Monday, February 28, 2011

Video Profile: Marcus Lovett (Cali Styles)

Name: Marcus Lovett

AAU Team: Cali Styles

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: Marcus came to the Clash For The Cup and proved that the West Coast has some great guard play. The southpaw was able to zoom past defenders like a blur and stretch out for buckets. He faced the top guards on the East Coast and handled his business. Check out some of his highlights and stay tune as we have more to come.

Sheraton Hotel Discount Deadline Tomorrow (March 1st)

The Sheraton Hotel Atlantic City is once again the host for the Atlantic City Showcase. The Sheraton sits in the heart of action in America’s Playground. The shopping outlets, restaurants and casinos are walking distance. Don’t wait too late to register for your room. Rates are high during this time of year so act fast.

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Word On The Street: 12U Controversy

A lot of things are going on around the AAU world right now. So we decided to hit a couple of our sources and bring you another “Word On The Street”. Remember most of this information is not concrete as of yet but mostly from the rumor mill.

New #1 12U Team?

Team IZOD won the MIT 12U championship after current #1 NY Rising Stars forfeited the crown. Team IZOD challenged Rising Stars players eligibility and RS didn’t have the documents on hand. In terms of our Top 10 we will be looking forward to receiving the correct documents before our March rankings. This might result in our poll having a new #1 team.

DC Assault Makes Coaching Change

#1 DC Assault recently won the MIT while knocking off defending National Champ CB Spiders (formerly Carolina Ravens). Most of the familiar faces performed well on the floor but they had a different captain driving the ship. Zach Suber has now stepped in to coach the 13U squad. Suber has an excellent resume coaching on the high school level in the DC Assault program. Former coach Ryan Gorham has moved over to the Maryland Finest organization. We will keep you posted on this team’s progress.

Flash To Aztecs To Rebels?

It seems that the 13U bunch that formerly wore the Flash and Aztecs uniforms have now found a home with Team Rebels. This move is huge because this squad has some talented players including Khalir Johnson and Jabri McCall now you add Vaughn Covington. Things could get interesting.

Atlantic City Showcase Deadline March 3rd

The Atlantic City Showcase is almost full to capacity. This event will fill up quickly so interested teams need to register ASAP. The registration deadline will be March 3rd and will be strictly enforced so we can make proper scheduling accommodations.

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14U Teams
1. Team Scan
2. Albany Dream Team
3. Back 2 Basics
4. CBC
5. East Coast Elite
6. The City
7. T Town Ballers
8. Expressions
10. SJ Blitz
11. Team Underrated
12. Team Takeover (Wormley)

13. Philly Triple Threat
14. MABC
15. PA Chargers
16. Linden Ballers
17. NJ Pirates
18. Team MVP
19. Team Rebels

13U Teams
1. Team Final
2. Albany Dream Team
3. Central Penn Ballers
4. CT Elite
5. Philly Peacemakers
6. Team Rebels
7. Philly Triple Threat
9. Team Scan
10. Team Felton
11. Linden Ballers

12U Teams
1. Team IZOD
2. CBC
3. Juice All Stars
4. CT Elite
5. Albany Dream Team
6. Long Island Lightning
7. 6th Man (Maryland)
8. DC Assault
9. Maryland Panthers
10. Team Final
11. Back 2 Basics
12. MABC

13. Team Nelson
14. Severn Elite

11U Teams
1. Fastbreak Basketball
2. We Run
3. Long Island Lightning
4. NJ Shore Shots
5. T Town Ballers
6. Natural Ballers
7. Delaware Finest Stars

9. More Than Enough
10. Gauchos
11. Maryland Spartans
12. Team NJ ABC

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #21

What’s Up Everybody?

It’s your boy the “Shoota”, coming at you again this week. First of all school this week was kind of boring, the semester was coming to a close and it was Catholic School week. We didn’t do much in the class, when I’m at school I like to stay busy, that makes the day go by faster. We should be getting our report cards in about 2 weeks; I have to wait to show my report card before I can collect my paper for making honor roll. I think I’ll buy myself a pair of the new Kobe’s and bank the rest…lol. We’ll be starting the last trimester on Monday, my goal is to finish the school year on the honor roll. I’m gonna try to bring my 92 average up to at least a 95, I’m putting in the work so I do expect good results.

My week of basketball was crazy, my school team had 5 games in 7 days, I hate playing that many games because I can’t get my workouts in. My shot was dropping, but not like it normally does, because I didn’t get a chance to get some practice time in. Don’t get me wrong I like playing games, but I love working out because that makes the game so much easier. My coach told us we will be busy like this for the next two and half weeks and then it’ll be all over. It’s hard being in school all day and then having a game every night, add in travel time, that was a long and tiresome week for me.

Thursday, I went to Life Center Academy to check out the Scholastic play-by-play tournament. Trenton Catholic played against Newark Tech, St. Anthony’s played Rancocas Valley, and Life Center played New Egypt. All the games were very good, it was my first time seeing St. Anthony’s play this year, I hope they get a chance to play St. Patrick I will definitely be in the house to see that one.

After the TCA game there was a rumor floating around that their coach will be resigning after this year. All I could say is wow. The process of picking a high school for me started out difficult, but some things have happened over the past few weeks that now makes my decision a lot easier, I’m just waiting to receive my last acceptance letter. My Grandmom told me it’s not the school you choose, but what you choose to do at the school that’s the most important thing. I’m really looking forward to starting my high school journey.

Sunday we had our Team Final practice at Villanova. A few high school players from Philly were there to work out, it was cool, everybody worked hard and nobody got dunked on…lol.

Check me out next week…..

Video Profile: "Marvelous" Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs)

Name: Marcus Floyd

AAU Team: Philly Aztecs

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: I know what you are thinking and I agree that Floyd does get a lot of pub. But hey the kid gets it done on the floor and the camera guy seems to love his game. At the Clash For The Cup the region’s top floor general proved his worth by battling hard (especially against Cali) and leading his team to the Final Four. Check out some of his work and stay tune for more highlights.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Video Profile: Dave Singleton (Cali Styles)

Name: Dave Singleton

AAU Team: Cali Styles

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Singleton can give to you as a point guard and scorer. He has the ability to set up teammates or use his knack to score to get the job done. His feel for the game should take him a long way in this game. He made the All Tournament Team at the Clash For The Cup and look forward to watching him at the 12U AAU Nationals in Hampton. Check out his highlights and stay tune cause we have more to come.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Video Profile: Devin Leggions (Philly Aztecs)

Name: Devin Leggions

AAU Team: Philly Aztecs

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: Devin is a big guard that isn’t afraid to crash the glass for rebounds. During the Clash For The Cup he showed his full versatility by scoring all type of ways and doing the dirty work. High school coaches have personally called me concerning his services so I know they are feeling his game. Check out his highlights and stay tune because we are not done yet.

Basketball Spotlight Presents: Baby Baller Bonanza (9U and 10U Tourney)

Due to the limited space at the Atlantic City Showcase we decided to give the 9U and 10U teams their own platform. Basketball Spotlight is proud to present the Baby Baller Bonanza tournament. This event is strictly for 9U and 10U squads that are ready to get it on. Yes, there will be coverage for the Baby Ballers.

Click Here To Register

Event: Baby Baller Bonanza
Date: April 2nd and 3rd
Ages: 9U and 10U
Place: Chichester, PA
Cost: $300 (Per Team)

Teams Interested Contact Mike Melton at (609)-532-5122 or

Video Profile: Kayshawn McMahon (Natural Ballers)

Name: Kayshawn McMahon

AAU Team: Natural Ballers

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: McMahon was just too much for the competition at the Clash For The Cup. His ability to get to the rim and finish in traffic carried his team to the title. He’s definitely a youngster we will have to keep an eye on in the near future. Check out his highlights and stay tune because we still have more ballers to profile.

Elite 80 Expo Moved To July 30th

Basketball Spotlight has decided to postponed the Elite 80 Expo to July 30th 2011. We at Basketball Spotlight feel that during the season the players should concentrate on playing in team events and save the individual showcases for after the season. Anyone registered can request a refund or participate in this event in July. We apologize if this move inconvenienced anyone. We will continue to try our best to bring you the best quality events and coverage.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Video Profile: Steve Zimmerman (Cali Styles)

Name: Steve Zimmerman

AAU Team: Cali Styles

Position: Forward

Class: 2015

Breakdown: Standing 6’9 Steve is the tallest player to play in Spotlight events or grace the website. At the Clash For The Cup the smooth shooting power forward made his mark early and often. If he wasn’t blocking or altering shots he was using his length to finish off nice passes from their guards. His face up game and finesse style will be attractive to high school and college coaches. Check out his highlights and stay tune for more to come.

Video Profile: David Kachleries (Team IZOD)

Name: David Kachleries

AAU Team: Team IZOD

Position: Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: David is the floor general for the reigning Team Of The Year. During the Clash For The cup is danced through defenses while helping his team reach the Final Four. This kid has tremendous swagger and just the natural instincts of a future stud on the basketball scene. Check out his highlights and stay tune as we bring you more action from the Clash For The Cup.

Coach's Corner: Charles "Pitt" Pittman (Fairfax Stars)

At the Maryland Invitational Coach Charles Pittman AKA turned in one of the best coaching jobs of the season. He guided his Fairfax Stars 13U team to the Elite 8 while also leading his 14U squad to the Final Four.

BS: How long have you been coaching and why did you enter the AAU game?
CP: I have been coaching basketball for 7 years. I entered AAU basketball because I wanted a better brand of and more competitive basketball for my son Chauncey.

BS: Give me breakdown of some of your program success?
CP: Last season we won the Potomac Valley 13U championship and finished ranked #12 at the AAU Nationals. We also have a long list of tournament titles and deep tournament runs.

BS: What is the purpose of your program?
CP: The motivating philosophy of the Fairfax Stars AAU basketball program is a commitment to provide fundamental skill development instruction and to teach the elements of the game of basketball itself for young student-athletes in our community ( boys & girls ) who have a desire to compete at a high level of AAU basketball competition.

Our program and all of our coaches are committed to providing an opportunity for players to expand their skill...their knowledge…and their love for the game of basketball…in an environment of positive reinforcement that teaches about respect, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment and hard work. The Fairfax Stars program also stresses the need for strong academics to achieve the true standing of a successful student-athlete.

The goal is to always strive for excellence…both on and off the court!

BS: I’ve seen you in action, how do you explain your passion for coaching?
CP My coaching philosophy is deeply connected to one word, “Enthusiasm”. This one word fuels the fire of our team to play with excitement, inspiration, motivation and a pinch of creativity. I feel like no one out there loves this game more than me and the kids that I coach and that is why our motto is and will continue to be Triple A -“Anybody, Any Place, at Any Time”.

BS: Who are some of the top players your program that we need to know about?
CP: There are handful: Tyvez Monroe, Marcus Adkison, Carlos Thrash, Jason Remy, Michael Janowski and the list goes on-we are still building……….

BS: You made your Spotlight debut coaching at the Super Showcase; how was that experience?
CP: It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every moment. I was going to keep it light at first, but once I started coaching the games my competitive juices started flowing and it was business as usual for me. It was a pleasure coaching such talented players like Rakym “The Bedstuy Bully” Felder and Anthony “Mister” Cowan.

BS: Your next stop was the Grand Finale with your 13U squad; what did you think about that event?
CP: The event was well run and the bump was official- we got it in with Team Scan, MABC and New Heights. That’s a full course meal and we enjoyed every bite!!!!!!!

BS: What are the plans for the Fairfax Stars this season?
CP: Our plan is to continue to play in the highest level of tournaments in the country.
CP: The 13s will continue to play in the most competitive 13U tournaments in the country. For this team, special things are on the horizon. If we can play consistently like we did in last weekends MIT, we should do well this season and most importantly, at 13U AAU Nationals in Memphis, Tenn.

The 14s will do some Showcase tournaments as well as play 15s in a number of tournaments. Other than that, we will continue to play in the most competitive 14U tournaments in the country. We want to win the Potomac Valley District again this year and we feel we have 11 spots to go to cut down the nets at 14U AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL.

BS: In May you are slated to come to the MDC; is there anyone you look forward to playing against?
CP: For the 13s, we want to see everybody! We need the work, we are still building but feel we have the right pieces to knuckle up with anyone.
For the 14s, we would like to see the CITY-they beat us twice last year and Team Scan-just beat us in the final 4 in the MIT. BUT MY 1ST CHOICE IS TEAM FINAL-WE WANT THAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video Profile: Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin

Name: Jaecee “Mayweather” Martin


Position: Point Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: At the Clash For The Cup Martin showed why he’s regarded pound for pound the best point in the region. One of the first gifts of a true point guard is the ability to dish in the rock and in this video he shows his unique court vision. Check out his work and stay tune for more video profiles to come.

Video Profile: Cody Riley (Cali Styles)

Name: Cody Riley

AAU Team: Cali Styles

Position: Forward

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Standing 6’6 Riley is the most dominant 6th Grader I have seen since Kejuan Johnson a few years ago. Riley might turn out be a better prospect because he’s not done growing and he seems to be already suited for a forward position. A few times he pushed the rock up the floor like a guard (scary). During the Clash For The Cup he dominated the competition while leading his team to the 12U crown. He also played 14U and helped them capture gold. I can’t wait to see this youngster this summer at the 12U Nationals. Check out his video and stay tune while we bring you more video profiles.

In The Spotlight: Mike Janowski (Fairfax Stars)

Name: Mike Janowski

AAU Team: Fairfax Stars

Position: Guard

Class: 2016

Breakdown: Mike Janowski carried his team to a near upset of the defending national champs. The punishing guard drove down the throat of the defense while finishing at the tin with authority. His body control and power enabled him to absorb contact and still convert buckets. He definitely got busy in front of the capacity crowd.

In The Spotlight: Darien Rencher (CB Spiders)

Name: Darien Rencher

AAU Team: CB Spiders

Position: Guard

Class: 2016

Breakdown: In the semifinals versus Puerto Rico with his team trailing by one point Rencer got fouled with no time remaining. The opposing crowd stood behind the basket and waved small flags while making distracting noises but that didn’t stop the 7th Grader from nailing both free throws to get the win. The pressure was on but Rencher stared it in the face and nailed the freebies.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In The Spotlight: Edwin Cancel (Puerto Rico)

Name: Edwin Cancel

AAU Team: Puerto Rico National Team

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2016

Breakdown: Edwin cashed in at the MIT. The quickness this kid possesses is very rare at this young age. He was a one man fast break and made defenses pay for not getting back. During the semifinals the CB Spiders had to go box and one to slow down this scoring machine. Even then Edwin launched a deep trey to tie the game late and give his team a chance to win. They eventually fell to the reigning National Champs but Cancel and crew made a statement.

Ballin365 Presents: Baby Ballers Getting Busy At The Clash For The Cup

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup was filled up with great talent including some of the top Baby Ballers around. Ballin365 was on hand and captured some of the top Baby Ballers in action. Check out this video cause it is fire. Stay tune has we bring you more video action from the Clash For The Cup including video profiles. Remember we are just getting started.

In The Spotlight: Jordon Riley (NC Rising Prospects)

Name: Jordon Riley

AAU Team: NC Rising Prospects

Position: Forward

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Riley carried the team on his back in the quarterfinal overtime loss to Juice All Stars. He backed down defenders and scored easily with a turnaround jumper and baby hook. Juice had no answer for this kid on the blocks; even double teams couldn’t contain him. On this level he’s a true dominant force but he will need to continue to grow for his style to translate onto the high school level.

In The Spotlight: Rooner Joseph (Team IZOD)

Name: Rooner Joseph

AAU Team: Team IZOD

Position: Forward

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Since joining up with this group Joseph is developing into an inside force. At the MIT he was a shot blocking machine and viable scorer on the post. He shows better touch off the glass and more confidence in his moves down low. He should only improve under the guidance of former NBA player Franz Louis Pierre.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In The Spotlight: Tyler Bourne (Juice All Stars)

Name: Tyler Bourne

AAU Team: Juice All Stars

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2017

Breakdown: Tyler made some excellent plays at the MIT but none was bigger than his three-pointer in the quarterfinals. With his team down three with seconds left against the NC Rising Prospects, Bourne raced up the floor and nailed the trey ball to send the game into overtime. Juice eventually won and advanced to the Final Four.

MIT 14U Recap: #2 Team Scan Gets Past #3 Philly Aztecs

#2 Team Scan Holds The Crown

Bryce Aiken continued his hot play as Team Scan defeated Philly Aztecs 59-44 in the MIT 14U Championship.

Top Performers

Bryce Aiken Guard (Team Scan)- Aiken was terrific in the finals. He started the game scoring with his patented floater and then when the defense stepped up he glided to the cup. He led the team in scoring and probably would have taken MVP honors if the award was based on the championship.

Isaiah Briscoe Guard (Team Scan)- Briscoe was reportedly rewarded the MVP trophy because of his stellar play throughout this event. In the finals he played the true point guard role and facilitated like a veteran. He used his size to see over the defense and make the correct passes. The POY award seems well within his reach.

Austrian Robinson Forward (Team Scan)- Robinson battled early foul trouble but still contributed late in the game. The undersized interior force uses brute strength and a quick leaping ability to snatch rebounds and get push backs. He fought hard with Horace Spencer on the blocks all game.

Horace Spencer Forward (Philly Aztecs)- I haven’t seen Spencer in a minute but I must say that he has improved. He’s demonstrating softer hands and more control when powering back up. His post moves and face up game are still developing but he’s definitely coming along.

Marcus Floyd Guard (Philly Aztecs)- "Marvelous" Marcus once again proved why he should be regarded as the best pure floor general in the region. When things got thick in the semifinals against DC Assault Floyd took matters into his own hands and steered them into the finals. In the championship the grueling day eventually caught up with this young lad and he seemed to run out of gas. But his overall play over the weekend was great.

MIT 13U Recap: #1 DC Assault Defeats Reigning National Champs

DC Assault Wins MIT

Reggie Gardner scored 19 points including (5 Treys) while Alani Moore and Anthony Cowan chipped in 13 points apiece as #1 DC Assault defeated the CB Spiders 65-57 to win the MIT 13U crown. Madison Cone scored 10 points for CB Spiders in the loss.

Top Performers

Reggie Gardner Guard (DC Assault)- Gardner was tremendous in the finals. He stroked the rock from deep with accuracy. Assault's new offense enables Reggie to get clear and open looks. He seems to be more aggressive and comfortable in this new setting.

Alani Moore Guard (DC Assault)- Moore missed a couple of chippies but stepped up to put the Spiders away. The middle was open like the Red Sea and Moore led the charge like Moses. When the Spiders made a late run, “Showtime” calmed them down with a three point play the old fashioned way. He just knows how to win baby.

Anthony Cowan Guard (DC Assault)- Cowan scored from the wing and got out in transition like a greyhound while scoring uncontested layups. On defense his ball pressure and ability to move his feet helped cause numerous turnovers. He still gets the chance to handle the rock enough to develop as a point guard in high school.

Sam Green Forward (DC Assault)- Green benefitted from the spacing of the Assault offense. He rarely faced double teams which allowed him to operate effectively in the paint and along the baseline. His quickness and soft touch were his main attributes.

Tim Walker Guard (CB Spiders)- Playing with a broken finger Walker did much damage especially with his baseline jumper. He knocked down about straight from the wing and was a monster finishing at the cup. He’s a very active prospect.

Madison Cone Guard (CB Spiders)- Cone tried to get his team back into the game. He used great penetration to move the defense and shot the ball well when the ball was rotated. I was very impressed with him this weekend.

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #18

What’s happening?,

This week I had a lot of homework. In Language Arts we are reading Anne Frank. I think it’s a good book but it gets boring at times. In Social Studies we’re learning about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. I find the topic interesting because of how many different people ruled over the number of years. In Math we are learning how to graph. It can be difficult if you don’t follow the formula to figuring the problems out. Wednesday was a big day, our report cards came in the mail. And I have to say I was disappointed. I got two B’s, one B+, and an A- in my core classes. Every quarter my mom asks me if I tried my hardest. I couldn’t tell her yes. Third marking period I’m going to work harder and stay focused on getting straight A’s like I’m supposed to.

As far as basketball goes I just worked out a lot. I worked out with my dad at the South Orange Middle School gym after school. We worked on dribbling drills, and shooting coming off the screen. I also worked out with my man Jamal Lovett. We worked on conditioning, free throws, dribbling, and shooting. The Conditioning drills were different so it took me awhile to get used to them, but they helped me a lot. We did jumping, squats, and defensive slides. Jamal really pushes me to the limit and it’s only going to make me better.

For the school team, we played our cross town rival Maplewood. There were a lot of people there and we wanted to give them a show. L0L. We jumped out to an early lead but made some bad decisions and they hung around . Eventually we just tightened it up mentally, and we got a lot of steals and fast break layups. We beat them by about 40 points. Now it’s on to the playoffs, where we play Maplewood again in the semifinals. Hopefully we get to the Chip, win and get the 3peat that we’ve worked hard for.

That’s it for this week, check me out next week.

The General is OUT!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ballin365 Presents: Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup Mixtape Recap

As Basketball Spotlight continues to try and bring you the best coverage possible we present the Clash For The Cup Mix Tape Recap. This video includes some of the top moments and performers from the Clash For The Cup courtesy of Ballin365. This video is total fire and will still have more to come. Stay tune because we are just getting started.

MIT 11U Recap: #2 We Run Represents

#2 We Run defeated #6 Fastbreak Basketball 60-45 to win the Maryland Invitational 11 and Under Championship. Their road to the championship included wins over Banneker Kings and #3 Riverside Hawks. Jalen Brooks was named MVP after scoring 18 points. Congrats to the We Run players and staff.

Team members are: Anas Amos, Jalen Brooks, Kenneth Jones, Justin Rodriguez, Dorian Hardy, Shelton Applewhite, Yasin Pretlow, Tavon Jones, Luther Muhammad and Jabulani Ibn Williams. Head coach Mike Watkins.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

MIT Recap: Day 1 Top Performers Part 2

Terrell Allen (DC Assault)

MIT Recap: Top Performers Part II

By Spencer Pulliam


Terrell Allen (D.C. Assault)- Excellent package for a point guard at the 14U level. He’s pushing six-feet and is a catalyst for his team on both ends of the court. Offensively, he’s developing a pull-up jumper from several spots on the floor, and is a relentless pursuer of the ball defensively. Not as blessed athletically as some, but still fits in near the top tier of floor generals in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Akwasi Appiah (V.B.G.)- Intriguing package as a prospect, the 6-foot-3 guard is a smooth player with ball-handling ability and a feel for making plays in the lane. As his game matures and his frame strengthens, he’ll have a chance to be a high priority for schools in the New England region. The Lowell, Massachusetts native is a jumpshot away from being an extremely dominant force in the current 14U age division for the class of 2015.

Temple Gibbs (Team S.C.A.N.)- This looks like it could finally be the year where the third of Gibbs’ boys takes his leap in terms of development. His confidence is growing and his personality is beaming on and off the court. A charismatic player who is constantly getting more aggressive as a scorer and defender, it will be fun to track his progress throughout the remainder of the circuit season this spring and summer.

Isaiah Martin (D.C. Assault)- The 6-foot-7 forward has made enormous strides over the last year and is now playing with confidence on arguably the best team in the region. He’s a terror defensively, constantly altering and blocking shots, and securing rebounds above the rim. As his offensive skill set progresses, Martin should become a well-known name regionally, if not nationally.

Sebastian Townes (New Generation)- Talented forward is a load on the block, but also showed excellent hands and feet. A bit undersized at 6-foot-4, he still can be dominant in the paint at this level because of his footwork and soft touch. Game-clutching free throws demonstrated his shooting feel and a number of baseline jumpers showed his developing face-up ability. Townes would benefit from a few more inches based on his current skills, but anyone watching can tell he is working to transform his game.

Nassir Barrino (Team S.C.A.N.)- He’s already received his share of ink to date, but the lead guard’s quickness and ball control ability were on full display Saturday. Love his feel for the game on the court and his ability to make the extra pass and keep his teammates involved. On a team with so many talented guards, Barrino has the tough assignment of ensuring everyone is happy and he’s done a great job thus far.

Isaiah Briscoe (Team S.C.A.N.)- He’s still sporting the slimmed down frame he showed off in a Playaz uniform at Clash For The Cup. Wearing Team S.C.A.N. threads this weekend, the scoring guard isn’t being asked to do as much, but still found his way to impact each game. On this squad, he’s forced to pick his places to attack carefully within the balance of the team, and that can only be a positive for the maturity of his game.

Romello Anderson (New Generation)- An energetic prospect who fills in at the two and three spots on the hardwood, he’s the effort guy for his squad, and brings athleticism and length to the floor. Compares to the long-line of gritty and wiry Tidewater prospect wing guards who are under the radar but collect wins and simply get it done. If his perimeter skills continue to develop, Anderson has the tools to be a mainstay on 2015 regionally landscape.

Jashawn Brooks (Southern Kings)- A wiry and active wing, Brooks stands 6-foot-4, and is an aggressive athlete who takes his anger out on the boards. He’s most effective from 12 feet and closer right now, but if he is able to develop a consistent jumper to complement his slashing game, opponents should watch out, and coaches and scouts at the next level will definitely take notice.

Isaiah Buck-Lowman (D.C. Assault)- He’s added a few more inches to his frame, even after many thought he was done growing. Now 6-foot-5 and developing a face-up game, he’s a hybrid forward who could benefit from a boost of lateral

Allen ‘A.J.’ Gray (Southern Kings)- With basketball bloodlines and a scorer’s mentality, odds are that Gray will be a name those in the basketball community familiarize themselves with in coming years. Standing maybe a shade over six feet and just beginning to fill out his frame, the guard displayed excellent touch and showed some deceptive athleticism.

Quinton Phillips (Southern Kings)- Georgia is known for its long and lanky athletes, and Phillips is no exception. Comfortable at either forward spot, he’s more than capable of defending on the perimeter, but is a better finisher around the rim. Showed an impressive first step that allows him to get by bigger opponents, and needs to realize that the post is his friend when smaller guards try to frustrate him defensively. The Augusta-native put himself on our radar Saturday.

Timarcus Simpson (Swish City Magic)- The North Carolina-native and his club are new to the scene, but have had a ton of success playing Division II and YBOA hoops. The transition to M.I.T.-level basketball is difficult, but it only took a few games for the squad to prove they belonged. The standout was Simpson, and the aggressive 6-foot-3 wing attacked the rim and out-matched any opponent he saw. Certainly a fresh face, add him to the long list of perimeter prospects we’ll sort through in the coming months. Right now he’ll start in the middle of the field as one of Carolina’s top prospect and have to earn his way up the ladder moving forward.

Thomas Taylor (Team Richmond)- A wiry but active forward, Taylor isn’t afraid to get physical in the paint, and didn’t shy away from beefier opponents on the block. The 6-foot-7 and growing big man anchors the lane for a Team Richmond squad that may be a bit of a sleeper by the time AAU Nationals come around. Taylor allows the team to gamble defensively, and he is the owner of a reliable set of hands that allow him to convert around the rim. He’s a new name amongst many post prospect peers, so we’ll definitely be watching more closely in the future.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

MIT Recap: Day 1 Top Performers Part 1

Seven Woods Got Busy Today

The Maryland Invitational kicked off last night and Basketball Spotlight took the trip to the Potomac Valley for coverage. Here’s Part 1 of our Top Performer report.

MIT Day 1 Top Performers


Seven Woods Guard (CB Spiders)- Add a few more inches to this potential stud. Woods looked good both games I saw him get down. He’s developed a better off hand in terms of handling and finishing. In his second outing he brought the crowd to their feet with thunderous breakaway dunk. Right now he plays at a different speed and level than most of his peers.

Edrice Adebayo Forward (CB Spiders)- What a pick up for the Spiders. This kid potential is enormous. He’s 6’6 with room to grow and an active body. Right now his ability to rebound and alter shots changes the game on this level. Offensively, he’s still a work in progress but that’s a great thing in the long run.

Madison Cone Guard (CB Spiders)- Cone showed different facets of his game. First, he showed me he had a big ratchet by nailing a few deep bombs. Then he displayed his point guard skills by driving, drawing and dishing. Defensively, he’s a total pest in terms of playing the passing lanes and getting steals.

Tim Walker Guard (CB Spiders)- This was my first look at Walker and the kid can go. He gets to the tin in transition or in the half court set. He was another great pick up for the reigning National Champs. He’s an instant impact player.

Daquan Barnes (ETU Warriors)- Barnes leaves it all on the floor every time out. His team was a little over matched against the CB Spiders but he was still able to make an impact player. He challenged them in the paint while also handling the rock a little.


Zach Cooks Guard (Atlanta Knicks)- I love Cooks, maybe because I’m a little biased towards quality floor generals. In their loss to NY Rising Stars Cooks delivered the rock to teammates like a waiter. He also knows how to get his own shot off and finish in traffic. Zach Cooks has game baby.

Jay Estime Forward (Atlanta Knicks)- I saw enough of Jay to say he might have the best upside of this bunch. He’s a potential guard playing as a forward on this level. I do think he should have demanded the rock a little more and took over down the stretch. But that will come with maturity.

Christian Nelson Forward (Atlanta Knicks)- Nelson is a strong combo forward with the skills that allow him to create off the dribble. He muscled his way to some easy buckets with crisp post moves and a feathery touch.

Al Durham Guard (Atlanta Knicks)- Al is a player that scores in bunches. The southpaw got out on the break and converted while also draining a few treys to get his team back in the game. He’s willing to let a few shots go from the cheap seats.

Paul Person Guard (Rising Stars)- Person took over the game to help his squad get the victory. He sprinted out to easy lay ups in transition and darted through the defense in the half court set. He specializes in finishing in traffic.

Tyrese Whitaker Guard (Rising Stars)- Whitaker is always one of the shortest players on the floor but he’s gets it done. This youngster understands that his job is to get into the lane and spoon feed teammates. He does everything with flair and swagger.

Losini Kamara Forward (Rising Stars)- Kamara used his versatility for help them advance. He’s sees over the defense which allows him to score and kicked the ball shooters when they are open. I’m very interested to see how this youngster develops.


Kevin Green Guard (Fastbreak)- Green went to work against the Blazers. To put it simple he was a finisher. He got the rock on the wing and used his guard skills to carve his way to the cup. He’s stronger than he looks and used it to convert. He also has some range on his shot.

Taylor Roberts Guard (Fastbreak)- Roberts made some plays on the blocks but he will probably be a guard once he gets older. Right now his smartness helped him get around shot blockers and score around the basket.

Darran Butts Guard (Blazers)- Butts was a treat to watch. The pint size floor general handled the Fastbreak pressure with ease and kicked the rock to his partners. He kept defenders on their heels and also plays with the confidence of older player.

Elijah James Guard (Blazers)- James can shoot it from the perimeter and also has a nice floater. He probably will be a point guard some time in the future. His quickness and toughness stood out today.

Stay Tune For Part 2