be attending the Super Skillcase in October what do you expect from this type of event? 
JH: Well I think it will be great. I know it will improve my game and give me a chance to compete against the best players around. 

BS: What can we expect from “The Terminator” this season? 
JH: Well you expect me to go out, play hard and leave everything on the floor. 

BS: Good luck great to see you back on the scene. 
JH: Thanks Mr. Melton !

Diary Of A Baller: Lucas Hudson (Center Valley, PA) Entry #1

This season Basketball Spotlight will have a few players completing the Diary Of A Baller. Our first participant will be Lucas Hudson of Pennsylvania.  

Hi Basketball Spotlight World! It’s Lucas Hudson from Center Valley, Pennsylvania, the new “Diary of a Baller” writer. I attend Lehigh Christian Academy in Allentown, PA. I’m in the eighth grade and not sure where I will be attending high school next year. Coach Henry Fairfax of The Haverford School and Coach Phil D’ Ambrosio of The Shipley School have expressed interest in me which is a great honor. There are also several schools near my home I’m considering. My parents and I continue to pray about this big decision in my life. 

Basketball is my passion and my life and I rely on GOD to help me with every aspect of my life. Off the court I enjoy playing golf with my dad, working out, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. As crazy as it may seem, this fall I’m the goalie for our school soccer team. I’ve never played soccer in my life, but I’m enjoying the opportunity to play a different sport. So far, we’ve won our first two games. 

Now back to basketball: I started my AAU career playing with Lehigh Valley Basketball School for two years when I was nine years old. I also played “up” two years with a local team and one of my coaches suggested that I try out for Team Battle in New Jersey. My parents discussed the big commitment it would be to drive back and forth from PA. to New Jersey. I tried out and was very excited when Coach Gary Battle told me that I made the team! My parents were really proud of me and didn’t mind the travelling distance since I was getting such excellent coaching. I played one year with Team Battle and we won several Basketball Spotlight championships along with a top 15 finish at Nationals. Some of the best and hardest practices of my life were with Coach Battle. I have to say thank you to Coach Battle and Coach Pierre-Louis for helping me develop my game during those years with Team Battle. 

During my 12U year I got injured (broke my knee bone) and missed most of the AAU season. But, I came back strong during the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase and the John Lucas “Future of the Game” East. Then I joined Team Final for my 13U season. We had a great year and even though we had many final four finishes, we came together at the end to win several championships and a top 16 finish at Nationals. 

This summer was a great one for me. I attended many showcases and got a lot of exposure from the Hoop Group Future All-American camp and several others camps. Currently I am playing in two fall high school leagues with Team Final which is really helping us as a team since we are playing up. Shout out to Rondae Jefferson for coaching us at the Chester H.S. fall league. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Melton for giving me this amazing opportunity to be a writer on Basketball Spotlight. I also want to shout out to Tyus Battle on his great diary entries, Coach Orlando Hidalgo and my Team Final family, my mom, my dad, my grandmother (Lulu) and GOD. 

God Bless and see you guys next week!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pierre Louis Prime For East Coast Super Skillcase

Nate Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ)  

Nate Pierre Louis of Plainfield, NJ will bring his explosive game to the East Coast Super Skillcase in Atlantic City, NJ. Pierre has been a top ranked player in the country for the past few years while leading his team to several championships. The high scoring guard is excited about attending this exclusive camp. “It’s going to be an exciting event. It’s wonderful to see the evolution of Basketball Spotlight. The collaboration of Mike Melton and Micah Lancaster makes this event second to none. They are the “Best of Both Worlds” said Pierre-Louis. 

Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings you more top players that will be headed to Atlantic City for the Super Skillcase October 27th and 28th. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive gathering. 


Friday, September 21, 2012

One On One Feat. Jermaine "J Train" Samuels (CBC)


Jermaine "J Train" Samuels is one of the hottest names on the AAU circuit this summer. He even managed to capture the MVP trophy in the J.E.M. Classic 7th grade all-star game. Basketball Spotlight caught up with him to see what's on his mind heading into this season. 

BS: This past year you have made quite a name for yourself in the New England area. What was it like to have your first Spotlight experience, then to earn MVP honors in the Class of 2017 JEM Classic? 
JS: Basketball Spotlight was a great experience for me and my teammates. I think we did very well for it to be our first experience. Winning MVP was a confidence booster for my me. It let me know that I could play at a national level. It was great playing with guys with that much talent, everyone on the court was good. 

BS: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses? 
JS: The best part of my game is attacking the basket. I finish very well around the rim. My weakness is on the ball defense. I know I have to get better at that if I want to be a high major prospect. 

BS: Ok, so speaking of being a college prospect, what schools do you have on your "wish list"? JS: I love watching Kentucky! I would love to play for Coach Calipari one day. I also like UConn. But I would be grateful to have any team offer me a scholarship. 

BS: What current NBA player is your favorite, or who do you pattern your game after? 
JS: LeBron is the best player. But I think I'm a "Kevin Durant" type of player. I still have to shoot better if I'm truly gonna say I play like him. Coach Reggie thinks I play more like Carmelo. 

BS: I know you left your former team. Rumor has it that you will be suiting up with Connecticut Basketball Club this season. How did that come about? 
JS: I have a lot of respect for M-Plex because I learned a lot and they helped me to develop. But when we played CBC I liked their style of play, the brotherhood and family environment, and they had very good players at every position, especially at PG. Plus I really like playing for Coach Reggie Hatchett. He's a great motivator. I admired the type of relationship he had with his players even before I played with them. 

BS: How will you be able to help a team with so many good players? 
JS: I think I bring more size, athleticism, shot blocking and excitement. I give Jaecee [Martin] another target when he's driving and dishing. 

BS: Speaking of Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin, how do you like playing with the reigning Basketball Spotlight "Player of the Year"? 
JS: I love playing with Jaecee! I have been playing against him since we were both playing 10u. I've always liked the way he plays. he's a floor general, very unselfish. All you have to do is get up the court and get to the spot you want the ball at...he doesn't need any help getting the ball up the court. The game is much easier playing with a PG like him. I went to Nationals in Memphis this year and I don't think there's a better PG in the country in our age group. 

BS: Ok. Finally, what are your expectations for your season this year? 
JS: I would like to play well enough to be ranked among the other top players in 2017. But it's more important for my team to continue winning the same way they won last year. Hopefully I can bring them a new weapon that some teams haven't seen before. I want to go to National's and compete against the best of the best (like Cody Riley and the other CBC team). I'm just looking forward to having fun playing with my new brothers!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Future Shock (Class of 2018) Courtney Ramey (Missouri)


We got our first look at Ramey this summer at the AAU 6th Grade Nationals. We were impressed with his poise, passing and ability to score when needed. He’s had a national name for the past few years and should continue on this pace with hard work. He’s definitely one of the top point guards in the land. We can’t wait to get another look at him.

Future Shock (Class of 2018): Jordan Simmons (Illinois)


Jordan Simmons is a smooth point guard that rocked with King James Shooting Stars at the 6th Grade Nationals this past summer. Simmons has the capability to put his coach as ease with his ball handling and ability to run the show. He’s a unique 7th grader because he plays at his own pace and picks his spots well. If he continues to progress, his game will translate well to the next level meaning high school.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Former Basketball Spotlight Stars Flock To USA Trials

Isaiah Briscoe Headed To Colorado Springs  

Several Basketball Spotlight alumni have been chosen to compete in the USA Basketball U16 Trials in Colorado Springs, Colorado on October 6-7. Some of the former Spotlight stars invited include; Malachi Richardson, Tyus Battle, Isaiah Briscoe, Perry Dozier, Harry Giles, Tyler Dorsey, Stephen Zimmerman, Franklin Howard, Bryant Crawford,Seventh Woods, Marcus Lovett and Horace Spencer among others. 

Don Showalter (Camp Director): “The main purpose of the mini-camp is to get a look at the top players in this age group and familiarize them with USA Basketball and the opportunity to play for the U16 Tournament of the Americas to qualify for the U17 World Championship,” Showalter said. “These players will get a chance to play against the top players in the country in their age group. We hope to accomplish a weekend of great competition along with some skill development.” 

  Trials Roster

We Got Next (Class of 2017): Jaylen Fleming (Illinois)

Jaylen Fleming impressed us when we first saw the Illinois product at the John Lucas Middle School Combine in Houston, TX. He backed up his You Tube buzz by slicing up defenders and getting his shot off. He’s not the biggest guard around but his craftiness helps him get the job done. He sees the floor like a true floor general while being equipped with a slick handle. We look forward to watching this youngster very soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

East Coast Super Skillcase Almost Here!

Basketball Spotlight and I’m Possible Training have joined forces to bring you the best basketball event of the year! The Inaugural 2012 East Coast Super Skillcase.

The 2012 East Coast Super Skillcase, directed by world renowned skills coach, Micah Lancaster, will feature the same advanced teaching and instruction that is offered at Nike skill academies and NBA workouts. Micah Lancaster has directed a Nike related training academy with Kobe Bryant and has worked with NBA players such as Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Mario Chalmers, and Nolan Smith along with many others. Now players, grades five through eight, will have the same opportunity as NBA, college, and high school stars to experience Micah's innovative skill training and teaching techniques. The Skillcase is designed to make every player feel like they are alone in the gym with Micah.

Players will be brought through elite skills training in the morning and a competitive five on five game sessions in the afternoon all under the watchful eye of Mike Melton's Basketball Spotlight. Camp video highlights and player analysis will be posted on at the conclusion of the event.

Through innovative NBA skills training, organized competition, and the presence of Basketball Spotlight, each player will be given the unique opportunity to "skillcase" themselves by flashing their talents, improving their skills, and showcasing their game like never before! Space is limited. Register online now!

Where: Atlantic City High School
When: October 27-28, 2012
Who: Boy's 5th-8th grade, Classes of 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017
Cost: $199
Hotel information and weekend itinerary to be posted shortly.

Spotlight Alum Headed To Zona

Basketball Spotlight Alum Rondee Jefferson has selected the University of Arizona. Jefferson starred on the Spotlight circuit for years with Educated Athletes and then Team Nelson. He has gone on to lead Chester High School to a top 5 finish in the country and a state championship. On the circuit his play with Team Final has helped him become one of the top players in America as well as a McDonalds All American Candidate. Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate Rondee on his selection of Arizona and can’t wait to see him shining on TV. 


We Got Next (Class of 2017) Jarred Vanderbilt (Texas)

Jarred Vanderbilt is a highly touted 6’3 wing guard. He has the game and length to be a big time prospect down the road. He rocked with the Houston Elite 13U squad that has a national rep. He also was a standout at the John Lucas Middle School Combine last May in Houston, Texas. We expect big things from Vanderbilt for years to come.

Friday, September 14, 2012

J.E.M. All Star Classic 8th Grade Highlights


The Class of 2016 are in high school now but they didn’t leave Basketball Spotlight without giving us a show at the 3rd J.E.M. All Star Classic. Check out some of their highlights and we will truly miss this special group.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

AGame Team Apparel J.E.M. All Star Classic Commeciall

AGame Team Apparel has sponsored the J.E.M. All Star Classic for the past three years has released through commercial shot at the classic in August. Check out the commercial and we would like thank Carl Hines and AGame for their continued support.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Got Next (Class Of 2017): Cody Riley (California)


Right now the Class of 2017 starts with Cody Riley. The big fella has had a remarkable career while leading California Basketball Club to an AAU National crown this summer. He also starred at several camps while also playing 16U in Las Vegas. People ask me all the time who does Riley remind me of and I always answer with Rodney Rogers, the former Wake Forest and NBA star.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: Meet The "Supreme Team"

Reggie Carter coached Team IZOD 12U to an 81-11 record last season while taking home Coach Of The Year Honors. After an AAU National experience where the “Fly Guys” fell in double overtime to a squad that made it to the championship, and then losing to neighboring rival New Rens, Carter felt it was time for an upgrade. So it was goodbye “Fly Guys” and hello “Supreme Team”. We sat down with the captain of this ship to see what the “Supreme Team” is all about. 

One on One Feat: Reggie Carter (Supreme Team)

BS: When did you come up with the idea of forming the “Supreme Team”? 
RC: Soon as I pulled out of the parking lot of the Boo Williams Center after losing on a buzzer beater to New Rens. 

BS: How did the name come about? 
RC: I felt that once we put this plan together our squad would be supreme on and off the court. 

BS: BS: How did you determine which players you wanted on this exclusive squad? 
RC: The players were selected by the strengths in their game and their character off the floor. All the players compliment each other and there are no two that are exactly alike. 

BS: What is the main goal of the “Supreme Team”? 
RC: The main goal is to win the National Championship. To get there we must take care business every time we step on the floor.

BS: Which events are listed on your calendar for this season? 
 RC: We will do the Spotlight Circuit while also hitting the top tournaments in Ohio, Maryland, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas, Tennessee and California to name a few. We plan to travel to play the best in America. We are hitting the road like the Beatles. 

BS: How do you plan to manage this team flooded with talented players? 
 RC: Managing this much talent will not be hard at all because we have a culture at Sports U where no player feels like he’s bigger than the team. We also feel that good players should want to play with other talented players. The players on the “Supreme Team” have decided to come together and do something special and they are willing to sacrifice to get this done. 

BS: How does Sports U feel about the “Supreme Team” project? 
RC: They love what we are doing and support us 110%. We are designing our youth program in the format they use for our high school teams on and off the court. Players will be expected to perform on a high level on the court and in the classroom. Right now we are concentrating on hitting the gym and developing chemistry. The “Supreme Team” has arrived you might see us in any gym from NY to LA. 
Supreme Team Roster: Atiba Taylor, Luther Muhammed, Jahvon Quinerly, Justin Winston, Nazreon Reid , Tyrek Chambers, Jalen Brooks, Andrew Tuazama, Mark Natiello, Triston Issac, Andrew Friberg, Will Yarbrough

Monday, September 10, 2012

We Got Next (Class Of 2017): Jeffrey Prophete (Florida)


Jeffrey Prophete came on our scene two years ago at the 12U Nationals has been afloat ever since. The 6’2 wing guard has shown some athleticism and ability to knockdown the perimeter shot. He’s someone we will definitely keep our eye this coming season. We plan to see him on the camp circuit and at a few tournament events.

We Got Next (Class of 2017): DJ Harvey (North Carolina)


Next up in the Class of 2017 is DJ Harvey who has left Alabama to go to school in North Carolina. We saw Harvey at the John Lucas Camp and were raving about his ability. He’s a big guard with perimeter versatility but can also stick his head inside to grab some boards. He has a chance to be a special player in this class for years to come.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We Got Next (Class 2017): Tremont Waters (Connecticut)

Now that the Class of 2016 has gone our attention will now be paid for the younger classes. First we take a look at some of the top 8th Graders (2017) and we will begin with Tremont Waters from Connecticut. Waters is a smaller version of Chris Paul with a deadly and deep jumper. Last season he starred at the Spotlight events with CT Elite while tackling the high school circuit with New England Playaz and Team Scan. He has to be regarded as one of the top point guards in this class in America.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2016 Top 100 Prospects

The Basketball Spotlight National Player Rankings for the Class of 2016 are listed below. The list was compiled over years of coverage and we did our best to as fair as possible. Please remember this listing is just our opinion and should be taken as such. Click on players in red for highlights. FEEL FREE TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINION IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW THIS ARTICLE!

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2016 Top 100

1. Harry Giles 6’9 Forward (Winston Salem, NC)

2. Thon Maker 6’11 Forward (New Orleans, LA)
3. Deron Davis 6’9 Forward (Denver, CO)
4. Tyus Battle 6’5 Guard (Edison, NJ)
5. Josh Jackson 6’5 Guard (Detroit, MI)

6. VJ King 6’5 Guard (Akron, OH)
7. Dedric Lawson 6’8 Forward (Memphis, TN)
8. Khalea Turner 6’9 Forward (Marrero, LA)
9. Jayson Tatum 6’6 Guard (St. Louis, MO)
10. Derryck Thorton 6’0 Guard (Simi Valley, CA)
11. Joshua Langsford 6’4 Guard (Huntsville, AL)
12. Benjamin Coupet 6’7 Forward (Chicago, IL)
13. Rodney Miller 6’9 Forward (Queens, NY)
14. Edrice Adebayo 6’9 Forward (Bellhaven, NC)
15. Trevor Stanback 6’10 Forward (Etiwanda, CA)
16. Justin Jackson 6’6 Forward (Toronto, Canada)
17. Joe Hampton 6’7 Forward (Hyattsville, MD)
18. Seventh Woods 6’2 Guard (Columbia, SC)
19. Eron Gordon 6’2 Guard (Indianapolis, IN
20. NyRhique Smith 6’2 Guard (Tinton Falls, NJ)
21. Davion Thomas 6’7 Forward (Columbus, GA)
22. Braxton Blackwell 6’6 Forward (Nashville, TN)
23. Reggie Gardner 6’3 Guard (Bowie, MD)
24. Malik Crowfield 6’4 Guard (LaPlace, LA)
25. DeAaron Fox 6’2 Guard (Katy, TX)
26. Michael Cage 6’8 Forward (Newport, CA)
27. Mustafa Heron 6’4 Guard (West Haven, CT)
28. Adrian Moore 6’3 Guard (Conway, AR)
29. Devonte Green 6’2 Guard (North Babylon, NY)
30. Mark Vital 6’4 Guard (Lake Charles, LA)
31. Terrence Ferguson 6’5 (Flower Mound, TX)
32. Devearl Ramsey 5’10 Guard (Los Angeles, CA)
33. Mario Kegler 6’6 Forward (Jackson, MS)
34. Kobi Stephens-Simmons 6’4 Guard (Alpharetta, GA)
35. Anthony Cowan 5’10 Guard (Bowie, MD)
36.  Temple Gibbs 6'0 Guard (Scotch Plains, NJ)
37. Chris Lewis 6’7 Forward (Alpharetta, GA)
38. Devin Young 6’7 Forward (Sacramento, CA)
39. Quentin Gooding 6’3 Guard (Campbellsville, KY)
40.  Matthew Buulock 6'4 Forward (Elizabeth, NJ)
41. Christopher Ellis 6’1 Guard (Tracy, CA)
42. Sam Green 6’6 Forward (Bowie, MD)
43. Unique McLean 6’2 Guard (Brooklyn, NY)
44. Alani Moore 5’9 Guard (Germantown, MD)
45. Jakolby Long 6’4 Guard (Edmond, OK)
46. Lamar Stevens 6’4 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
47. Bryce Aiken 5’9 Guard (Randolph, NJ)
48. Derrick Daniels 6’7 Forward (Dayton, OH)
49. Ako Adams 6’1 Guard (Washington, DC)
50. Aaron Augustin 5’10 Guard (Duluth, GA)
51. Tuva Mott 6’3 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
52. Rakym Felder 5’10 Guard (Raleigh, NC)
53. DeAndre Hunter 6’3 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
54. Asante Gist 5’8 Guard (West Orange, NJ)
55. Donovan Love 5’10 Guard (Cranston, RI)
56. Trevell Beck 6’6 Forward (Cleveland, OH)
57. Daveyon Barnes 6’4 Forward (Baltimore, MD)
58. Caleb Swanigam 6’7 Forward (Dunfee, IN)
59. Mike Buland 6’4 Guard (High Point, NC)
60. Algevon Eiehelberger 6’6 Forward (Saginaw, MI)
61. Ryan Murphy 6’0 Guard (West Hills, CA)
63. Vaughn Covington 6’0 Guard (Sicklerville, NJ)
64. Idris Joyner 6’4 Forward (Plainfield, NJ)
65. Malik Dow 6’4 Forward (Louisville, KY)
66. Randall Gaskins 6’2 Guard (Fairfax, VA)
67. Wolfgang Novogratz 6’0 Guard (New York, NY)
68. Derek Funderburk 6’7 Forward (Akron, OH)
69. Jashaun Agosto 5’9 Guard (Federal Way, WA)
70. Khalir Johnson 6’5 Forward (Wilmington, DE)
71. Jamar Watson 6’2 Guard (Brandywine, MD)
72. Jared Rivers 6’0 Guard (Westbury, NY)
73. Nigel Pearson 6’5 Forward (Beaumont, TX)
74. Sa’eed Nelson 5’9 Guard (Pleasantville, NJ)
75. Donovan White 6’5 Forward (Baton Rouge, LA)
76. Gilbert Thomas 6’5 Forward (Houston, TX)
77. Loren Jackson 5’6 Guard (Chicago, IL)
78. Nnamdi Collins 6’8 Forward (Little Rock, AR)
79. Dyaire Holt 6’0 Guard (Troy, NY)
80. Tim Walker 6’0 Guard (Charlotte, NC)
81. Mickey Bell 6’3 Forward (Washington, DC)
82. Kameron Hedgepeth 6’3 Guard (Haymarket, VA)
83. Kyle Elliot 6’1 Guard (Rahway, NJ)
84. Drake Davis 6’4 Forward (Baton Rouge, LA)
85. Seth Towns 6’7 Forward (Columbus, OH)
86. Vijay Blackmon 6’2 Guard (Fort Wayne, IN)
87. Kylia Sykes 6’6 Forward (Durham, NC)
88. Ty Jerome 5’10 Guard (New Rochelle, NY)
89. Dwayne Russell 6’5 Forward (Jacksonville, FL)
90. Keandre Fair 5’11 Guard (Hartford, CT)
91. Gilberto Cue 5’8 Guard (New York, NY)
92. Anthony Carr 5’9 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
93. Ben Rabinwitz 6’0 Guard (New York, NY)
94. Roderick Caldwell 5’9 Guard (Dayton, OH)
95. Ty Graves 5’10 Guard (Charlotte, NC)
96. Jabri McCall 5’11 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)
97. Mike Janowski 6’1 Guard (Fairfax, VA)
98. Raekwon Long 6’9 Forward (Charlotte, NC)
99. J.J Caldwell 5’9 Guard (Houston, TX)
100. Jamal Allen 5’9 Guard (Boston, MA)

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2016 Top 100 Ranking Preview: Presented By Middle Schools Hoops


At beginning of the season Middle School Hoops released their Class of 2016 Top 10 player video which we in much agreement with. Now as we are set to release our Class of 2016 Top 100 it will be interesting to see if any of these players appear in our Top 10. Stay tuned tomorrow as we unveil the Basketball Spotlight Class of 2016 Top 100 Players In America.

Video Profile: Chris Giles (Dallas, TX)

Chris Giles has been a big name on the age level for the last few years. He rocks for Houston Elite and had a good showing at the John Lucas Combine last May. Check out some of his highlights from the combine.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive One On One Feat. Micah Lancaster (I'm Possible Training)

The East Coast Super Skillcase is two months away (Oct. 27th and 28th). So Basketball Spotlight decided to sit down with the hottest trainer in the country Micah Lancaster for an exclusive one on one interview.

One On One Feat. Micah Lancaster

BS: Give us a brief description of your playing background?
ML: My basketball story really began in my senior year of high school. After being 4’11 as a freshman in high school, 5’2 as a sophomore, and 5’6 as a junior and being cut by two AAU teams that spring, I had one summer left before my senior season. After an 8 hour a day summer of training I was able to have a breakout senior season, scoring 25 ppg and leading my team to its first ever state semi final appearance. After the season, I accepted a full scholarship offer to Spring Arbor University in the NAIA, where I became an NAIA and NCCAA All-American. I finished my career 2nd All-Time in scoring with 2,397 points and 1st All-Time in assists with 751. In 2007, I played professionally in the International Basketball League where I became an All-Star and was offered several overseas contracts in Germany, France, and Switzerland.

BS: When and why did you decide to begin I’m Possible Training?
ML:Soon after beginning my professional basketball career, I realized I was more in love with improving my game than actually playing the game. In 2008, I “partnered” with Ganon Baker Basketball, a well-established basketball company. In 2009, however, I decided I needed a more distinct business name to avoid confusion that came with people assuming I was an employee of Ganon Baker Basketball when I was merely a sub-contractor with my own views, style and methodology. That gave me a great opportunity to name my service after my belief that ALL players have opportunity in the game of basketball if they follow the right path and plan. If I could do it, then certainly anyone could! That’s when I’m Possible Training was born.

BS: Give us a list of some of the top players you have worked with?
ML:I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with some of the greatest basketball players to play the game. From doing a clinic with Kobe Bryant in London, to working on-court with Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers, Kyrie Irving, Evan Turner, Nolan Smith, and Darius Johnson-Odom to name a few. Of course, I’ve had the privilege to work with NCAA and High School All-Americans as well as some of the best young players in the country and I get equal joy out of them all. Improvement gets addicting!

BS: It seems that any basketball search on You Tube will result in your drills and other trainers imitating your style. What do you think of your methods becoming so respected?
ML:I am certainly proud of becoming a leader in basketball skill innovation, and I hope that coaches and trainers continue to find our methods helpful. The concern that I have is that while many trainers may be attempting to duplicate our training they need to truly understand the purpose behind them or the method gets lost in the drill. The skill being emphasized is most important. The why behind what we do is the most important! I would like to encourage both trainers and players to make sure they understand the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish in each and every skill that we do.

BS: What makes your training technique different from others throughout the country? ML:Game realism, game feel, and imagination! I think a lot of times drills get watered down into hand-eye coordination, conditioning, and maybe athleticism. Basically, most training I see resembles drills. At I’m Possible, we don’t do drills. We train game skills. Therefore, anything the player may do, whether it be using a tennis ball, one of our famous medicine balls, or a cone, they need to always keep the method completely and totally real to the game. At the very least, our players will always have a very specific reason WHY they are doing what we are asking them to do. Great training comes down to efficiency of time invested, and there’s no efficiency if the skill is lost in the drill.

BS: How did you come up with your unique training techniques and why are they important? ML:I work backwards. I study film. I study moves and footwork of the best players in basketball. I pin point the smallest of details that I can find and then I tailor a drill to that skill. That way – I always know the reality of what I’m trying to create with the player in their workouts. The mistake many people make is they create a drill first and then try to come up with ways to match it to the game. Most of the time – tricks are invented – not skills.

BS: Why have you chosen to work with Basketball Spotlight on the East Coast Super Skillcase? ML: There has a been a scary movement in our game of basketball that says players just need to play games to improve. I think that exists because most workouts players do are generic. High school, college, and even NBA teams are doing the same old drills. Players are bored and really have lost faith in drills because drills are generic. They don’t separate players from the pack. They maintain what a player already has. What else can a player do to separate from the pack in that system? Play more games, of course. I’ve joined with Basketball Spotlight because we both share a vision that players can truly learn how to improve and set themselves apart on their own. By providing them with game-like, challenging training methods that not only simulate the game, but make the game harder, players quickly learn that REAL training works! Then, of course, we will still play extremely competitive games after the training so Basketball Spotlight can assess players for both their skills and their game!

BS: What can a player expect to gain from the East Coast Super Skillcase?
ML: First, players will gain their weaknesses! I know that sounds funny, but most training around the country only gives players what they can already do. Players at the East Coast Super Skills will all be challenged with some of the most intense drills in basketball, and will all gain the gift of discovering their weaknesses. Only then, will they understand how to improve! Second, they will be able to play games against the best players on the East Coast, and some West Coast of course, and see where they stand. It’s the best of both worlds.

BS: What’s your overall outlook on the Skillcase throughout the country?
ML:Anytime you have an opportunity to assemble the best players in the country in one spot, you have something special and we’ve already had confirmations from some of the best 5-8th graders in the US! But by shining a spotlight on each and every player we are doing more than stroking their egos like other “exposure” events do. I think the name Basketball Spotlight is fitting. A spotlight reveals both strength and weakness. It shines a light on it all. In the same manner, we will be able to offer players exposure for their talents but also expose to them the areas they need to improve to stay in the spotlight and keep their dream alive! The Super Skillcase is a game changer – for players and the game of basketball itself!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

John Lucas FOTC Camp Profile: John Wilson (Brooklyn, NY)

Name: John Wilson

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2019

Analysis: Wilson is a polished point guard that gets a kick out of setting up teammates. He plays the game at a fast pace and always pushes the rock with his head up. When things got out of control Wilson settled his squad down before going back to work. He also played his usual tough defense.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Shakur Daniel (Ajax, Ontario)

Name: Shakur Daniel

Hometown: Ajax, Ontario (Canada)

Position: Wing Guard

Class: 2018

Analysis: It looks like talented heavy Canada has another player on the horizon in Daniel. He’s still a little raw but he shows flashes of being able to create and wiggle between defenders before scoring. He also seems to have tons of growing to do in terms of height so we might be looking at an exciting prospect down the road.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Heru Bligen (Clinton, MD)

Name: Heru Bligen

Hometown: Clinton, MD

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2019

Analysis: Bligen was perhaps the quickest guard in is class when pushing the ball. His high motor was hard to match by players on this level. He plays every play like the game depends on it while being capable of making tough shots. As he matures he will learn to pick his spots better when attacking and being able to change speeds to keep the defense honest.

Video Profile: Shyheim Hicks (Brockton, MA)

5’11 2017 Shyheim hicks is one of the best middle school basketball players in New England. Shyheim has an advanced a skill set for his age that most high school players don have yet. Whats important to note about Shyheim is dominate in his age group not because of height but because of basketball IQ and skillet. That being said there is a lot of room for improvement because of his height and length making him a very interesting prospect.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: AJ Hoggard (Coatesville, PA)

Name: AJ Hoggard

Hometown: Coatesville, PA

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2019

Analysis: Hoggard had a ball throwing full court passes to beat the defense down the floor. He was totally unselfish this weekend. When he did score buckets he was usually breaking away from the defense in transition. His feel for the game makes him one of the top players on his each grade level each time he steps on the floor.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Cameron Reddish (Eagleville, PA)

Name: Cameron Reddish

Hometown: Eagleville, PA

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2018

Analysis: Reddish has the make up to be a real good point guard. He demonstrated the passion of pushing the rock, dishing it and scoring. He got anywhere he wanted on the floor and made some big time plays. Hopefully we will get to see on the Spotlight circuit next year.

Word On The Street: Big Things Happening

The AAU season has come to an end but not before making some noise. There have been some interesting developments over the past few weeks that could shake up things going into next season. Here's a look at what's buzzing in the streets.

Supreme Team Arrival? 
According to a reliable source Team IZOD formerly the “Fly Guys” are currently putting together a 13U roster to chase the AAU National title. They are also throwing away the “Fly Guy” moniker and now will be called the “Supreme Team”. My source claims this squad will feature 12-15 of the top players in the region. We will keep you posted as things develop.

Nate “The Great” Exits IZOD 
It has been confirmed the high scoring guard Nate Pierre Louis is no longer with Team IZOD. Pierre Louis has been featured on Team IZOD the last two seasons and has helped take on many titles while winning the 2010-11 Basketball Spotlight Player Of The Year. Rumors have Nate heading over the water to suit up with Team Scan. It’s still early so we will let you know as we get closer to the season.
Terminator On The Loose 
One of the biggest stories of this off season might be where Jamir Harris will land. He played a little with Team IZOD 15U so it will be interesting if they form a 14U team around Harris. We’ve also heard Team Final was in the mix which would make them even more powerful. But what about if he decides to join Pierre Louis at Team Scan, that would take their program right back to the top.

Basketball Spotlight Class Of 2016 National Top 100 Ranking Coming Friday!

The Basketball Spotlight Class of 2016 Top 100 rankings will be released Friday. The Class of 2016 is very deep and was the hardest to rank up to this point. Please remember that this is just our opinion and should be taken as such. Players that feel they are ranked too low or do not appear on the list should use this as motivation.

Monday, September 3, 2012

John Lucas FOTG Camp Top Performers Video

John Lucas and his staff put together yet another phenomenal middle school camp this weekend in Hampton, Virginia. The campers learned from a top notch staff who put them through the same drills that Lucas runs at his NBA pre-draft camps and benefitted from playing against high level competition from across the country (18 different states and Canada were represented at the camp). Campers will also gain national exposure as Clark Francis (HoopScoop), Mike Melton (Basketball Spotlight), Spencer Pulliam (, and were all in attendance. Basketball Spotlight has player profiles listed below and more to come.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Jalen Gaffney (Columbus, NJ)

Name: Jalen Gaffney

Hometown: Columbus, NJ

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2019

Analysis: It was another big event and the Spotlight POY showed he was deserving of this honor. Gaffney’s feel for the game and relentlessness sets him apart from most peers. He showed he could see the floor while setting up teammates and finish with the best of them. His range and accuracy on his outside was something to watch. This kid has had a superb year.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Justin Moore (Accokeek, MD)

Name: Justin Moore

Hometown: Accokeek, MD

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2019

Analysis: He plays up most of the time but one day the Class of 2019 will have to deal with Moore and I wish them luck. Justin was too much for his counterparts to handle in Hampton. He has power and a skill set beyond his years. They say point guards are born and not created and I think this kid is a natural at the one spot. He has the composure, court vision and overall basketball IQ to keep us watching for years.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Myles Dread (Burtonsville, MD)

Name: Myles Dread

Hometown: Burtonsville, MD

Position: Small Forward

Class: 2018

Analysis: It’s hard to believe that Dread was a post player for most of his young career because this youngster looked so comfortable attacking from the perimeter. He’s an intimidating force when charging the lane and has the touch to finish off the plays. I can see how he was a dominating player on his grade level and the more he expands his game the better.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: El Khana Hildago (Pennsauken, NJ)

Name: Elkhana Hildago

Hometown: Pennsauken, NJ

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2018

Analysis: Hildago looked very good against some of the top point guards in the camp. He didn’t rush things and made a point to look for teammates. I see now that he’s really a throwback point guard with a pass first mentality. He was very aggressive while picking his spots well. He really blossomed running the show surrounded by talent.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Justin Winston (Bloomfield, NJ)

Name: Justin Winston

Hometown: Bloomfield, NJ

Position: Small Forward

Class: 2018

Analysis: This kid continues to impress me each time out. Once again he showed some progress on the perimeter in terms of handling the rock and attacking. He has a very high motor and seems to enjoy playing the game. He does need to raise his shot a little but that will come with strength and practice. The scary part is he’s nowhere near a finished product and actually looks like a baby calf on the floor. Mark my words; if he continues to work hard he could turn into a special prospect down the road.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Michael Speights (Clinton, MD)

Name: Michael Speights

Hometown: Clinton, MD

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2018

Analysis: Speights showed why he’s one of the most prolific scorers in the country. He has a nose for the ball and seemed to be always involved in the play. He scored from the perimeter and in the paint while also hitting the offensive glass to get more points. He does need to learn to trust his teammates a little more and move without the ball. This will help him once he gets older and plays with more talented comrades.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Qon Murphy (Concord, NC)

Name: Qon Murphy

Hometown: Concord, NC

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2018

Analysis: Murphy appeared very dominant at times in Hampton. He punished smaller defenders inside and drove past big forwards that tried to check him on the perimeter. He’s was a matchup nightmare especially when his outside shot was clicking. Qon’s next focus should be on improving his quickness. This improvement should take his game and stock to another level.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Brandon Hurt (Richton, IL)

Name: Brandon Hurt

Hometown: Richton, IL

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2018

Analysis: Hurt did much damage off the bounce. The crafty guard carved up defenders and found a way to finish around shot blockers. He also knows how to let his shot go after getting the defender to loss balance. He has the knack of controlling the tempo while making the correct play at the right time. I would really like to see Hurt against more of his peers in this class.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Terrell Strickland (Lexington, KY)

Name: Terrell Strickland

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2020

Analysis: Strickland has the hesitation dribble that made his dad famous. He was able to get past a few defenders but did run into trouble when the play turned physical. Once he gets older and he grows into his body opponents will be definitely be in trouble. Look for this youngster to be a top notch guard in the future.

John Lucas FOTG Camp Profile: Zahree Harrison (Philadelphia, PA)

Name: Zahree Harrison

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2020

Analysis: The Philadelphia point guard assembly line seems to have another product in this baby baller. Harrison is definitely quicker than he looks and his basketball IQ is beyond his years. Harrison was able to get rid of defenders with a slick handle but also displays deep range on his outside shot. He represented the City of Brotherly Love well.