Friday, November 27, 2009

Grand Finale 14 And Under Schedule

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Schedule 14 and Under

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 14U Schedule is listed below. Please make sure you arrive early for your game. We tried to accommodate any request the best we could. Good luck to all teams.

Pool M
1. Team Nelson
2. NJ Pirates
3. Playtime

Pool J
1. Brooklyn Ballers

2. Team MVP
3. Team Underrated

Pool K
1. Starrett City
2. JSL Hoops
3. Mount Vernon

Pool L
1. Team NJ ABC
2. Visionary Sports Club
3. Team Scan

Saturday December 5th

1:40PM M1-M2 (CT 3)
1:40PM K1-K2 (CT 4)
2:50PM J1-J2 (CT 3)
2:50PM L1-L2 (CT 4)
4:00PM M1-M3 (CT 3)
4:00PM K1-K3 (CT 4)
6:20PM J1-J3 (CT 3)
6:20PM L1-L3 (CT 4)
7:30PM M2-M3 (CT 3)
7:30PM K2-K3 (CT 4)
8:40PM J2-J3 (CT 3)
8:40PM L2-L3 (CT 4)

Sunday December 6th

12:30PM 3RD M – 3RD J (CT 3)
12:30PM 3RD K – 3RD L (CT 4)
2:50PM 1ST M – 2ND J (CT 1) Pool M
2:50PM 1ST J – 2ND M (CT 2) Pool J
2:50PM 1ST L – 2ND K (CT 3) Pool L
2:50PM 1ST K – 2ND L (CT 4) Pool K
5:10PM Pool M – Pool L Semifinal (CT 1)
5:10PM Pool J – Pool K Semifinal (CT 2)