Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inside The Clash For The Cup 11U: Natural Ballers Crash Party

Natural Ballers Snatched The Crown

Natural Ballers?

When we did the 11U preview we had no idea Natural Ballers would be the last team standing in the loaded 11U division. But the Garden State boys got it done with the 1-2 punch of Kayshawn McMahon and Jordan Taylor. Now they go from the hunters to being hunted. They collected 5 points with their crown and now we will see if they have enough in the tank to make it to Summer Slam.

Klosk Shines

Daniel Klosk used the Clash For The Cup to step into the spotlight. He led the team in scoring and helped his crew reach the final four. The scoring guard has the size and the stroke to make an immediate impact on this level.

Clash For The Cup 11U All Tournament Team
Kayshawn McMahon (Natural Ballers)
Jordan Taylor (Natural Ballers)
Brian Pegram (DC Assault)
Kenny Tyree (DC Assault)
D’Marco Baucey (DC Assault)
Markquis Nowell (Gauchos)
Khalid Moore (Gauchos)
Daniel Klosk (Fastbreak)
Judah McIntrye (Fastbreak)