Monday, February 14, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #20

What’s Up Everybody!

It’s the “Shoota”. This week was smooth, school was good, and the trimester officially ends next Friday. I had tests in social studies, science, and math, of course I banged out the A on all three. We have four more months of school….lol.. looking forward to the summer. At my school we have dress down day, we have it like every 3 weeks, it’s a fundraiser for the PTA, in order to dress down you have to pay a dollar, I wish we could have it every Friday, so I can just put on a pair of jeans and go to school, I don’t like wearing the same thing every single day….lol. I know in high school it's gonna be the same thing all over again....Uniforms!

My week of basketball was a little different. Monday I started my 5:30am workouts, when I finally got to the gym at 6:00am, the 35 and over crowd was in the gym playing full court, I didn’t know those old dudes get up that early to ball. So, instead of doing my basketball drills, I just did my treadmill and stairs running; when I got finished I really felt good. I may have to wait until the school year is over to really get into my a.m. workouts, because my mom was rushing me like crazy when I got home from the gym. I know I had an hour to shower, get dressed, and eat, I just needed 15 minutes to relax first, she wasn’t having it…lol…by the time we got into the car for her to drop me off, she wasn’t speaking to me, I sure don’t like sending her off to work pissed off…lol.

Monday and Tuesday night, my school team had tournament games in Perth Amboy, NJ. We won both games, but I swear the rims are at least 10.5 - 11 feet. Instead of the rim being right underneath the square, it’s bolted on top of the square. Only a shoota would notice Wednesday and Thursday, I did more cardio work; I know I need to get into better shape, this week I concentrated more on conditioning. After my cardio work I played a few games so I could go up and down the court.

Thursday after my workout I went over to Trenton Catholic Academy to watch my boy Naz Chew play. I haven’t watched the Varsity team play for a minute, but I see some changes have occurred with the starting lineup and my boy is getting some more minutes. They pulled out the win in a close game.

Friday, I did more of my cardio work, and later that night I went to the movies. I didn’t do my usual, more than one movie thing, because I was going to a workout at Life Center Academy early Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I went to the Rise-n-Shine Basketball workout at Life Center. I walked up in there and my boy Fresh was there for the workout too. We looked at each other, like what you doing here? It was the first workout for both of us. That's why I really love playing with Fresh, being on the same page is a good thing. I liked the workout and I loved how Chip the trainer made it feel like a personal training session. He really pushes you. I can’t wait to go back next week. Saturday afternoon my mom and I went over to my aunt's house, we were only gonna stay for about an hour, that hour turned into 7 hours, when my mom and her twin sister get together it's always like that, hours at a time. I chilled with my cousin Brandon and I beat him up a little bit in 2K10.

Sunday we had practice at Villanova. Before practice Coach P and Coach Fresh talked to us about how we played during the Clash for the Cup tournament and how they expect us to play going forward. We did our drills and everybody was working hard, there wasn’t a lot of playing around. At the end of practice we scrimmaged a little bit, Ronde who plays for Team Final older team came and worked out with us. During our scrimmage Ronde caught a OOP and dunked on somebody on our team (can’t name the player)… But if you see me and ask me I will tell you who it dunk was sick!! Our big boy Trey had a nasty dunk on somebody too…..again I can’t name the What a way to end

Sunday night I watched the football game, nothing was super about it for me since my team wasn't in it, I'm glad Pittsburgh lost didn't ,want to hear it from my teacher.

Catch me next week…..