Monday, September 29, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Special Annoucement!

It has come to my attention that Basketball Spotlight has be prematurely placed on numerous fliers and event announcements as being assigned to cover tournaments, showcases etc. We don’t want to mislead teams, organization or players and we don’t promote false advertisement. Please take note that if you do not see this event advertised on our website or on the Certified Circuit List “We Will Not Be There”. If you have any questions on whether we will be attending an event please contact me

Here’s the list of events we are scheduled to attend.

Basketball Spotlight Certified Circuit

Basketball Spotlight Holiday Classic
• Date: December 26th and 27th
• Place: TBA
• Cost: $350
• Ages: 11U Thru 14U
• Contact: Mike Melton at 609-532-5122 or

JSL MLK Classic
• Date: January 16th thru 18th
• Place: Lakewood, NJ
• Cost: $400
• Ages: 10U Thru 14U
• Contact: Laurene Jackson at 848-525-3201 or visit

Rebounds Presidents Day Classic
• Date: February 14th and 15th
• Cost: AAU $350 Non AAU $275
• Ages: 9U Thru 14U and 3rd Grade to 8th Grade
• Contact: Joe Stein at 732-897-3196 or visit

Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase
• Date: March 21st and 22nd
• Cost: $350
• Place: Atlantic City, NJ
• Ages: 10U thru 14U
• Contact: Mike Melton at 609-532-5122 or

Beantown Mazzacre
• Date: March 28th and 29th
• Place: Milton, Mass.
• Cost: $400
• Ages: 11U thru 17U
• Contact: Coach Pumpkin at 857-891-4797 or at

Basketball Spotlight MDC
• Date: May 22nd thru 24th
• Place: Neptune, NJ
• Cost: $400
• Ages: 10U thru 16U
• Contact: Mike Melton at 609-532-5122 or

Playaz Club Blow Up
• Date: June 5th thru 7th
• Place: Paterson, NJ
• Cost: $375
• Ages: 12U thru 14U
• Contact: Jim Salmon at 973-207-4346 or visit

Game Over Classic
• Date: June 19th thru 21st
• Place: New York City
• Cost $425
• Ages: 10U thru 17U
• Contact: Dana Dingle at 646-773-4878 or visit