Friday, November 20, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony Champ Mosely (Delaware) Entry #7

Hey world it’s your boy Champ with some highlights of my week. This week was awesome. I finished the first marking period with a 3.2 GPA. We had our middle school team tryouts. My brother James made the varsity team at Polytech High and we had a great workout with my AAU team on Sunday.

Report cards came out this week and I didn’t meet the goals that I had set coming in to the school year. The beginning of the year was tough as an 8th grader because I am popular at school and I really like to talk. Focusing on school was different this year than last because I’m getting more attention. But my focus came back when than interim report came out and my parents weren’t thrilled as a result took away my phone and ipod. I got back on track quick. I want to thank all of my teachers that worked with me, allowing me to turn in work and do extra credit to bring my grades up. I know I am not the first 8th grader to go through this and I certainly won’t be the last. But I put it in the air because I found out that teachers want to help but we got to go to them or they can’t.

Middle school tryouts were great. We started out 5 ladders then we went into the 3-man weave then into 3 on 2 2on 1 drill. Coach Poole was looking for some players. He has his core group and wants a few more for next year; I think he was looking for the best 7th graders at the tryout. Because we went straight into scrimmaging at that point and we had fun. We went up and down for a minute but I didn’t get to play that much though because Coach told me I was a man amongst boys. I think he said that because one of the kids who tried out whole family came and was cheering for me cause I was cooking. The next day we had practice at 9am. Coach did this to see who was dedicated I think because we didn’t do this last year. With that said the team looks good and we will be tough to beat. I’ll keep you all posted on our games when the season starts.

I want to give a shot out to my Brother James Mosley a freshman at Polytech High School in DE. My brother and I have been going at it in the basement, in the streets, and on the courts since I can remember. He is a freshman or 9th grader for those who don’t know and for him to make the varsity is a dream we have been working towards a long time. We have pictures from when he was 4 and I was 3 dunking on each other on one of those mini courts. Congrats James and now you got to go get a starting job!!!

Finally, my week ended with “THE DC ASSAULT WORKOUT”. It was good this weekend as there weren’t 50 kids there but more like 15. I guess because most of the 15, 16, and 17’s are playing for their High School teams they didn’t come. It was good by me cause we worked on shooting, dribbling, and conditioning and got a lot more reps. Scrimmaging was the best this weekend because I got to run with my team. We were doing damage to those sophomores we were playing against we was running plays and everything it was fun. Well that’s my week looking forward to my first practice with the school team next week.