Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Kavon Stewart - Paterson's Point Man

Kavon Stewart is regarded as the top 8th grade point guard in New Jersey. Stewart wasn’t given this title because he plays for the best team or goes to certain camps. He earned it on the floor. Nowadays many players with Stewart’s talent are very selective about what events or tournaments they attend. Not Kavon, he’s a throw back and came be seen anywhere a Paterson squad is getting it in. I’ve caught him balling in everything from state tournaments, to elite camps and even outside summer leagues. No matter what’s the arena the Paterson Point Man sets the stage and delivers. His AAU coach Jamal Slappy agrees "Kavon's doesn't care what type of game or event he's playing in if it's basketball he's there. He's definitely old school". Just check his resume he seems to always make it to the championship in whatever league or tournament he enters. If this was boxing he would pound for pound one of the best.