Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #17

What’s happening everyone?

This past week was exciting because we finally finished up our mid-terms. There were some parts that I got stuck on in Math, but I was able to work out the problems and I think I did really well. . I will let you know how I do on those tests next week. Overall, I think I’m gonna come out smelling like a rose.

As far as basketball goes, we didn’t have many games. I just worked out a lot, doing ball handling, and some physical workouts. I got the chance to work out with my friend Jamal Lovett. The first day, Marcellus, Marquis and I went through his drills. The second time it was just me so I got a lot of work in. We worked on some new moves. He also showed me how to go into the defenders body and finish strong. It’s always fun to get those And1’s. We worked on conditioning, and shooting. He had me come off the screen, and have a quick release on my jump shot. Those are all things I have to use in my game. As far as watching basketball, I saw the Knicks lose to the 76rs in a really close game. I paid attention to Raymond Felton do the pick and roll with Amar’e Stoudemire. I watch them and try to work on that stuff with the big men on my team.

On Saturday we traveled to Jersey City to play the NJ Pirates. I think we were excited to play, but we made too many mistakes in the beginning and they were up by about 10. We had to chip away, we had a lot of rebounds, and we went to the hoop hard looking for fouls and mostly getting them. Coach Claudio told us to keep the pressure up, and keep going hard. We got to within 2 points late in the game. But we made a few turnovers and they scored off of them. We ended up losing by 5. I was really disappointed in how we dug ourselves a hole in the beginning. We have to get off to a much quicker start. After that game, I had a South Orange middle school game against Cedar Grove. I came at half time so I didn’t play that much. We ended up winning by 60 points.

At Sunday’s NJ Got Game practice, Coach Pete was mad about how we performed against the Pirates. He wasn’t at the game, but he heard about how bad our effort was. And that’s one thing you’re gonna do if you’re gonna play for Coach Pete and that’s give effort! Every mistake we made in a drill, we ran suicides. It was tiring but it makes us pay attention to all the little details that will get us killed. They add up in games and we have to clean that up if we expect to win. Coach Pete also said that we are not the most talented team, but we have to make up for it by being smarter and work harder than our opponent.

After practice I went home and watched the Super Bowl. My team the Dolphins wasn’t in the game so it wasn’t too exciting for me, but it was fun to watch. I’m glad the underdogs won! Congrats to the cheeseheads of Green Bay! LOL

That’s it for this week, tune in next time.