Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: Meet The "Supreme Team"

Reggie Carter coached Team IZOD 12U to an 81-11 record last season while taking home Coach Of The Year Honors. After an AAU National experience where the “Fly Guys” fell in double overtime to a squad that made it to the championship, and then losing to neighboring rival New Rens, Carter felt it was time for an upgrade. So it was goodbye “Fly Guys” and hello “Supreme Team”. We sat down with the captain of this ship to see what the “Supreme Team” is all about. 

One on One Feat: Reggie Carter (Supreme Team)

BS: When did you come up with the idea of forming the “Supreme Team”? 
RC: Soon as I pulled out of the parking lot of the Boo Williams Center after losing on a buzzer beater to New Rens. 

BS: How did the name come about? 
RC: I felt that once we put this plan together our squad would be supreme on and off the court. 

BS: BS: How did you determine which players you wanted on this exclusive squad? 
RC: The players were selected by the strengths in their game and their character off the floor. All the players compliment each other and there are no two that are exactly alike. 

BS: What is the main goal of the “Supreme Team”? 
RC: The main goal is to win the National Championship. To get there we must take care business every time we step on the floor.

BS: Which events are listed on your calendar for this season? 
 RC: We will do the Spotlight Circuit while also hitting the top tournaments in Ohio, Maryland, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas, Tennessee and California to name a few. We plan to travel to play the best in America. We are hitting the road like the Beatles. 

BS: How do you plan to manage this team flooded with talented players? 
 RC: Managing this much talent will not be hard at all because we have a culture at Sports U where no player feels like he’s bigger than the team. We also feel that good players should want to play with other talented players. The players on the “Supreme Team” have decided to come together and do something special and they are willing to sacrifice to get this done. 

BS: How does Sports U feel about the “Supreme Team” project? 
RC: They love what we are doing and support us 110%. We are designing our youth program in the format they use for our high school teams on and off the court. Players will be expected to perform on a high level on the court and in the classroom. Right now we are concentrating on hitting the gym and developing chemistry. The “Supreme Team” has arrived you might see us in any gym from NY to LA. 
Supreme Team Roster: Atiba Taylor, Luther Muhammed, Jahvon Quinerly, Justin Winston, Nazreon Reid , Tyrek Chambers, Jalen Brooks, Andrew Tuazama, Mark Natiello, Triston Issac, Andrew Friberg, Will Yarbrough