Monday, February 14, 2011

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 Presented by AGame Apparel is back. I know we have our Summer Slam point system but we still have to chart who we think are the Top 10 Teams of each age group. This is just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

1. Gauchos: The Choz made it to the Final Four of the Clash For The Cup. They still have the arsenal to win any tournament. They remain at the top because their success and willingness to go in the fire. We value strength of schedule. They have a great chance of making it to Summer Slam.

2. We Run: WR didn’t have a strong showing at the Clash but rebounded to finish second at the Riverside tournament. We also like the way this squad puts it on the line each game out. They will enter any top level tournament. Summer Slam could be in their grasp.

3. Riverside Hawks: We know RH has the personnel to defeat anyone on any giving night. We were looking forward to a big time showdown with the Gauchos at the Clash but RH had other plans. Hopefully they will be in America’s playground March 19th and 20th.

4. Natural Ballers: NB made a huge leap after winning the Clash For The Cup which featured some top teams. Hopefully they can keep it going and end up in Burlington, NJ in the first weekend in August.

5. DC Assault: The PV squad made their Spotlight debut and made it to the championship. This should make them hungry for more Spotlight success. In one trip they took home 4 points. Summer Slam is definitely a possibility.

6. Fastbreak: A Final Four finish at Clash For The Cup was a great accolade for this squad. Now they have their sights set on the Atlantic City Showcase. They will need to have another great run at AC to qualify for Summer Slam.

7. Delaware Royalty: This team seems to be on the verge of breaking through. This age division is extremely tough but it’s also a lot of parity. They still have an outside shot of making it to Burlington.

8. PWC: I was looking for the bunch to enter the Clash but hopefully they will bring that hustling to Atlantic City. This is a team many don’t want to see in their pool.

9. T Town Ballers: The Capital City bunch has been hovering around the pack for most of the season. Now it’s time for them to have a breakthrough. Eye’s will be watching in Atlantic City.

10. Bayshore Bulldogs: The Bulldogs coach loved the competition and said he can’t wait to tangle again in Atlantic City. This tough comp should get them ready for the NJ State title.