Friday, November 27, 2009

Grand Finale 14 And Under Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Schedule 14 and Under

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 14U Schedule is listed below. Please make sure you arrive early for your game. We tried to accommodate any request the best we could. Good luck to all teams.

Pool M
1. Team Nelson
2. NJ Pirates
3. Playtime

Pool J
1. Brooklyn Ballers

2. Team MVP
3. Team Underrated

Pool K
1. Starrett City
2. JSL Hoops
3. Mount Vernon

Pool L
1. Team NJ ABC
2. Visionary Sports Club
3. Team Scan

Saturday December 5th

1:40PM M1-M2 (CT 3)
1:40PM K1-K2 (CT 4)
2:50PM J1-J2 (CT 3)
2:50PM L1-L2 (CT 4)
4:00PM M1-M3 (CT 3)
4:00PM K1-K3 (CT 4)
6:20PM J1-J3 (CT 3)
6:20PM L1-L3 (CT 4)
7:30PM M2-M3 (CT 3)
7:30PM K2-K3 (CT 4)
8:40PM J2-J3 (CT 3)
8:40PM L2-L3 (CT 4)

Sunday December 6th

12:30PM 3RD M – 3RD J (CT 3)
12:30PM 3RD K – 3RD L (CT 4)
2:50PM 1ST M – 2ND J (CT 1) Pool M
2:50PM 1ST J – 2ND M (CT 2) Pool J
2:50PM 1ST L – 2ND K (CT 3) Pool L
2:50PM 1ST K – 2ND L (CT 4) Pool K
5:10PM Pool M – Pool L Semifinal (CT 1)
5:10PM Pool J – Pool K Semifinal (CT 2)

Grand Finale 13 And Under Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Schedule 13 and Under

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 13U Schedule is listed below. Please make sure you arrive early for your game. We tried to accommodate any request the best we could. Good luck to all teams.

Pool E
1. F.A.C.E.S.
2. Team Underrated
3. Mid Jersey Heat

Pool F
1. Team Final
2. Team RIP City
3. Linden Ballers
4. NJ Got Game

Pool G
1. The City
2. Del Team Select
3. Philly Aztecs
4. Showtime All Stars

Pool H
1. Team Takeover
2. SJ Blitz
3. NYC Elite
4. NYC Gauchos

Saturday December 5th
9:00AM E1-E2 (CT 1)
9:00AM E3-E4 (CT 2)
9:00AM F1-F2 (CT 3)
9:00AM F3-F4 (CT 4)
11:20AM E1-E3 (CT 1)
11:20AM E2-E4 (CT 2)
11:20AM F1-F3 (CT 3)
11:20AM F2-F4 (CT 4)
1:40PM G1-G2 (CT 1)
1:40PM G3-G4 (CT 2)
2:50PM H1-H2 (CT 1)
2:50PM H3-H4 (CT 2)
4:00PM G1-G3 (CT 1)
4:00PM G2-G4 (CT 2)
5:10PM H1-H3 (CT 1)
5:10PM H2-H4 (CT 2)

Sunday December 6th
9:00AM E1-E4 (CT 1)
9:00AM E2-E3 (CT 2)
9:00AM F1-F4 (CT 3)
9:00AM F2-F3 (CT 4)
11:20AM G1-G4 (CT 1)
11:20AM G2-G3 (CT 2)
11:20AM H1-H4 (CT 3)
11:20AM H2-H3 (CT 4)


Grand Finale 12 And Under Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Schedule 12 and Under

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 12U Schedule is listed below. Please make sure you arrive early for your game. We tried to accommodate any request the best we could. Good luck to all teams.

Pool C
1. F.A.C.E.S.
2. Playtime Panthers
3. Team Underrated
4. NYC Gauchos

Pool D
1. New Heights NYC
2. Staten Island Ironmen
3. NY Panthers
4. MABC Bengals

Saturday December 5th
10:10AM C1-C2 (CT 1)
10:10AM C3-C4 (C T 2)
12:30PM C1-C3 (CT 1)
12:30PM C2-C4 (CT 2)
5:10PM D1-D2 (CT 3)
5:10PM D3-D4 (CT 4)
7:30PM D1-D3 (CT 1)
7:30PM D2-D4 (CT 2)

Sunday December 6th
10:10AM C1-C4 (CT 1)
10:10AM C2-C3 (CT 2)
12:30PM D1-D4 (CT 1)
12:30PM D2-D3 (CT 2)


Grand Finale 11 And Under Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Schedule 11 and Under

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 11U Schedule is listed below. Please make sure you arrive early for your game. We tried to accommodate any request the best we could. Good luck to all teams.

Pool A
1. Team Battle
2. Team Rip City
3. Team Underrated
4. Brooklyn Kings

Pool B
1. MABC Bengals
2. Playtime Panthers
3. JSL Hoops
4. Delaware Royalty

Saturday December 5th
10:10AM A1-A2 (CT 3)
10:10AM A3-A4 (CT 4)
12:30PM A1-A3 (CT 3)
12:30PM A2-A4 (CT 4)
6:20PM B1-B2 (CT 1)
6:20PM B3-B4 (CT 2)
8:40PM B1-B3 (CT 1)
8:40PM B2-B4 (CT 2)

Sunday December 6th
10:10AM A1-A4 (CT 3)
10:10AM A2-A3 (CT 4)
1:40PM B1-B4 (CT 1)
1:40PM B2-B3 (CT 2)
4:00PM 1ST A – 2ND B (SEMIFINAL) (CT 3)
4:00PM 1ST B – 2ND A (SEMIFINAL) (CT 4)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Basketball Spotlight Headed To Boston For X-Mas

Basketball Spotlight is headed to Boston, Massachusetts for the 2nd Annual Urban/Suburban X-MAS Holiday Tournament presented by the Visionary Basketball Club.

Event: 2nd Annual Urban/Suburban X-MAS Holiday Tournament

Date: December 26th thru 30th

Ages: Boys and Girls 4th Grade Thru 9th Grade (10U Thru 15U)

Location: Swampscott HS, Marblehead HS, UMass Boston

Awards: Trophies For Championship Team

Cost: $250 Per Team ($225 Multiple Team Discount)

Contact: Santonio Gooding at (617)-413-2446

Don’t miss the action! Basketball Spotlight will be in the building.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grand Finale Is Closed!

The Grand Finale 09 is closed. In our effort to provide an organized event we must repspect the deadline we put forth. The teams below are the teams that will participate in this event. Good luck to all squads the schedule will be posted shortly.

Confirmed Teams

1. Team Nelson
2. Team Scan
3. Visionary Basketball Club
4. Team Underrated
5. Philly Aztecs
6. Starret City (Juice All Stars)
7. JSL Hoops
8. Team NJ ABC
9. Brooklyn Ballers
10. Mount Vernon Basketball
11. Playtime Basketball
12. NJ Pirates


1. The City
2. Philly Aztecs
3. Linden Ballers
4. Team Final
5. Team Underrated
6. NJ Got Game
7. NYC Gauchos
8. Team Takeover
9. Team Rip City
10. F.A.C.E.S

11. Mid Jersey Heat
12. NYC Elite
13. SJ Blitz
14. Del Team Select
Showtime All Stars (NC)
16. KYDA


1. MABC Bengals
2. NY Panthers
3. Team Underrated
4. Playtime Basketball
5. New Heights NYC
6. NYC Gauchos

7. F.A.C.E.S.
8. Staten Island Ironmen


1. Team Battle
2. Brooklyn Kings
3. Team Underrated (Black)
4. Delaware Royalty
5. Team RIP City
6. Playtime Panthers
7. JSL Hoops
8. MABC Bengals


Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #8

Hello Basketball World

This week wasn’t very eventful. Now that our Thursday league is over it has been all studying and workouts until my last High School exam, on December 13th until then I’m usually studying. The last exam that I have to take is ISEE; this test gets you into most of the private schools. Wednesday I worked out with a speed coach from Parisi. Parisi is a speed school in New Jersey, I did this when I was younger and it was very helpful it teaches you the structure of running as oppose to speed itself using many great drills. These drills work on strength and conditioning. In this work out Wednesday we worked on stance while running and we did many sprints and stretches to help your technique when running. We also worked on explosiveness and jumping. He showed us how to get off the ground quicker which was very helpful. I learned a lot while working with this coach, mainly that when running your arms are 20 percent of the way you run, many don’t now that your arms are extremely important when you run. A lot of it has to do with the way you move arms while running. Thursday and Friday I studied for tests and relaxed. Saturday and Sunday as usual I went to my younger brothers practice with the New York Gauchos. They learned many new plays while working hard in practice, its always fun to watch those kids. Monday was today, after school I came home and worked on strength after finishing homework. This week was very similar to the last one Workouts and Studying, basically just being a student athlete staying on top of both academics and athletics.

Young One Out…

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony Champ Mosely (Delaware) Entry #8

What's up world it's your boy Champ with another week of events in my life. My routine has changed big time as my brother and I are in our schools basketball seasons. My dad be going back and forth from my practice to his practice. Most of my training time is gone and everything is about the school team. This week was fun as cuts were made and we have our team now. Our first team practice was Wednesday. I was excited because I like our chances to go undefeated with the group of boys we have. I can tell coach is excited about this years team as well.

From Wednesday to Saturday we had some intense practices as everyone was fighting for a job. Coach kept changing the lineups to keep everyone competing. I think that we have settled in on 4 of the 5 starters now and are down to one spot left at 3. We started running plays the first day this season because we have about 7 guys returning from last years team.

On Saturday my dad and I went to my brothers scrimmage games at his school. The games were very competitive and I got to see some of the top high school players here in DE. But it was a team from VA that caught my eye PaulVI from Fairfax they came in town and defeated our best teams. They won because they had more depth than our teams and I think they had another gear left to go.

In conclusion, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Champ Out !!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lehigh Valley Super 60 Showcase Recap: Washington Dazzles In Lehigh Valley

Leondre Washington Put On A Show In Lehigh Valley!

Basketball Spotlight traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania for the Lehigh Valley Super 60 Showcase. This event gave us a chance to watch some familiar faces and a few new ballers. Here’s Part 2 of our report.

Top Performers Part 2

Leondre Washington Guard- Without question Washington was the best guard in his age division. He put on a show for the spectators. Washington dazzled on lookers with his slick handle and ability to finish off plays. When his three ball was falling he looked even more impressive. His confidence was flowing.

Lucas Hudson Guard- This kid has been here before. Hudson is very verbal when running a team and has the heart of a lion. He pushed the rock in transition while keeping teammates happy. He did get into a little trouble when he penetrated too deep into the lane. He’s a joy to watch.

Jordan Harrington Guard- This southpaw has some serious skills including an outside shot that’s very fluid. I also got a chance to check out his handle and ability to create his own shot. I can’t wait to see him on the AAU circuit.

Logan Allen Guard- Allen is a smooth guard that can drain the trey or get to the cup. He loves to use the shot fake and dribble past defenders before finishing at the tin.

Lawrence Bryant Guard- Strength was this kid’s weapon of choice today. His split defenders and finished at the rim. He also wasn’t afraid to stick his head inside and grab a few rebounds.

Lehigh Valley Super 60 Showcase Recap: Seymour Stars In Lehigh Valley

Kevin Seymour Was Too Much In Lehigh Valley!

Basketball Spotlight traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania for the Lehigh Valley Super 60 Showcase. This event gave us a chance to watch some familiar faces and a few new ballers. Here’s Part 1 of our report.

Top Performers Part 1

Kevin Seymour Guard- Seymour established himself early as the top performer of the day. He breezed past the defense and finished with either a pull up or gliding lay-up. He had defenders on gates all afternoon and made things look very easy for the most part. This was his personal playground.

Nazier Chew Guard- Chew is slowly making a statement as the top PG in the region. He got where ever he wanted on the floor while setting up teammates or scoring himself. He looked good pushing the rock in transition and penetrating the gaps. When he’s focused on the game he’s tough to deal with.

Mike Silverthorn Forward- Mike displayed all facets of his game. He nailed a few jumpers, hit the glass and more importantly created a few plays off the dribble. I love his eagerness to handle the pill while developing a perimeter game. He took over the game at times.

Adeyinka Adams Guard- Adams wasn’t his usual explosive self but he still showed some flashes of being able to score the rock. He got out into transition and filled the lane while finishing off plays. He also looked good slashing through the lane occasionally.

Franscisco Zeno Guard- “The Microwave” heated up quickly. This kid can score many different ways regardless of the defensive schemes. He specializes in using his body to shield shot blockers while converting tough lay ups. He brought his game to Lehigh Valley today.

Austin White Guard- White looked like a legit combo guard today. He’s grown a few inches and looked to score a little more than in the past. He has deep range on his outside shot and the craftiness to score in traffic.

Ashton Lofton Guard- Lofton had some good moments during his play. His ability to dribble both ways with the rock and finish with his left hand stood out. His handle kept defenders off balance and gave him the chance to get to the tin at will.

Donovan Wright Guard- Wright was on fire in the All Star Game. He buried six treys while setting up in the corner. Wright felt very comfortable in this environment as his confidence grew after each trey ball.

AL-Jamier Mallary Forward- Mallary used his wide frame to pin defenders under the basket while scoring on the blocks. He’s not the most athletic but he does know how lower his shoulder to create space and get his shot off.

David Williams Forward- Williams has a chance to be one of the best prospects in the building. Right now he’s in project form but you can’t teach his size or eagerness to handle the rock. Remember you heard it first here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Team MVP Rec League Recap: Baby Ballers Report

Tony Mack II Handled The Pill Nicely

Today we continued our recreational league tour with a stop in Trenton for the Team MVP Rec. League. It gave us a true chance to check out some of the top talent in the Capital City. Here’s a breakdown of who we were impressed with. Here’s the Baby Baller report.

Top Performers

Tony Mack II Guard- Mack played like a true floor general. He dribbled the rock low to the ground and carved his way around defenders. I also like his court vision and posture. If he continues to work hard he has a chance to a good one down the road.

Shamer Robinson Guard- Robinson can score the ball. He uses his speed to streak to the cup and love scoring by using the runner. He’s very into the game and knows his way around the floor. Remember this name.

Quadeer Palmer Forward- Palmer was huge on the boards and scoring inside. He also enjoys handling the ball which will need some development. I like his energy level and nose for the ball.

Claude Townsend Forward- Townsend is lanky player who seems to have a lot of potential. He has the basketball player type frame and if he gets it all together he could be special.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Team MVP Rec League Recap: Class of 2015 Report

Kevin Alexis Is One Of The Top Point Guards!

Today we continued our recreational league tour with a stop in Trenton for the Team MVP Rec. League. It gave us a true chance to check out some of the top talent in the Capital City. Here’s a breakdown of who we were impressed with. Here’s the Class of 2015 report.

Top Performers

Kevin Alexis Guard (Team MVP)- Can anybody stop Alexis from getting to the bucket? If so they weren’t in the building today. The lefty danced past defenders and scored with ease. His array of moves are advanced and crisp. He’s definitely a player to watch.

Herbie Ellis Guard (Team MVP)- Ellis can hit the wide open shot and has added a decent floater to his game. He has a quiet demeanor and can be dangerous once he gets going. He had a solid showing.

Rassan Parker Guard (Team MVP)- Parker knocked down a few long treys and had the floater dropping. He uses his quickness and craftiness to compensate his lack of size.

Raymond Gabeau Forward (Mid Jersey Heat)- I like the way Gabeau hustled and made plays. He has a nose for the rock and does whatever he has to do to get it. He will have to develop his ball handling in the near future.

Pat Sheenan Guard (Mid Jersey Heat)- I haven’t seen Sheenan in a while and now he has added a lot to his game. He has a big of “White Chocolate” to his game (Jason Williams). He can be a little too flashy at times but the substance is there.

Keon Brown Forward (Mid Jersey Heat)- Brown is a bruiser inside and uses his wide frame to box out opponents. Inside he was able to get a few shots off and probably will look better against his own age group.

Team MVP REC League: Class of 2014 Report

Kaison Randolph Was Very Impressive Today!

Today we continued our recreational league tour with a stop in Trenton for the Team MVP Rec. League. It gave us a true chance to check out some of the top talent in the Capital City. Here’s a breakdown of who we were impressed with. Here’s the Class of 2014 report.

Top Performers

Kaison Randolph Forward (Team NJ ABC)- Team NJ ABC has picked a few big boys and this will benefit Randolph. Today he looked more fluid handling the rock and making decisions. He could turn into quite a prospect if he develops his perimeter game.

Tyler Kohl Forward (Team NJ ABC)- Kohl will be huge pick up for Team NJ. His post presence and will to rebound were very evident today. Once the season starts the competition will level rise and he should be ready for the challenge.

Wade Baldwin Guard (Team NJ ABC)- Baldwin also returned to his natural wing position. His confidence really showed today as he attacked the cup and knocked down a few jumpers. He was very impressive.

Isiah Powell Guard (Team MVP)- Yes, Powell has moved to Team MVP. He is making the adjustment to playing the point and it will take time. Today, he also scored the rock as usual making some tough plays near the cup. His development this year will be crucial.

Nasier McCoy Guard (Team MVP)- McCoy made his impact early stripping a few ball handlers and converting them into easy buckets. McCoy is always in attack mode and can take it another gear.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Basketball Spotlight Headed Back To Springfield, Mass.

The Junior HoopHall Classic will be held in conjunction with Spalding HoopHall Classic on Martin Luther King weekend at Springfield College, in their field house. The tournament will feature four divisions: 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade travel, CYO, and town divisions, 13u AAU and 14u AAU divisions. Teams are encouraged to register to support your High School teams participating that weekend.


January 16-17, 2010

Championships at Hall of Fame January 18, 2010 in AM


7th/8th Grade Division - 16 teams

5th/6th Grade Division - 8 teams
AAU Basketball Divisions

14u Division - 8 teams

13u Division - 8 teams

Committed Teams

West Springfield Suburban, Philly Aztecs AAU, SECC All-Stars AAU, Groton Dunstable Suburban, OLSH CYO, New England Playaz AAU, MB Nation (Me.) AAU, Jaguars Elite AAU, and others…

This event will be held in conjunction with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and their Spalding HoopHall Classic. The tournament will feature separate divisions for AAU teams and School/Church/Travel teams. Teams are encouraged to sign up to support your High School affiliated teams. All participants from team (coach and players) will receive a 1-day pass to attend the Spalding HoopHall Classic.


The tournament site will be the Springfield College Field House.

Springfield College's field house has 4 high school regulation courts and is ideal for hosting a tournament aimed at providing exposure and competition. The field house was built in the summer of 2008 and is directly connected with Blake Arena, where the HoopHall Classic is played.


Every team will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. Teams will be placed in 4 team pools with their 3-game guarantee coming in pool play. Top-placed teams from each pool will advance to championship games and brackets.

Teams participating in the championship game will compete at center court in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Tournament Cost

$450 per team

· Guarantee of 3 games, minimum

· Reebok Gift Bag

· Reebok Tee-Shirts for each player

· Reebok travel bags for each player

· Reebok Shoes to winning teams in each division

· 15 Tickets to Spalding HoopHall Classic (good for one day)

Special: Register before December 1st for $25/team discount. Discount must be mentioned when registering.

Media Outlets

Over 40 media outlets attended the 2009 Spalding HoopHall Classic including:, HSBI, Tom Konchalski, NE Hoop News, NBE Basketball,, Mass Live, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, SLAM, USA Today, MaxPreps, Draft Express, CSTV, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN, New England Recruiting Report, HS Hoop, NESN, HoopTV, Hartford Courant, Zags Report, and many more...

Will these media outlets walk down the hall to view your team's game? Maybe, maybe not, but there is no better opportunity in the country to get your players and team seen.


Please call Colin Tabb @ 413-382-0272

Colin Tabb

General Manager

BasketBull, LLC

413-382-0272 (office)

413-382-0271 (Fax)

857-540-9042 (cell)

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony Champ Mosely (Delaware) Entry #7

Hey world it’s your boy Champ with some highlights of my week. This week was awesome. I finished the first marking period with a 3.2 GPA. We had our middle school team tryouts. My brother James made the varsity team at Polytech High and we had a great workout with my AAU team on Sunday.

Report cards came out this week and I didn’t meet the goals that I had set coming in to the school year. The beginning of the year was tough as an 8th grader because I am popular at school and I really like to talk. Focusing on school was different this year than last because I’m getting more attention. But my focus came back when than interim report came out and my parents weren’t thrilled as a result took away my phone and ipod. I got back on track quick. I want to thank all of my teachers that worked with me, allowing me to turn in work and do extra credit to bring my grades up. I know I am not the first 8th grader to go through this and I certainly won’t be the last. But I put it in the air because I found out that teachers want to help but we got to go to them or they can’t.

Middle school tryouts were great. We started out 5 ladders then we went into the 3-man weave then into 3 on 2 2on 1 drill. Coach Poole was looking for some players. He has his core group and wants a few more for next year; I think he was looking for the best 7th graders at the tryout. Because we went straight into scrimmaging at that point and we had fun. We went up and down for a minute but I didn’t get to play that much though because Coach told me I was a man amongst boys. I think he said that because one of the kids who tried out whole family came and was cheering for me cause I was cooking. The next day we had practice at 9am. Coach did this to see who was dedicated I think because we didn’t do this last year. With that said the team looks good and we will be tough to beat. I’ll keep you all posted on our games when the season starts.

I want to give a shot out to my Brother James Mosley a freshman at Polytech High School in DE. My brother and I have been going at it in the basement, in the streets, and on the courts since I can remember. He is a freshman or 9th grader for those who don’t know and for him to make the varsity is a dream we have been working towards a long time. We have pictures from when he was 4 and I was 3 dunking on each other on one of those mini courts. Congrats James and now you got to go get a starting job!!!

Finally, my week ended with “THE DC ASSAULT WORKOUT”. It was good this weekend as there weren’t 50 kids there but more like 15. I guess because most of the 15, 16, and 17’s are playing for their High School teams they didn’t come. It was good by me cause we worked on shooting, dribbling, and conditioning and got a lot more reps. Scrimmaging was the best this weekend because I got to run with my team. We were doing damage to those sophomores we were playing against we was running plays and everything it was fun. Well that’s my week looking forward to my first practice with the school team next week.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Philly's Best Kept Secret: Floyd Preito

Last season while Britton Lee and Shafeek Taylor were lighting up the AAU circuit another guard from Philly was getting it done on the camp or showcase scene. His name is Floyd Preito. Preito started last season with an impressive showing at the Elite 80 Expo where his team won the chip and he could have took home MVP honors. He then took his game to the Mid Atlantic Jr. Phenom Camp where he destroyed the competition while taking home the Most Outstanding Player Award. His next stop was the Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp in California where he proved to be one of the top guards in attendance. He finished his summer off at the Elite Players Camp at the Boo Williams Complex where he was ranked as the top point guard.

This season Floyd has reclassified into the 8th grade and has taken full advantage of this move. He was one of the few 8th Graders to attend to the Pangos East and finished as a Top 20 player while competing against the 9th and 10th Graders in the region. Preito also has been destroying the Aztecs Future Legend League by using fundamentals and quick moves. He has truly traveled under the radar but expect a big splash for this kid this year.

Diary Of A Baller: Jaquan Johnson (Pennsylvania) Entry #1

Wassup Basketball World,

I would like to start off by talking about the way my summer with "Team Nelson”. Our team was busy everyday in either a league or a workout. Our team did lots of damage in leagues, tournaments and in the nationals. Our team played well this year but we could have played way better than I thought we did. After the nationals we played at leagues all around Philly and sometimes attended the Fidonce Player Development. I spent every day in the summer with people from Team Nelson. All we did was play ball and play video games on our free time. At the end of the summer, my parents thought the best choice for me was to reclassify. The school I reclassified into was the Our Lady of Charity School. I am currently living with my cousin/brother Conrad Chambers. We go to school together every morning. When we get home from school, we do our homework and at 6:00 we go off to the Fidonce player development with Pooh Evans and Zain Shaw. They make us work hard 3 days out of the week. We spend our social time watching NBA games and on weekends we stay with our teammates Darius Robinson, Hazzan Hudson, Karon Crawford, and Darrell Nicholson. On Sundays we back at playing basketball. We go to our school CYO practice. I think our team could win the state, city, and the regional championship. I think me and Conrad will be enough of an impact for our team to win all of those championships. I think we could have about 50 or 60 points combined every game and about 20 or 25 rebounds combined.

My main focus is on my books and my school work and without that I can’t play basketball. Both Conrad and I have perfect attendance at school so far. I think we both would do a good job this year as getting good grades and doing well in the classroom. But as far as basketball, my favorite player is Chris Paul and I also look up to Kobe Bryant. I will try to work as hard as they do to make it to where they are. When I am watching them on TV, I watch both of their entire games. I am currently 5'9 and one day I will hope to be about 6'5 or 6'6. I sometimes workout with one of the high schools I am interested in. I think that is a good school and think me and Conrad will have a good 4 years at that school. That’s about it for this week, so I will be ending things by saying I’ll talk to you all next week.

Quannie Out!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Familiar Faces In New Places

Wa'mere Murphy Will Be Suiting Up For A Different Squad This Year

This brief AAU off season has been like an NBA trading deadline or free agent market. Many familiar faces are in new places which should make this season very interesting. Here’s a breakdown of some of the big names switching jerseys.

14U Division

Wamere Murphy (Youth Interlock TO ?)- Murphy is one of the most talented players in the region. YI will miss his inside presence and early reports have him headed to Team Rebels but we will see. Wherever he goes he will make an impact.

Mike Silverthorn (KSK TO Juice All Stars)- This move might put the NYC boys over the top in terms of area supremacy. The smooth shooting Silverthorn looked very good in the Midnight Madness winning MVP and now he will have a chance to prove it on the big stage.

Deante Cole (Team Kobe TO Team NJ ABC)- Cole returned to ABC and should provide another spark for this guard heavy team. He had a good summer at the camps including excellent showings at Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp, Five Star Camp and Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp.

13U Division

Trey Lowe (F.A.C.E.S. TO NJ GOT GAME)- The smooth scoring guard will take a load of points and savvy play with him. His new team seems to be loaded on paper and should be even better with his addition. Expect Samir Taylor to step up in his absence and have a breakout season.

Isiah Stills (Linden Ballers TO NJ GOT GAME)- I was a little surprised with this move because Still was a featured player with Linden. I heard he’s grown to 6 foot and remember his potential is through the roof. This is a big pick up.

Temple Gibbs (KSK TO KYDA)- Gibbs and a few of his teammates have made to the move to Rt. 4. We are looking for Gibbs to sprout his wings and return to his known form with this squad. KYDA seems like a team to watch.

Otis Livingston (KSK TO NJ GOT GAME)- This pure floor general has also took his game to NJGG. Livingston’s ball handling and court vision made him a crowd pleaser. Now he has the job of keeping all these players happy.

Emmanuel Taylor (The City TO F.A.C.E.S.)- Coach Cole might have landed the post player he always needed. Taylor brings size, scoring ability and the toughness that Cole loves. He could bring F.A.C.E.S. over the top.

Jaquan McKennon (NJ GOT GAME TO NYC Gauchos)- Yes Shake and Bake has returned to the Choz. The southpaw has never been bashful and is capable of pulling from the cheap seats. He’s capable of making the Choz go.

Josh Wallace (The City TO KYDA)- Wallace took his baseline game over to KYDA. He can score in any atmosphere and knows how to use his body to shield shot blockers. It will be interesting to see how he works out.

Justin Salem (KSK TO KYDA)- Salem is perhaps the best outside shooter in this age division. He gives KYDA a sure perimeter threat and will stretch any defense. This kid has a serious stroke.

Bryce Aiken (KSK TO KYDA)- The king of the floater also made the move to KYDA. Aiken has a high basketball IQ and is a scoring threat from the perimeter and in traffic. Good things seem to happen when he has the rock.

12U Division

Khalif Crawford (Team Battle TO NJ Got Game)- Crawford moves over to be the scoring guard for NJ Got Game. He played a supporting role last year but know he should be one of the focal points. NJ Got Game could definitely use another perimeter scorer.

Nyrique Smith (NJ Shore Shots TO ?)- Smith is a big catch right now. Early indication has him leaning towards Team Battle if this is so then TB has a serious chance to challenge for the National Title this summer. Smith is a multi talented guard who will be regarded as one of the top players in the region before season’s end.