Thursday, September 4, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Expo Invite List

The list below represents the players we have seen on the AAU circuit, at camps and have been referred by knowledgeable scouts. Some players are listed by their AAU Teams while others are listed by their hometowns. These are the ballers we felt we good enough to compete at the Elite 80 Expo. Of course there are only 80 slots for this event therefore your final confirmation for this extravaganza will be determine when your are registered. NO SPOTS WILL BE HELD. If your name isn’t on this list and you feel you have what it takes contact Mike Melton immediately. Everyone that’s on this list must request an application from Mike Melton by email at Any further questions email or call at 609-532-5122. THIS IS NOT A RANKING IT'S JUST A LIST OF PLAYERS WE GAVE EARLY INVITES TO.


Players listed with AAU Team
1. Dwayne Foreman (Trenton Hurricanes)
2. Joe Feinberg (Trenton Hurricanes)
3. Daquan Chew (Trenton Hurricanes)
4. Shaquille Davis (Gauchos)
5. Leory Floyd (Gauchos)
6. Kevin Rosario (Gauchos)
7. Kyron Bracey (Gauchos)
8. Elijah Davis (Gauchos)
9. Jordan Washington (NY Panthers)
10. Maynard Grant (NY Panthers)
11. Dalique Mingo (NY Panthers)
12. Brian Kruger (NY Panthers)
13. Ben Batash (NY Panthers)
14. Tyrice Beverette (Asbury Park Rec)
15. Keyshawn Rice (NJ Shore Shots)
16. Keith Kirkwood (NJ Shore Shots)
17. Elijah Brown (NJ Shooting Stars)
18. Shacore Edwards (New Jersey Panthers)
19. Diamonte Zarba (Westchester Hawks)
20. Andrew Sawyer (Westchester Hawks)
21. Jamie Jefferson (Westchester Hawks)
22. Ramone Gibbons (Boston Saintz)
23. Timmance McKinney (Boston Saintz)
24. Wayne Sulden (Boston Saintz)
25. Darius Robinson (Educated Athletes)
26. Jaquan Johnson (Educated Athletes)
27. Jakari Rowe (Educated Athletes)
28. Comrad Chambers (Educated Athletes)
29. Wilson Murray (Educated Athletes)
30. Dhamere Bradley (Delaware Hawks)
31. Dean Wilson (Delaware Hawks)
32. Steven Griffin (PJ Jaguars)
33. Mike Sturdivant (PJ Jaguars)
34. Lequan Coaxum (PJ Jaguars)
35. Ethan Telfair (Juice)
36. Isiah Lewis (LI Lightning)
37. Jason Boswell (LI Lightning)
38. Davonne Regan (NY Patriots)
39. Jaquan Brown (NY Patriots)
40. Josh Jenkins (NJ Shore Shots)
41. Shafeek Taylor (Peacemakers)
42. Carlton Wright (Peacemakers)
43. Trevis Wyche (NJ Shore Shots)
44. John Davis (Peacemakers)
45. Nyie Johnson (Playaz)
46. Kavon Stewart (Playaz)
47. Reggie Cameron (Playaz)
48. Joshua Marquez (Playaz)
49. DeAndre Santos (Linden Ballers)
50. Darrian Collins (Linden Ballers)
51. Alex Similien (Linden Ballers)
52. Jaquan Matthews (Linden Ballers)
53. Jahad Harris (Linden Ballers)
54. Markell Barnes (MSU)
55. Travis Procida (Camp Pocono)
56. Gary Whritentour (Camp Pocono)
57. Conner Cuccinello (Camp Pocono)
58. Chris Jenkins (NJ Pirates)
59. James Jenkins (NJ Pirates)
60. David Daniluk (Harvest Knights)
61. Elijah Torres (NJ Pirates)

Players Listed By Hometown
62. Miles Overton (Chester, PA)
63. Kendall Singleton (Philadelphia, PA)
64. Ryan Bland (Lawnside, NJ)
65. Hanif Sutton (Philadelphia, PA)
66. Rashan Dejarnette (Brookhaven, PA)
67. Daron Lawrence (Chester, PA)
68. Rashad Moody (Brooklyn, NY)
69. Jamal Pinkard (Brooklyn, NY)
70. Britton Lee (Philadelphia, PA)
71. Nick Simone (Ridgewood, NJ)
72. Sterlin Johnson (Wilmington, DE)
73. Austin Hawkins (Philadelphia, PA)
74. Bakeer Allen (Philadelphia, PA)
75. Darrian Banks (West Windsor, NJ)
76. Bryan Rivers (Princeton, NJ)
77. Floyd Preito (Philadelphia, PA)
78. Stephen Vasturia (Medford, NJ)
79. John Vasser (Marlboro, MA)
80. Jamal Adu Peasah (Lexington, KY)
81. Matt Xie (Chappaqua, NY)
82. Marcus Fulmore (Burlington, NJ)
83. Marquis Perry (Mount Laurel, NJ)
84. Bobby Ahearn (Massachusetts)
85. Tommy Woloszyn (Staten Island, NY)
86. Ian Rohde (Ringwood, NJ)
87. Devin Griffins (Bordentown, NJ)
88. Christian Morton (Brooklyn, NY)
89. Mike Greenman (Linwood, NJ)
90. Trevonn Morton (Brooklyn, NY)
91. Tiquan Garner (Brookville, NY)
92. Lamar Greer (Cape May, NJ)
93. Mike Schatzberg (Garnett Valley, PA)

94. Larry Morton (Lexington, KY)
95. Daquan Lynch (Brooklyn, NY)
96. Travis Flagg (Queens, NY)
97. Austin Williams (Queens, NY)
98. Jordan Smart (New York, NY)
99. Lance Tejada (Bronx, NY)
100. Jalen Robinson (Queens, NY)
101. Noah Woods (Brooklyn, NY)
102. Myles Stephenson (Brooklyn, NY)
103. Sam Moyer (Wilmington, DE)
104. Jared Armstrong (Hockessin, DE)
105.Dillion Avare (Lexington, KY)
106. Braxton McFarland (Lexington, KY)