Monday, September 1, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Class 2012 Elite 50 (Goodbye Regional Rankings)

Kyle Anderson Region's #1 Player Class 2012

Basketball Spotlight would like to say goodbye and congratulations to the Class of 2012. I have seen many of you play throughout the years and was privileged to have witnessed some great performances. I also would like give a special thanks the Kyle Anderson for the great job he did on the Diary Of A Baller. Now as our gift to the Class of 2012 we would like to release our Elite 50 regional player rankings. These rankings were only released because you guys are considered high school students now. Please don’t take this list that serious it’s just our opinion. Basketball Spotlight will continue to be non-biased towards or for any AAU Team or Sneaker Affiliation.

Basketball Spotlight Class of 2012 Elite 50 Regional Rankings

1. Kyle Anderson 6’6 Guard (Fairlawn, NJ)- Anderson got our nod as the lanky and towering point guard guided one team to a National Title after guiding another to the Las Vegas Main Event crown. The Shawn Livingston type dazzled crowds coast to coast with his slick passes and clutch play. He should be an instant impact on the high school level at Paterson Catholic. Check out his highlights from the AAU Nationals. Highlights

2. Nkereum Okoro 6’4 Guard (Bronx, NY)- When teammates finish 1and 2 it lets you know how strong the Lightning were. Okoro has an argument for the number 1 spot has the smooth wing player does damage in some many different ways. He will can the jumper or create his own shot off the dribble. He also knows how to maneuver on the baseline for easy buckets or free throw trips.

3. Savon Goodman 6’4 Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- Goodman had the goods this year. I was really impressed with his perimeter skills and his ability to get teammates involved. Savon has a nice build and plays above the rim at times. He also can hurt you by how hard he plays and willingness to play defense. His name should ring bells in the City of Brotherly Love early and often.

4. Amile Jefferson 6’5 Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- The Real Deal has a tremendous future ahead of him especially if he grows at least 3 more inches while in high school. He has polished lost post moves and excels at changing or blocking shots on the defensive end. The development of his perimeter game will be a key to his future endeavors.

5. Thaddeus Hall 6’3 Guard (New York, NY)- There’s no denying Hall’s athleticism and his ability as a playmaker. The lefty can get to the rack with good speed and power. When he gets to the rack he can finish in traffic or above the rim. Thaddeus also has a chance to fly up this ladder. He also is apparently attending Rice.

6. Rashard Andrews 6’4 Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- Don’t be surprised when it’s said and done that Andrews rises to the top of this list. I see so many interesting things in his game. First of all he seems to have a few more inches to grow which is always important, then it appears that he is one is way to become a fluid wing player and finally he seems to have a good attitude and serious work ethic to get better.

7. Dashawn Suber 5’11 Guard (Spring Valley, NY)- The lefty will put up huge numbers against any opponents. It’s virtually impossible to keep him away from the basket off the dribble. Suber has been around the game for years and uses his experience to outwit opponents. Word is he’s headed to Rice. If so than he should develop into something serious.

8. Omar Calhoun 6’3 Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- Calhoun is the prototype two-guard. He has size, ball handling and a jumper that can hurt you when he is on. I like his body control and ability to get to the tin while penetrating. If he gets the freedom in high school he could flourish into a serious stud. Think about Paul Pierce style of play.

9. Labrent Walker 6’2 Guard (Queens, NY)- If you want excitement look no further than Mr. Walker. The lefty lives to shack defenders with his crossover before finishing above shot blockers. His handle and decision making has improved but still needs to fine tune his outside shot which can be streaky at times. He will look very good in an open floor system.

10. Daniel Dingle 6’5 Forward (Bronx, NY)- Dingle has been one of the top power forwards on this age level for years. He has grown gradually over that time period and skills have also picked up. Dingle is capable of hitting the glass and scoring inside with touch.

11. Andre Horne 6’2 Guard (Wilmington, DE)

12. Dennis Green 6’0 Guard (New York, NY)

13. Richard Hoskins 6’0 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)

14. Rahmir Jefferson 6’4 Forward (Chester, PA)

15. Matt Banas 6’6 Forward (Hershey, PA)

16. Jahmal Lane 6’3 Forward (Plainfield, NJ)

17. Montana Mayfield 5’11 Guard (Ft. Washington, PA)

18. Tariq Carey 6’2 Guard (Newark, NJ)

19. Dallas Anglin 6’1 Guard (Montclair, NJ)

20. Derrick Stewart 6’5 Forward (Upper Darby, PA)

21. Dajuan Palmer 6’1 Guard (Brooklyn, NY)

22. Laquan Stevens 6’3 Forward (Philadelphia, PA)

23. Javon Thomas 5’9 Guard (Queens, NY)

24. Maurice Watson 5’4 Guard (Upper Darby, PA)

25. Hunter Wysocki 6’3 Guard (Howell, NJ)

26. Winston Mcleod 6’2 Guard (Brooklyn, NY)

27. Khyree Wooten 6’3 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)

28. Aaron Bodie 6’5 Forward (Newark, NJ)

29. Daquan Walker 5’9 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)

30. Ron Paden 6’2 Guard (Hamilton, NJ)

31. Eric Shaw 6’4 Forward (Colts Neck, NJ)

32. Trey Dickerson 5’6 Guard (Queens, NY)

33. Matthew Johnson 5’10 Guard (Burlington, NJ)

34. Jaylen Mcleary 6’5 Forward (Philadelphia, PA)

35. Kareem Robinson 5’10 Guard (Chester, PA)

36. Dominic Twitty 6’3 Forward (Florence, NJ)

37. Nafiq Lighty 6’3 Forward (Paterson, NJ)

38. Jerome Frink 6’5 Forward (Jersey City, NJ)

39. Karon Davis 5’9 Guard (Philadelphia, PA)

40. Brian Kenny 6’0 Guard (Howell, NJ)

41. Dana Raysor 6’3 Guard (Hamilton, NJ)

42. Emmanuel Brown 6’0 Forward (New York, NY)

43. Ahmid Williams 5’9 Guard (Montgomery, NJ)

44. George Davis 6’1 Guard (Queens, NY)

45. Zaire Williams 5’9 Guard (Paterson, NJ)

46. Diijon Jordan 6’2 Guard (Plainfield, NJ)

47. Ike Calderon 5’10 Guard (Neptune, NJ)

48. Jamal Torrence 5’9 Guard (New York, NY)

49. Nassir Williams 5’9 Guard (New York, NY)

50. Paris Higgs 6’0 Guard (Wilmington, DE)