Sunday, September 2, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Final Entry

Tyus Battle At His Final Spotlight Event

What's up basketball world. It has been a great year and I am finally at the end of my middle school journey. A lot has happened over the past year and I have been really lucky to have been able to share my thoughts with whoever chose to read about me. That sounds crazy when I read it!. During the last 12 months that I have written the diary, I tried to be open and honest in sharing my thoughts about my life, both the good and the challenging parts as well. I also tried to share with people who followed me how much a regular kid I really am and how much I am faced with challenges just like everyone else.

I had to deal with the first death in my life when my Grandma Queeny died and my Nana has struggled to walk since January of this year. In school this year it took me 2 semesters to make the high honors and in middle school basketball, I probably played the worse game of my life against a bunch of kids that I was a lot better than. You all probably remember how I first announced I was going to Gill and then to Saint Joe's and then back to Gill. I believe I am going where I need to be and I am really excited about it! That must have all seemed crazy if you’re not on the inside but it makes sense now. Thanks for reading my diary and here is my finale entry.

Up until Thursday I was at Impossible Training with my little brother Khalif. Micah Lancaster is town for the week and I always try to get with Micah when he is in town. I believe he is one of the best skill and agility trainers in the world. The stuff that he teaches really stretches your imagination and ability to create and also gives you the confidence to try some things you may otherwise never try. The first day I arrived at 12 and I was really tired from staying up a lot later than i should, have. Truth is that I really just could not sleep at all for some reason. So when I arrive at training, I was dead tired but once I got a sweat I was good and it was awesome day. After the camp ended for the day, I stayed late to do a few hours extra hours at the end to make up for the hours that I missed.

Tuesday was a normal day at the Impossible Training. All the kids worked really hard and my brother who has been getting better and better had a great day of camp. For the second day in row we both stayed and worked out for additional hour this time but Khalif did yoga and put up some additional shots where I just worked out with Micah, Bryce and a few of the pro guys who are home from Europe.

Wednesday was a great day because I received a few college offers and although I try to always stay level headed, it made me excited. Rutgers was my first to offer me but I also received offers from Miami, Rhode Island, Seton Hall and Syracuse.. It is really crazy and unexpected. I really appreciate everything that I get and really understand it means nothing except that I have more expectations, which is one of the things that motivate me.

I also played a one on one game with a former college player who is now 25 years old who was so pissed that I was killing him, he basically tackled me during the game. I was so mad that Micah stopped the game before it ended and the guy even got fired but at one point I was up 7 to 2. and I just wanted to win. I was so mad that Micah stopped the game and my dad had to to calm me down because I lost it. Not one of my best moments for sure! That guy whatever his name is, is exactly the kind of bully I like to beat. I know he will never forget me and I want to see him again on the court! Thanks again for reading my diary.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Tanya, Khalif and GiGI for helping me with everything. Special thanks to Mr.Melton for choosing me out of all the kids in the country. Oh, I almost forgot, thanks dad. You taught me that anything is possible with God and although I sometimes say that basketball is life. You remind me that it is not, that life is more than basketball and I should experience it all! This is Tyus Battle signing off! Look out High School, here I come!