Saturday, November 21, 2009

Team MVP Rec League Recap: Class of 2015 Report

Kevin Alexis Is One Of The Top Point Guards!

Today we continued our recreational league tour with a stop in Trenton for the Team MVP Rec. League. It gave us a true chance to check out some of the top talent in the Capital City. Here’s a breakdown of who we were impressed with. Here’s the Class of 2015 report.

Top Performers

Kevin Alexis Guard (Team MVP)- Can anybody stop Alexis from getting to the bucket? If so they weren’t in the building today. The lefty danced past defenders and scored with ease. His array of moves are advanced and crisp. He’s definitely a player to watch.

Herbie Ellis Guard (Team MVP)- Ellis can hit the wide open shot and has added a decent floater to his game. He has a quiet demeanor and can be dangerous once he gets going. He had a solid showing.

Rassan Parker Guard (Team MVP)- Parker knocked down a few long treys and had the floater dropping. He uses his quickness and craftiness to compensate his lack of size.

Raymond Gabeau Forward (Mid Jersey Heat)- I like the way Gabeau hustled and made plays. He has a nose for the rock and does whatever he has to do to get it. He will have to develop his ball handling in the near future.

Pat Sheenan Guard (Mid Jersey Heat)- I haven’t seen Sheenan in a while and now he has added a lot to his game. He has a big of “White Chocolate” to his game (Jason Williams). He can be a little too flashy at times but the substance is there.

Keon Brown Forward (Mid Jersey Heat)- Brown is a bruiser inside and uses his wide frame to box out opponents. Inside he was able to get a few shots off and probably will look better against his own age group.