Friday, December 30, 2011

One On One Feat: Judah McIntyre (New Rens)

Judah McIntyre (New Rens)

Judah McIntyre is one of the smartest point guards I’ve seen. He starred in several Basketball Spotlight events including the Baby Baller Super Showcase. He recently helped New Rens reach the finals of the Tip Off Classic and we had a chance to holler at him.

BS: How was your experience at the Basketball Spotlight Baby Baller Showcase?
JM: My experience at the Baby Baller Showcase was phenomenal! It gave me a chance to play against the toughest players on the east coast and I was able to do some of the moves that I am not able to do in real AAU tournaments and games. Also I had fun throughout the Showcase even though my team didn't win once. I felt that I played to the best of my ability in all the games.

BS: Your team just made it to the finals of the Tip Off Classic, what could you guys have different to bring home the championship?
JM: It is plain and simple, stop Markquis Nowell. He had 37 points out of the teams 68 points. Markquis got hot and he couldnt miss a shot so I'll give to him he did play well but if we held him to about 15 points we would end up winning. Also my team has really two great big men, Nayshawn Hamlet and Tyrek Chambers, I think if we got them the ball in the post more they would want to play defense and do other things because they are getting the ball on offense. Last but not least execution I think if we executed more of my coaches’ plays we would win. If we play Team Izod again and do these things, I'm pretty sure we will win.

BS: You play for a new organization (New Renaissance Basketball Association), how is that experience?
JM: It is a great experience because it felt like nothing changed but our team name. My team is still together and the coaches are all the same. Also it is a great organization to me because it will help kids throughout the team to get help in all areas were they need it whether it is to get into a better middle school, high school, or just needing a pair of sneakers. It also has many great coaches and directors that help run New Rennaissance Basketball Association.

BS: You have some unique point guard skills so how did you develop this talent?
JM: Firstly, my talent is God-Given and I believe that God has a destiny for me. However, when I was five my dad took me to a place called Basketball City Camp and I went there with no skills or anything. My dad spoke with Craig Alfaro who was the director at the time and asked him to assess my abilities. Mr. Alfaro saw that I loved the game and mentioned that I had what he considered to be raw natural talent. He also felt I was very intense at that age because I would never give up on anything, so he put me to play with 7 and 8 years olds. Even though I couldn’t shoot or reach the rim I just wanted the ball. So, my dad kept sending me and they taught me the fundamentals of the game and as I got older I expanded these fundamentals by working out with Jerry Powell - a tough trainer that has trained with many College and N.B.A. phenoms. Also my dad always says to be a great point guard you most be a leader on and off the court and think I get those skills from him because he is a leader in everything he does.

BS: What was your biggest Basketball Spotlight moment?
JM: I really dont have a big Basketball Spotlight moment because I always feel honored every time I play a game in a Basketball Spotlight tournament. I am competitive and there is always competition in these tournaments. So, the biggest moment in my time of playing in Basketball Spotlight tournaments is every moment.

BS: Do you believe you guys have a chance to win the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Championship? Why?
JM: I do believe The New Rens have a chance to win the Grand Finale because we play as a team and everyone on my team has a role and if everyone plays their role and do their part we have a great chance of winning.

BS: Give me one word that best describes Basketball Spotlight.
JM: A word to describe Basketball Spotlight is COMPETITIVE.