Saturday, February 19, 2011

MIT Recap: Day 1 Top Performers Part 1

Seven Woods Got Busy Today

The Maryland Invitational kicked off last night and Basketball Spotlight took the trip to the Potomac Valley for coverage. Here’s Part 1 of our Top Performer report.

MIT Day 1 Top Performers


Seven Woods Guard (CB Spiders)- Add a few more inches to this potential stud. Woods looked good both games I saw him get down. He’s developed a better off hand in terms of handling and finishing. In his second outing he brought the crowd to their feet with thunderous breakaway dunk. Right now he plays at a different speed and level than most of his peers.

Edrice Adebayo Forward (CB Spiders)- What a pick up for the Spiders. This kid potential is enormous. He’s 6’6 with room to grow and an active body. Right now his ability to rebound and alter shots changes the game on this level. Offensively, he’s still a work in progress but that’s a great thing in the long run.

Madison Cone Guard (CB Spiders)- Cone showed different facets of his game. First, he showed me he had a big ratchet by nailing a few deep bombs. Then he displayed his point guard skills by driving, drawing and dishing. Defensively, he’s a total pest in terms of playing the passing lanes and getting steals.

Tim Walker Guard (CB Spiders)- This was my first look at Walker and the kid can go. He gets to the tin in transition or in the half court set. He was another great pick up for the reigning National Champs. He’s an instant impact player.

Daquan Barnes (ETU Warriors)- Barnes leaves it all on the floor every time out. His team was a little over matched against the CB Spiders but he was still able to make an impact player. He challenged them in the paint while also handling the rock a little.


Zach Cooks Guard (Atlanta Knicks)- I love Cooks, maybe because I’m a little biased towards quality floor generals. In their loss to NY Rising Stars Cooks delivered the rock to teammates like a waiter. He also knows how to get his own shot off and finish in traffic. Zach Cooks has game baby.

Jay Estime Forward (Atlanta Knicks)- I saw enough of Jay to say he might have the best upside of this bunch. He’s a potential guard playing as a forward on this level. I do think he should have demanded the rock a little more and took over down the stretch. But that will come with maturity.

Christian Nelson Forward (Atlanta Knicks)- Nelson is a strong combo forward with the skills that allow him to create off the dribble. He muscled his way to some easy buckets with crisp post moves and a feathery touch.

Al Durham Guard (Atlanta Knicks)- Al is a player that scores in bunches. The southpaw got out on the break and converted while also draining a few treys to get his team back in the game. He’s willing to let a few shots go from the cheap seats.

Paul Person Guard (Rising Stars)- Person took over the game to help his squad get the victory. He sprinted out to easy lay ups in transition and darted through the defense in the half court set. He specializes in finishing in traffic.

Tyrese Whitaker Guard (Rising Stars)- Whitaker is always one of the shortest players on the floor but he’s gets it done. This youngster understands that his job is to get into the lane and spoon feed teammates. He does everything with flair and swagger.

Losini Kamara Forward (Rising Stars)- Kamara used his versatility for help them advance. He’s sees over the defense which allows him to score and kicked the ball shooters when they are open. I’m very interested to see how this youngster develops.


Kevin Green Guard (Fastbreak)- Green went to work against the Blazers. To put it simple he was a finisher. He got the rock on the wing and used his guard skills to carve his way to the cup. He’s stronger than he looks and used it to convert. He also has some range on his shot.

Taylor Roberts Guard (Fastbreak)- Roberts made some plays on the blocks but he will probably be a guard once he gets older. Right now his smartness helped him get around shot blockers and score around the basket.

Darran Butts Guard (Blazers)- Butts was a treat to watch. The pint size floor general handled the Fastbreak pressure with ease and kicked the rock to his partners. He kept defenders on their heels and also plays with the confidence of older player.

Elijah James Guard (Blazers)- James can shoot it from the perimeter and also has a nice floater. He probably will be a point guard some time in the future. His quickness and toughness stood out today.

Stay Tune For Part 2