Friday, November 13, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #6

Hey world its your boy “Champ”. I had a great week. Tuesday night my brother James and I watched the Len Bias story on ESPN. It was a very good program that taught me a few important lessons. When my coach text me about watching it, I was like who is Len Bias and why should I watch the program. But now I know why he wanted me to watch it. Len Bias was a superstar who played for Maryland University who was drafted by the Celtics with the second pick in the draft who died from drugs the next day. The program talked about how he went back to Maryland U. to celebrate with his friends and teammates and how they celebrated with cocaine and alcohol. It talked about how when certain teammates came to the celebration they would hide the cocaine. What I learned is that we must choose our friends correctly. I say that because if Len would have been friends with the teammates that didn't do drugs he would have had a long NBA career.

Also on Tuesday this week I had a little scare. We were scrimmaging after my workout when I went up for a layup and came down on someone's foot and sprained my ankle. It scared me because when I got up I couldn't put any weight on it. I am glad I always were my ankle braces or it might have been worse. I came home that night and treated it with ice and heat and stayed off of it a couple of days and now I am fine for tryouts next week for the school team. Speaking of schools this week my mom and dad talked to me about what high school I was thinking about going to next year. I answered them that I wasn't sure. But that I have a few in mind. They explained that the enrollment process for private schools is starting soon and that we need to start the process for the private schools I am thinking of going to. A lot of my teammates on DC Assault are going to private schools in MD and VA.

Finally this week was finished with a “DC ASSAULT” workout. We did some drills and we scrimmaged. It was fun as the gym wasn't full this weekend. I made it my focus to finish everything on the right side of the floor with my right hand. I've been watching Brandon Jennings and he does work with his right hand.