Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Summer Camp Report: Class 2015

Perry Dozier (Columbia, SC)

Basketball Spotlight has the privilege of covering some of the top young camps in the country. We decided to end the summer with our top performers we saw at these events by class. Here’s a breakdown of the Top Performers in the Class of 2015.

Class 2015 Top Camp Performers

1. Perry Dozier Guard (Columbia, SC)- Few can argue with this selection as Dozier put on exceptional performances at both the Jr. All American Camp and Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp. The point guard has both passing and scoring ability beyond his years. He totally dominated the All Star Game at the Jr. All American Camp and received top honors from several scouting services.

2. Mikey Dixon Guard (New Castle, DE)- Dixon held his own at the Jr. All American Camp but really blew up at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp. The pint size guard dazzled the crowd with offensive prowess while frustrating opponents with his relentless defense including ball pressure. He took home MVP honors from this camp.

3. Tyler Dorsey Guard (California)- Dorsey’s performance in California was remarkable. The big time wing guard is tough to stop on this level. He scores at will from anywhere on the floor but flourishes more when attacking the basket. He finished ranked in the top 3 at Adidas Jr. Phenom.

4. Tywon Bressler Guard (Milwaukee, WI)- Bressler had a decent performance at the Jr. All American Camp but really showed his worth at the Generation Next Camp in Wisconsin. The point guard has a slick handle and sees the floor well. He also can score the ball when needed. He should be a name to know in the Wisconsin for years to come.

5. Herbie Ellis Guard (Trenton, NJ)- Once Ellis got comfortable at the Jr. All American Camp he game picked up. He got things done on the floor such as hitting jumpers and scoring in transition. He made the Jr. All American Camp All Star Game.