Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #8

Hello Basketball World

This week wasn’t very eventful. Now that our Thursday league is over it has been all studying and workouts until my last High School exam, on December 13th until then I’m usually studying. The last exam that I have to take is ISEE; this test gets you into most of the private schools. Wednesday I worked out with a speed coach from Parisi. Parisi is a speed school in New Jersey, I did this when I was younger and it was very helpful it teaches you the structure of running as oppose to speed itself using many great drills. These drills work on strength and conditioning. In this work out Wednesday we worked on stance while running and we did many sprints and stretches to help your technique when running. We also worked on explosiveness and jumping. He showed us how to get off the ground quicker which was very helpful. I learned a lot while working with this coach, mainly that when running your arms are 20 percent of the way you run, many don’t now that your arms are extremely important when you run. A lot of it has to do with the way you move arms while running. Thursday and Friday I studied for tests and relaxed. Saturday and Sunday as usual I went to my younger brothers practice with the New York Gauchos. They learned many new plays while working hard in practice, its always fun to watch those kids. Monday was today, after school I came home and worked on strength after finishing homework. This week was very similar to the last one Workouts and Studying, basically just being a student athlete staying on top of both academics and athletics.

Young One Out…