Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Team Battle Makes It Official

The Final Team Battle Picture

After weeks of speculation Coach Battle of Team Battle has made his decision about his program.

The Decision

BS: So here we are, what will Team Battle do next season?
GB: We will go over and join Team Final.

BS: When did you decide?
GB: I went back and forth for a few weeks but I finally decided yesterday.

BS: Why Team Final?
GB: Well I feel that we have been a successful program but the players needed to be a part of an elite high school program. Many successful grammar school programs won’t be around once they reach the high school level because of funding and other issues. Look at Team Final resume of players including Tyreke Evans, Mike Gilchrist, Rakeem Christmas and Tyrone Johnson among others. We feel we have a group of players of that caliber so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I also felt that the players would eventually out grow Team Battle.

BS: How did your staff and players feel about this decision?
GB: Well my assistant coach said he trusted me and would go wherever I wanted. It was tough for Tyus and Jamir because they were a part of Team Battle for so long but in the end they understood.

BS: How difficult was the decision?
GB: It was very difficult because we started the training company in 2005 and the AAU squad in 2007. We had good success very quickly and turned our team into a national brand. But in the end a better future for the players stood out.

BS: So what Team Battle ages are making the move?
GB: Well we plan to have 9U Thru 13U but most importantly our great 11U team from last season will be joining us on the 12U Level. They had a few other opportunities but we wanted to keep the family together. I feel they have a very talented bunch.

BS: What will you remember most about Team Battle?
GB: Really the respect and response we received when we walked in the gym. Everybody around the country knew when Team Battle entered the building.

BS: So when will you guys get started?
GB: Well the Battle Basketball Clinics will still operate the same but the Team Final AAU will kick off tryouts October 9th (10 am) at Life Center Academy. Anyone interested can email me at

Wow, 3 Team Of The Year Programs Under One Umbrella!