Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing: Jackson Davis

Potential is a term that many basketball experts love to use nowadays. They try to predict how a player will develop in a few years. I also have used the term frequently when describing a player and this word doesn’t fit any player more than Jackson Davis from Lexington, KY. Davis stands about 6’5 right now and is oozing with basketball promise. I got a chance to check out Jackson at the Hoop Dreams Showcase and I was very impressed with the package I saw. He has the frame of a future 6’10 or 7 footer and doesn’t have control of his body thus far which is a plus because he’s only a 7th grader. His skills are still developing on the offensive end but on the defensive side he blocks nearly every shot in his vicinity. I haven’t seen every Class of 2014 player in the Blue Grass State but I think in terms of potential he should be rated #1 right now. We will keep you tuned into Jackson Davis’s progress.