Friday, August 22, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Summer Camp Report: Class 2012

Savon Goodman (Phiadelphia, PA)
Basketball Spotlight has the privilege of covering some of the top young camps in the country. We decided to end the summer with our top performers we saw at these events by class. Here’s a breakdown of the Top Performers in the Class of 2012.

Class 2012 Top Camp Performers

1. Savon Goodman Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- Goodman showed me a lot in Virginia at the Jr. All American Camp. While some players with his hype usually save their energy for the offensive end Goodman got busy on both ends of the floor and seemed to get a joy out of hitting the glass and playing defense. Don’t get me wrong the Philly wing also knew how to fill it up when called upon. He’s very fluid.

2. Winston Sheppard Forward (Houston, Texas)- The live body and Kevin Garnett type had a ball at the Jr. All American Camp. He bounced around like a rabbit and seemed to enjoy the game as he tortured opponents. His dunk on the baseline in the All American Game summed up his entire weekend. Texas has a budding star in Sheppard.

3. Ricardo Gathers Forward (New Orleans, LA)- Gathers was a true monster inside at the Jr. All American Camp. He bullied defenders down low as he fought for position. He also has a touch which is uncommon for a player his size and build. Ricardo is a dominant force when he has to be.

4. Justin Anderson Forward (Alexandria, VA)- if you are looking for athleticism look no further than Anderson. The wing player jumps out of the gym and showed this prowess at the Jr. All American Camp. The lefty used his athleticism to separate himself from his peers. He also knocked down a few long shots to keep the defense honest.

5. Javon Felix Guard (New Orleans, LA)- He had to be the top point guard at the Jr. All American, because the DJ Augustine clone commanded attention. The extremely strong floor general directed traffic and got anywhere he wanted on the court. He sees the floor well and when he has the pull jumper falling, his game goes to another level.

6. Perry Ellis Forward (Wichita, KS)- Ellis plays with a lot of energy and has a great court presence. He runs the floor like a deer and won’t hesitate to flush one on your head if you are in the way. Ellis not only shined at the Jr. All American Camp but also at the Reebok Headliner which led to getting an invite to the prestigious Reebok U.

7. Richard Hoskins Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Hoskins is another City of Brotherly tough guard. He showed his true strength when he virtually took over the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp when playoff time came around. He got pass smaller guards with ease and finished tough shots among the trees inside. When it was winning time he put the squad on his back and led them to victory. He finished as the camp’s MVP.

8. Jaylen Beckham Guard (Lexington, KY)- I didn’t get a chance to watch Beckham at the Jr. All American Camp but I made up for it at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp. The lead guard from the Blue Grass State made his presence felt early and often. He was in attack mode from the outset and didn’t let up. As previously stated his jump shot does need some fine tuning but not many can get to the basket as quickly or effectively as Beckham.

9. Matt Banas Forward (Hershey, PA)- Banas showed that there are some serious players in the Hershey area. The long forward has a soft touch and is very aggressive on the offensive end. He totally destroyed most of the low post opposition at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp.

10. D’Vaunte Smith-Rivera Guard (Indianapolis, IN)- Smith-Rivera was true warrior and muscled his way past many defenders at the Jr. All American Camp. He is a true athlete and packs the power to dominate on this level and probably into high school. After that will depend on how he grows.